"Are you killers?"

"Can you speak the words of Kun Tian Lingjie?" The tall and thin brother was very surprised, and immediately thought of something. He said fiercely, "You know Yu Ba’s lost dog, you deserve to die."
I don’t know which killer is better than the killer. "As not tall and thin nose eagle eye big fellow, muttered to himself, and in its wave, offering the killer day, released ninety-nine ghost killer inside.
The tall-nosed eagle’s eyes flashed through Li Mang, looking at the killer’s Tianluo multiplier, and his eyes were full of lust. As soon as the ghost killer came out, he smelled the breath of his peers. What kind of instrument is this? You can pretend to be a master of true spirit. If you own it for yourself, you can easily complete all kinds of tasks in the future, and kill those targets who let their guard down when they see that they are alone.
As the killer group of the first dark and fierce clan in Kuntian spirit world, the tall-nosed eagle man is very knowledgeable. The killer group is not without this kind of multiplier, but it is obviously not as good as this multiplier in front of us. This multiplier can not only hold people, but also imprison masters. It can withstand tossing and turning, and there should be a lot of space inside …
The dark killer and the ghost killer caught each other in the void, and was induced by the nine-day Hualien and the killer Tianluo. The big man with high nose and black armor was so excited that he forgot all the unfavorable factors and descended on Tianxin, grabbing two instruments with his right hand.
I don’t know that Tianxin is waiting for him to change, so as to test the means of the killer leader in the later stage of the real spirit, which is different from his own world. At this time, when I saw him coming, my mind moved. In nine days, Hualian was full of brilliance, and the red and white swords flashed through the sky, stabbing and splitting, and meeting the killer leader, I rushed over.
Lightning Shi Huo, plane day high nose black armor big fellow flowers at the moment, only feel their magic dharma body was cut by something, and at that time again surprised and angry. The so-called killer is to point at the target by all means. Now the target is still far away, and it is found by two expanding flying swords, which is simply detrimental to the front of the killer, and in the true consciousness, the guy who cast the lotus multiplier still coldly presents the color of watching the play.
"crack day is moving, it is dark and thunderous, and it is sick!"
In fact, the red and white swords are not urgent, and Tianxin is bent on seeing the means of innocent spiritual practice in another plane. So the thin man with a high nose and black armor who didn’t realize that he was too far away had the opportunity to pinch the spell. In the void, a breeze began to burst, gradually becoming a hurricane, and the layers of black that were in urgent need rolled into a monstrous wave, which seemed to swallow the huge space in front of me.
"Spiritual knowledge is not grand, so it can only be a threat to borrow the means of empty dark energy."
Tianxin shook his head, his hands staggered, and the red and white swords turned into the ultimate giant state, and the circle turned to Tai Chi. Set up a tens of thousands of kilometers of Tai Chi force field, and abruptly peel away the dark wind and thunder formed by the opponent.
The tall-nosed, black-armored and thin man was frightened, and he repeatedly used several powerful techniques to borrow energy. Unfortunately, he was in the Tai Chi force field of the red and white swords. Don’t try to summon a little familiar emptiness and dark energy, but show Tianxin a lot of magic skills in another world. In the end, you can only rely on your own strongest weapon to fight against the red and white swords.
Skill, so controlling people, is that the attack it causes is pervasive, and the attacked person is not easy to defend. When the amount is great, the soft power will change into the strongest power, and if the recipient does not have more earth power, he will be harmed. The dark wind and thunder that the tall-nosed, black-breasted and thin-skinned man relies on special means to destroy belongs to this level of strike force. However, by the same means as Tianxin, the Red Sword and the White Sword were cracked by the Taiji-derived Taiji force field, so that the tall pole killer from another plane had to hope to fly on the sword.
Thousands of broken, but fast.
Dark fierce killer’s sword control means really get home, and the sword is fast and fast, not only that, but also in a small state of extremely moving jump. Round turns have send, control by, in the state of its true spirit planet dharma body luck, send out cold electricity, cold light shine vanity …
Sure. Red and white swords are not too much to give. You are fast and I am fast, and you are fast and I am faster. Red and white swords, the red master dies, the white master lives, and the jumping range is getting bigger and bigger. The red sword rowed to the dharma body of the true spirit planet of the man with high nose and black armor, while the white sword found and shook the enemy’s flying sword hard.
When the two swords intersect, there are countless meteor-sized sparks in the void, and the red and white swords under the control of chaos are finally better, which will hit back the cold electric flying sword with high nose, black armor and thin man step by step, making the latter feel shocked. The flying sword with high nose and thin Han belongs to the best star flying sword in Kuntian spirit world. The whole dark clan can’t come up with ten. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a treasure of the town clan, but it’s just like the enemy’s white sword. Therefore, retreating is not as good as skill.
Generally, when the flying sword of the true spirit arrives at the middle product, it abandons the attack and defense array commonly used at the level of repairing the true spirit and the level of immortal energy, and directly attaches it to the reorganization of the spirit knowledge in the most secret way. Who has ever seen an explosive pack that can blow up a piece of refined iron? What is remarkable is that it leaves a black smoke layer. Is a nuclear bomb, encounter can withstand nuclear fusion tens of billions of degrees high temperature to dense material, will also be reactive. Law of any level of power, meet the sea of layers of true spirit planet dharma, have no effect at all. At this time, if you want to give your opponent a fatal blow, you can only do it with simple instruments with skill and tenacity.
The thin man with a high nose and black armor was so horrified. The flying swords of Heilie Town clan, which exudes the smell of cold electricity, entered his hands, directly crashing, destroying and cutting down countless opponents’ flying swords, and ignored the opponent’s body defense and directly hit the opponent’s body. Now I am hit back by a white sword. Although there is no possibility of falling apart, I do feel hurt.
"I am too turbulent."
The tall-nosed, black-breasted and thin-skinned man who blames himself doesn’t know that the red and white swords and even the whole Nine-Day Lotus are all made by collecting pure elements of hardware and arranging them in micro-eyes. How can the flying swords of the black fierce clan be compared with each other? However, with a single sword attack, Bai Jian can’t break the flying sword from another plane.
They are all top-level treasures, and the final competition depends on the cultivation of the owner of the treasure.
High nose, black armor and thin Han is the kind of guy who misses a shot, which is also the killer’s rule. I don’t want to think about this greedy baby, and I don’t want to think that anyone who can afford such an instrument is not a freak. When he makes a mistake, he will fail, knowing that he is defeated and wants to retreat. The situation is beyond his control. It is rare for Tianxin to meet an opponent who can show his prowess and fight alone. Without the means of hollowing out the plane, how can he just retreat?
Void, light and cold, sound and shock eight miles.
Faced with heavy pressure, the thin man with a high nose and black armor began to be squeezed out of his breast-feeding strength, and all the means belonging to the killer or non-killer were used one by one, trying to deal with the terrible red and white swords.
In the distance, ninety-nine ghost killers are also fighting with their opponents.
Can the star field, it is another scene.
The ten black blood legions with black lines jumped from the deep space of the three systems to the starry sky of Canjun, and the red prince of the black clan was in a bad mood.
According to the information given by Jill in the country of the stars, the starry sky is desolate. But now which is the case, the spies sent all the way back to the prosperous scene. Most importantly, twenty legions of the same order of magnitude were found approaching behind them until they entered the star field, that is, the border of the stars. The twenty legions stopped.
The reaction is so fast, and the specifications of the legion are not bad for the dark blood legion, which makes the prince of Heilie Red lose his pride when he just broke the boundary, and a cold sweat brought out by a long-distance move reminds him of the vanity shock just now and that there is a powerful country that he can not be taunted temporarily.
"This coquettish fox, false information, Lao tze survived this time, will call you can’t survive, beg for death …"
Dark fierce red prince scold aloud. I feel that I have been taken in by Jill. The ghost woman has never been true and false, and she is not careful this time. Is likely to lose the black fierce expedition ten legion.
"Contact the ghost woman, let her quote us the position. If she can’t explain in detail what happened to the twenty legions chasing after the king, expose her spy identity. "
"Yes, Your Highness." Hearing the cold and violent voice, an adjutant who was in charge of contact behind him answered and left.
The star country is the capital, and the Qingqiong River system.
The country’s main domain tyrant sat in the military aircraft hall, discussing with the four stars and the elders how to deal with the cross-border attack of the Heilie nationality. Since Yu Ba practiced the Heart Sutra of Blood God, his knowledge of God has greatly increased. Over the years, Jill has been playing tricks in the emperor’s palace, so how can she hide it from him? One day, he was caught by the blood god at the bedside. After imprisonment, a little blood and divine knowledge invaded his sea of knowledge, found out the truth and left a trace of divine knowledge. The party involved, Jill, had no idea that she had become a double spy, and everything was under the control of the domain tyrant. When the black and red contact signal was sent, he told the domain bully everything.
However, knowing is knowing. The military situation is extremely urgent. The Heilie army came earlier than expected, and the true spirit army was not cultivated. Domain tyrants and a bunch of elders were caught off guard. Now, the only place we can rely on is 20,000 King Kong battlestar fortresses and 10,000 people in the later period of the true spirit and 100 people in the Qing dome near the end of the true spirit. Fortunately, the star country has two star fields, which are quite deep, and Yuto can be expanded as much as possible when necessary.
Export-oriented King Kong Battle Star Fortress. Domain tyrants choose the kind that carries 20 billion people. This is mainly based on the fact that there is no true spirit army in the star country, and only by virtue of a huge number of fairy almighty enemies.
Domain bully is absolutely old oil essence.
The command was issued soon, and all the practitioners in the Star Kingdom who have the immortal realm, regardless of the level, all crammed into the King Kong Fighting Star Fortress to provide fighting energy for the fortress. And domain bully himself, all the elders and thousands of people in the green dome entered his specially-made defensive super star method base. Specifically, the star method base, only for the use of the blue dome clan, there are not many launch holes, only 10 thousand, which is to concentrate on clicking on the true spirit enemy. Domain bully believes that under the guidance of this flag base, plus he has been able to explore the gods of more than 150 light years, he will definitely drag the hateful black dog bastard in vain. When things really can’t be done, he still has the trick of abandoning the country and fleeing into the three countries.
After deliberation, the plan was quickly rolled out.
The star country is not so pessimistic. The four stars are guarding the four sides. At this time, they have been authorized by the domain tyrants to do their best to attract the adventures of true spirituality into the two star fields of the star country. Although the number of true spirituality in the star zones of the three-system China countries is small, the adventurers’ guild is accessible to the four sides. Through them, the low-order true spirituality in the Thunderbolt Star Zone swarms in. As long as it is not a war against the three-system China countries, the adventurers’ guild still dares to make this money.
To put it bluntly, as long as the central army can drag on a few interstellar days, the thousands of star fortresses to be allocated to the four stars will be recruited enough to be truly spiritual, and they may not necessarily be losers.
In a word, it is very difficult for the black army to kill the Qingqiong clan without knowing the situation of this world.
Black and red are undoubtedly too cautious. The 20 legions of Guangyuan and Dark Yuan in the Three-system China were not chasing after his black and fierce army, but were ordered to consolidate the three-system star defense in the star field adjacent to the star country. It is no wonder that when he first set foot in this unknown world, he met twenty Chinese regiments whose rank was no worse than that of the Black Blood Corps. How could he not be nervous?
Caution is often the enemy of time. After entering the star field of Canjun, he contacted Jill, and if he ignored the signal after Jill’s adoption, he invaded the river system in the capital of the star country quickly, and the domain bully had only a plan that could not become a force or enough power.
After a period of twists and turns, Heilie Red led ten black blood legions, specifically, they were adopted by Jill. No, it was hacked by domain tyrants. Cai Jill’s first message to Heilie Red was the right place, but then it was the domain tyrant who controlled Cai Jill to play tricks, so that after finally finding the river system of the capital of the star country through his own means, they were greeted by nearly 20,000 King Kong battle star fortresses that had recruited enough fairy talents and laid out their formations.
Domain bully more don’t know where to come from, bachelor, rate of only ten thousand capability for in the later period of true spirit or above the green dome people stand still before the star battle fortress, to meet the eternal enemy black fierce people.
"Ha ha. Sure enough, it’s the Red Prince, how lucky is the domain tyrant! " In the void, looking at the ten legions of the black army approaching, the domain bully gave a guffaw.
"Very close to death … The Black Blood Expedition Corps attacked." Black and red sneer. Not much to say, directly order a legion to carry out exploratory attacks.
"What dog prince, meet an old friend, I have temporarily put under the enemy, hope to catch up, you … malicious," domain bully and more than ten thousand people flew back to the King Kong battle star fortress, got into one of them, and at the same time issued an attack order.
The export-oriented star fortress of King Kong War is not equipped with optical nerve master control system, so its agility is insufficient. The loss of energy is very large, however, each fortress has twenty billion immortal almighty as the fighting energy, and there is no worry about not being able to gather energy for a long time.
So, when the black blood expedition a legion of one billion soldiers rushed, nearly twenty thousand fortresses.
Spinning to meet up. Conduct indiscriminate attacks.
The battle was soon in a state of anxiety.
The formation of nearly 20,000 battle star fortresses has obviously passed the best calculation, and it is a formation that can’t hit each other and can echo each other. After the start of the battle, he only spun around with one mind and did not give up the fairy energy, so he stormed into the formation of the true spirit warriors of the Black Clan and started positional warfare to the letter.
"Strange, very strange!"
You can’t get a good black blood by looking at it. Black fierce red frown, the in the mind rises bad feeling. The soldiers in the late period of the true spirit were resisted by the light wall barrage formed by the immortal ability.
Where did he know that the Black Blood Legion is now facing the King Kong Star Fortress, and there are as many as 10.24 million launch holes each, and the fairy almighty who charges the energy gathering system at the same time reaches 10 billion. In principle, a gas bomb played by each launch hole is equivalent to 10 million fairy almighty. But … In order to fire the bomb smoothly and uninterruptedly, the booster system divides and compresses the immortal energy collected by the gathering gas system. A compressed immortal energy bomb is almost equivalent to a volley of millions of immortal energy players. Due to the limited energy level, although this kind of gas bomb can’t pose a threat to the black warrior of the planet dharma body in the later stage of the illusion, the continuous bomb quantity and fast speed can make the black warrior as hard to move forward as the ordinary planet people facing the strong winds of seven or eight.
Domain tyrants are fully trained and prepared for the coming of war. Black Fierce Red now sees that the cross-section of the fairy energy gas bomb launched by each star fortress has been reduced by half, that is, each fortress actually has only five million emission holes in operation, and the other half has only five million emission holes open for standby. This is partly because the emission holes are protected, and partly because the levels of immortals are uneven, and the emission holes are all open, so the energy gathering and charging will not keep up. To this end, the domain bully also broke up hundreds of critical fairy legions into various fortresses, and ordered all fairy almighty to rotate once every half star.
Unknown so black fierce red in the face of such a battle for the first time, of course, will feel strange, for a while also could not get good attention. A billion black warriors are too many for 20,000 star fortresses. As long as 10,000 black warriors in each star fortress conjure up the dharma body of the true spirit planet, every angle of attack will be blocked, and when the foremost attacker advances to a certain extent, he can’t move forward under the shock wave of the fairy energy bomb. The magic small dharma body can’t be attacked well, and it’s hard to advance. When it encounters the energy shield of the fortress at most, it will be beaten back by the terrible click of the asteroid warhead of the third-order star cannon, and the dharma body will be damaged or even disappeared.
Prince Heilie Red has ten legions of tens of billions of true spirit soldiers, which is useless. He is a little in distress situation and naught.
In fact, he is inexperienced, and the formation posed by the domain bully dare not be used against the three-system China-made multi-country multi-yuan army. As long as you assemble half a true spirit army and forcibly remove the impact from one direction. If the force is strong, the giant will win, and this formation will be quickly dispersed, and then the small team will attack the single-seat King Kong fighting star fortress and shake the energy shield of the fortress. If the fortress is not properly maneuvered, the internal mechanism will inevitably be destroyed in a big collision.
I just don’t know how long it will take Hei Liehong and his staff to understand this kind of "cohesion and fighting force" fighting method, or just wait for the other side’s fighting energy failure. But I don’t know when to stay. The adjusted immortal warrior in the Star Country can’t be exhausted under the shift system. The only possibility is that the engine system and the launch hole are worn out and lose their functions.
Heiliehong now finally understands why the domain bully dares to compete with his ten legions with only twenty thousand fortresses.
"You, study and rehearse various breakthrough methods."
"Yes, Your Highness," all the staff scattered vanity, watching from all angles.