Promise wry smile, he is a disciple handed down by Mr. Cang, the next heir to the throne of Cang Yu Dynasty. This identity will never be lower than that of any sect of cultivating immortals in the East Wilderness. However, he always knew that if he provoked troubles in the East Wilderness, Mr. Cang would not stand up for him, and might even abolish him directly.

Therefore, he never dared to put his eyes on his head.
Besides, he was raised as a slave by Mr. Cang since childhood, and he didn’t realize the scenery of infant spirits’s bodhi old zu’s disciples.
However, this topic doesn’t seem to be easy to say, so Wuji was busy changing the subject and said, "The bodhi old zu didn’t know something. In the Eastern Wilderness, due to the deliberate propaganda of the Sangs, the name of the son of Chu was tantamount to waste, and no one could afford it."
"I don’t understand, what does Sang Changfeng want to do?" Mr. Cang shook his head.
Wuji also said that he didn’t understand. The mulberry family attached great importance to Chu Yanqi, but it was possible to publicize it before, belittling him as worthless, and even using a Dan medicine, in such a humiliating way, in exchange for his adoption.
However, Sang Jia’s etiquette for welcoming him was authentic, and it was not sloppy at all. Even when Chu Yanqi had an accident, Sang Feilong, a big disciple, hurried from the city of Cangwu.
"We get along with him, naturally know. But in the eyes of outsiders, he is a waste that Sangjia exchanged for a Dan medicine. Except for his handsome appearance, he is nothing. " Wuji said. "The bodhi old zu is not I don’t know, cultivate immortality who look down on can’t practice mortals, this in the wild, it’s no secret. Think about what is the status of Guang Chengzi, the bodhi old zu in infant spirits period, or taking a photo. When he goes there, everyone will be polite. Now. He wrote a post and gave it to a loser. Don’t be grateful and kowtow to this loser? "
The extreme irony of Wuji said that even he understood that Zhou Hongye was bound to have many imbalances in his heart, so he would lay a tattoo on that post.
If Chu Yanqi opens it in public, the post will naturally burn. When he is surprised, he is bound to sell the post. Burned to ashes, at that time, Zhou Hongye will even find a reason to say that he disrespected infant spirits’s bodhi old zu in Qingyun Mountain, forcing him to kowtow and make amends or something.
But yes, for Chu Yanqi, Guang Chengzi is just a slave given to him by the Queen of Fusang.
"bodhi old zu, Guang Chengzi deserves it. What’s bothering you?" The infinite shan shan asked.
"If I go to give somebody else a slave. You said, Cangyu dynasty can promise? " Mr. Cang looked up at him and asked.
"This … I don’t think so." Promise silently, think about it carefully, if Mr. Cang is branded with slave blood, he will naturally not agree, but. This time in the ten-square ghost domain, it is quite dangerous, and this possibility is real.
Fortunately, they have been on good terms with Chu Yanqi. To avoid this embarrassment.
"Qingyun Mountain can’t afford to lose this face even if it doesn’t want Hiroko." Mr. Cang said, "A infant spirits-period photogenic great cultivator branded a slave’s blood deed and made him a slave? Is this man still a mortal who seems unable to practice on the surface? If this is to get out, how can Qingyun Mountain hold its head in front of many immortal sects in the future? "
Wuji thought for a moment, then said, "Does the bodhi old zu advise Prince Chu?"
"When I was in the ten-square ghost domain, I said, and he also said that as long as Guang Chengzi and Luojinshe don’t bother him afterwards, then when they return to the wild, he will lift their slave blood contract, but-"Mr. Cang shook his head. Guang Chengzi doesn’t know what medicine he ate wrong, so what’s the score?
When the blood bond of the slave is lifted, he loves to put on airs, and no one can control him. But now, maybe he is qualified to put on airs in front of others, but don’t put it in front of his own master.
"If it was before, it would be fine." Mr. Cang continued, "But think about it, what is Guang Chengzi compared with Xiao Nu and Long Nu? In the past three months, the son of Chu has been instilled with a lot of ideas by the slaves. Those people are born to be his slaves and he can use them at will. "
"Owl’s adult … I don’t know what to think." When it comes to this, Wuji doesn’t know what to say.
"The Luo family will not be so good at giving up." Mr. Cang said, "So, I am very worried. When he wakes up tomorrow, ask him what he means?"
"I have always said that I can’t understand that master." Infinite smile.
"Oh?" Mr. Cang was stunned and asked, "What can’t be understood?"
"For example, I can’t understand how he tricked Queen Fusang into giving him two infant spirits-period immortals as slaves?" Promise said, "and-how did he fool owl adults and others? He is 18 years old and was born in Kunlan town. Although his mother’s identity is unknown and he has a long history, no one knows who his father is, but even so, he can’t be the master of the adults. "
"I am also puzzled." Mr. Cang said, "When he was in the Ten-Party Ghost Domain, he was confused himself. Well, he can be confused, but we can’t be confused." What’s even more ridiculous is that he actually brought a person out from the ten-square ghost domain. The identity of that person is unknown, but he just came out with the momentum and coercion. I’m afraid he won’t be under the owl’s adult. There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"I was infinitely troubled just now, and now, suddenly I am happy." Inside, a voice came.
When Mr. Cang turned around, he saw Chi Mo coming out of Chu Yan’s living room, and then he sat down in the chair opposite him.
"Hello, Mr. Chi!" Mr. Cang smiled and asked, "I wonder what worries Mr. Cang?"
"Your Majesty hates me." The demon sighed, "I’m not as cute as the owl, and I have beautiful cat ears, which will make him happy. I’m also worried that he will kick me out just after leaving the ten-square ghost domain."
"I don’t think Mr. Wang is willing to be a slave." Mr. Cang laughed.
"That depends on who it is." Chi also just laughed, "I don’t want to, kill me, I am willing to, he doesn’t agree …"
"Obviously, your Majesty doesn’t agree." Mr. Cang suddenly wanted to laugh. Chu Yanqi may be the first one in the history of the East Wilderness. He was forced to recognize the Lord and could not resist.
"This matter is not up to your majesty alone." Chi smiled.
"You shouldn’t really force him? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "Asked Wuji with a frown. He suddenly began to sympathize with Chu Yanqi. What kind of people do you know and are forced to recognize the Lord?
"It is forced, and his original intention should be unwilling." Chi Mo also cared and smiled cheerfully. "Wuji, please give us a cup of tea."
"Oh?" Wuji didn’t care about his shouting tone, so he immediately poured tea for him. Anyway, he was strong and not under the owl slave. It was nothing shameful to pour him a cup of tea.
"Owl adults obviously have a tendency to love the Lord." Wuji smiled. "But you, my Lord, seem to have a tendency to abuse the Lord."
"Promise, rice can be eaten indiscriminately, and words can’t be blather." The demon said solemnly, "I don’t have a tendency to abuse the Lord. I just found a funny thing. Your majesty will need me in a short time and won’t drive me away."
Mr. Cang and Wuji stayed for a while, and then they understood.
"What Mr. Guo means is that Qingyun Mountain and the Luo family will find trouble with Mr. Chu, and you just took the opportunity to stay with him and solve this trouble for him."
"Right." Chi magic nods, "didn’t you say that they are powerful? Your majesty will be very upset if you want to come, so just let them be slaves forever, and don’t expect to erase the blood contract of slaves. Unless they can kill me first, they will be slaves honestly. "
"I feel that it is still inappropriate for adults to let their masters meet more enemies in the East Wilderness." Wuji frowned and said, "You are forcing to acknowledge the Lord now, but God knows that you lost interest that day and left. What can I do? I am a small cultivator, but I can’t control the situation in the East. "
"I won’t pat my ass and leave." Chi smiled, where can he go? Even if Chu Yanqi drives him away, it’s not impossible. "They don’t make trouble, and I won’t make trouble on my own initiative. I don’t want to get involved in your majesty’s family law."
"Chu Gongzi always hates killing." Mr. Cang kindly reminded him.
"I know!" The demon smiled. "So, there are some things that must be done behind his back. For example, I must never let him know what I want to discuss with you now."
"Oh?" Mr. Cang asked inexplicably, "What is it?"
"I want to know the distribution of power in the East Wilderness at once." The demon said.
"There are many major forces in this Eastern Wilderness, and it is unclear for a while." Mr. Cang said.
"Well, so ask, which one is the stupid family with a lot of money in the East?" The demon said, "As you can see, I have nothing, so I can’t let your majesty pay for me, can I? There are a lot of words in the error-free novel network. I have to find a stupid family with a lot of money and secretly make a vote. Besides, I forced myself to recognize the Lord and didn’t give my master any gifts. I was always embarrassed to stay with him like this, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"The richest thing in the East Wilderness is the city of Cangwu, and it is really stupid for many people with money, so it is suitable to be a vote." Mr. Cang said, "I know their Lord very well, so I’m embarrassed to do it. Otherwise, why don’t you go?"
Chi Mo thought seriously, this city of Cangwu seems familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere. After a moment’s reflection, he finally understood that it was the people who invited them to drink today and called your majesty "Little Master".
"Mr. Cang, at least we have met once. You … don’t hurt me. I robbed the city of Cangwu, and your majesty will know sooner or later. It would be strange if he didn’t kill me." Chi Mo shook his head again and again, feeling that Mr. Cang was very unkind. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. )

Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Manager
Mr. Cang drank a little wine. Like Chu Yanqi, he didn’t use spiritual force to force the alcohol out. Therefore, at this time, his head was a little dizzy. When he heard that, he laughed out loud on the spot: "So you know?"
"I didn’t know it at first, but I know it today!" The demon vendor said with a wry smile, "Change someone else."
"Many people with money are stupid, just this one, other people?" Mr. Cang frowned. "Mr. Chi, we are acquaintances. You’re not going to kill them, are you? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
"I can’t do it with acquaintances." The demon said, "Besides, if it’s cooked, you’ll complain to my master, and I’ll be more than I can bear."
"Uh-huh … I will definitely complain." Mr. Cang just laughed, took a small handless cup for tea and said, "I can give you tens of thousands of flowers, just don’t rob me."
"Where are tens of thousands of lingshi enough?" Chi demon shook his head.
"My Lord!" Wuji has been standing on the side. At this time, he suddenly said, "If you do it in the East Wilderness, you will definitely not be able to hide it from your master. Maybe it will bring trouble to your master."
"But I have no money." The demon said, "I have no money. How can I feed my master?"
Wuji secretly glanced at his bodhi old zu, then pinched a note and handed it to Chi Mo.
Chi-mo understood, opened the note, and Wuji leaned over his ear and whispered a few words, listening to Chi-mo nodding.
"This son of a bitch didn’t follow the owl for long, so he didn’t learn. He learned a lot of bad things." Mr. Cang naturally understands that if Wuji really wants to hide things from him, he will definitely not speak with every note in front of him. He is just joking.
The devil broke the note, patted Wuji on the shoulder and said, "Good boy. Good for you. The melon seeds in the head are good. You practice hard and take the position of the manager around your majesty in the future. "