Lin Qing left Zhao Erhu’s house and returned to Lin Village. Jiang Wen was anxious to know Lin Yue’s recent situation. He had been waiting to see Lin Qing at the entrance of the village for a long time. He was forced to ask, "How is A Qing Abortion recently? Has the reckless man abused her? If the reckless man dares to abuse abortion, I must find him desperately."

Listening to Jiang Wen’s statement, it turns out that Lin Qing, the word headstrong, still heard from Jiang Wen and brought it to the words. Lin Qing looked at Jiang Wen and shook his head. Now his sister seems to be doing very well. What should he do? If her sister can’t remember Jiang Wen, forget it. If she does, what should she do?
"Wen, don’t worry about abortion. She has a good life. Zhao Erhu is still good at abortion. He has raised abortion well, grown taller and fatter, which is more beautiful than before. I remember that abortion was a little girl, and now it is a big girl." Lin Qing became very soft when he talked about his sister’s face expression. It was that he loved her since childhood.
Jiang Wen’s listening to Lin Qing seems to think of Lin Yue’s present situation. "Yes, the longer the abortion is, the more beautiful it is. When I went to see her, I found it. By the way, I bought cakes for abortion. Did you give it to her? Did she like it? If you like, I’ll buy her that dim sum shop again. It is said that many ladies and wives of big families like the chef’s skills there. I think abortion should like eating and queuing for a long time before buying it. "
"I should like it. I didn’t ask about it. I left after a conversation with Abortion." Lin Qing said and paused and finally said it from the bottom of her heart. "In fact, Abortion is very good now, and both Zhao Erhu and those children get along well with her. She seems to be very satisfied with her present life. I hope we don’t disturb her life."
Jiang Wen actually just noticed the change of Lin Qing’s attitude from Lin Qing’s words, and he was unwilling to make a big difference, even more unwilling to admit and believe that Lin Qing said it so bluntly now. Jiang Wen was excited "A Qing, what do you mean by this? Did you just say that you would support me? What’s the change of attitude now? What did that reckless man do to shake you? I decided that I like abortion so much that I would marry her no matter what she became. You said you would help me. Aren’t we good brothers? In the future, it will be a common relative of Xiaoyue. You can’t shake your faith. What should I do if you do? I won’t give up abortion! "
Jiang Wen’s words seemed to be a little crazy. Before he shouted, he didn’t necessarily like Lin Yue so much. Although he occasionally went to see Lin Yue, most of them were invited by Lin Qing. By the way, his feelings for Lin Yue seemed to be more brotherly and brotherly. He regarded Lin Yue as a sensible and caring sister. Since Lin Yue was sold by her parents, Jiang Wencai missed Lin Yue, especially when he saw Lin Yue growing up in Zhaojiacun, and the little girl became more beautiful and so energetic in an instant.
"You calm down! I didn’t say I admit Zhao Erhu’s attitude of treating my brother-in-law as an abortion. I have to worry that if she really thinks that life is good like that, how can I, as a brother, have the heart to destroy it? My parents don’t like girls. It’s someone else’s house. She was beaten and scolded by her parents as a maid since she was a child, and she didn’t have a good life. I think she has a good life. "Lin Qing, a good friend and sister, will not hesitate to choose her sister, not only because of family ties, but also because she feels guilty about taking care of
"Abortion is like this now because she has lost her memory. Once she remembers it, she won’t think so. She will regret it!"
"But who knows whether abortion will remember if her generation can’t remember? !” Lin Qing is also agitated about this matter, so he started to leave 7. Chapter 7 wants to take people.
Lin Qing said that Zhao Erhu’s brothers had no one else except Zhao’s old house. Zhao’s old house didn’t ask about anything. Just call Li Xiaomei and ask him. It turned out that it was Zhao Xing who kissed the matchmaker and Lin Qing, a village girl with her, said that.
"Yisow, what’s the matter? Is there any problem? " Li Xiaomei see Lin yue specially called her to come over and ask this thing must be what’s the problem.
"Nothing. I just heard that Zhao Xing was going to get married and asked you to come over."
"So that’s it. Sister-in-law, you don’t know that the Chen family girl is amazing. It’s said that the bride price has to be two silver to marry the old thief and old woman of Wei’s. But Zhao Xing doesn’t know what possessed her. She has to marry the Chen family girl. My mother-in-law is so partial to the old man. Without saying anything, she will go to kiss and say that my bride price was only five taels in Ginta. I want to see what kind of good girl Zhao Xing is when he marries back. Is she worth so much silver as a bride price?"
Li Xiaomei is a man who talks but doesn’t listen to Lin Yue’s question, that is, he pours out a string of scratching things he knows and doesn’t forget to complain about Wei’s words.
"What are you talking about? Compare her to me!" Yue-lai Lin doesn’t like to compare herself with others. The Chen family girl is such a good girl. If she is compared with her, isn’t it lowering her style? Of course, there are some things that can’t be told to Li Xiaomei. Otherwise, if she opens her mouth and accidentally says it, how can the villagers keep it a secret?
"It was also at the beginning that Yisow’s betrothal money was fifteen taels, that is, the Chen family girl was not as beautiful as you." Li Xiaomei nodded thoughtfully and said.
Lin Yue has some words about how the girl’s brain is so straight. Almost everyone in the village knows what it was like when she married Zhao Erhu. Li Xiaomei is still so unabashed to take it out in front of her and say that it is no wonder that she is easy to offend. If she is that stingy, she will be angry.
"I’m sorry yisow, I didn’t mean anything else. I just wanted to say that that woman is definitely better than you." Li Xiaomei said that before he remembered what was wrong with his words, he hurriedly apologized in a flurry for fear that Lin Yue would be angry.
"By the way, I forgot to say that the girl is still Lin Cun and Yisow. Are you from the same village?" Li Xiaomei will compare the girl with Lin Yue because they are from the same village, so he made a comparison with them.
But now in Li Xiaomei’s heart, Lin Yue is detached, thinking that Lin Yue is all natural. That girl is better than not. In fact, she hasn’t even seen that girl’s face. When she first went to sit up and take notice, Wei’s side was also accompanied by Kim, and she was afraid that she would go with her. Although Li Xiaomei did have some ideas.
Li Xiaomei and Yue4 chatted for a while and went back to Zhao’s old house. Zhao Xing wanted to marry a daughter-in-law, but she couldn’t be lazy.
It is confirmed that Zhao Xing is his brother who said that the unlucky Lin Yue didn’t tell anyone in Zhao’s old house what she meant. Don’t say that people like her and Zhao Xing in Zhao’s old house really married a good girl. Lin Yue is not worth it for that girl. Now Zhao Xing is going to marry the Chen family girl. Isn’t it just right to get together and break their marriage? And even if she goes to tell Wei’s mother now, people won’t believe her. Don’t waste the villain.
Although Lin Yue has made a decision in his heart, he still doesn’t forget to tell Zhao Erhu that there are some details about a couple, so it is beneficial to the couple and there will be a lot of misunderstandings and contradictions.
Zhao Erhu listened to Lin Yue and said the things directly. "That’s Wei’s mother. Let’s leave Wei’s mother alone, isn’t it bad? When the time comes, when the daughter-in-law has passed the door, she will naturally have a way to tidy up and let’s not mind their own business. "
Zhao Erhu’s answer is in line with Lin Yue’s mind. Lin Yue remembered that she had known from Li Xiaomei that "Zhao Erhu, I heard Li Xiaomei say that Zhao Xingfei insisted on marrying the girl from the Chen family. Do you think he had seen the girl from the Chen family and thought that the girl from the Chen family was beautiful before she insisted?" Lin Yue is a woman, and she is always curious about why Zhao Xing insisted on marrying the Chen family girl.
Zhao Erhu heard Lin Yue’s question and his eyes darkened. He remembered several times that Zhao Xing saw that his daughter-in-law was obsessed with it. He was cautious about his daughter-in-law, and then connected to the Chen family girl and Lin Cun. Probably some guessed Zhao Xing’s idea and laughed at it. "No matter how beautiful it is, there is no beautiful daughter-in-law. Zhao Xingke is not as lucky as I am to marry such a beautiful and virtuous daughter-in-law."
"I am so beautiful and virtuous?" Lin Yue smiled and asked, being praised is still very beautiful in my heart.
Zhao Erhu looked at Lin Yue and knew that this girl was not stingy and praised "of course my daughter-in-law is the most beautiful"
Although Wei’s family in Zhao Xing has already booked a date with Chen Guren, even the bride price has been sent in the past, waiting to marry the bride at Rimen, but Zhao Xing thought that when he saw the beautiful figure outside the courtyard that day, he couldn’t bear it anymore and secretly went to the forest village.
I have been to Zhao Xing once, and I found the Chen Family Courtyard. It seems that no one saw the girl coming out of the room in the courtyard after half a quarter of an hour. Zhao Xing saw the excitement shining in his eyes, thinking that he and the Chen Family girl had already made an appointment to get married, and even if they met, there was nothing wrong. Otherwise, people would know that he could enhance his feelings with his future daughter-in-law before getting married.
Zhao Xing looked around and knocked at the door to make sure there was no one else in the yard.
Chen Zhoushi wondered who was knocking at the door at this time because her sister-in-law was dirty and most people in the village didn’t want to associate with their home. While thinking about speeding up the pace, Chen Zhoushi opened the door and saw a strange man staring at her with a smirk at the door. He immediately frowned. Where did this apprentice dare to come to her house in broad daylight?
"Take charge of come out! Some disciples came to our house! " Chen Zhoushi shouted at the top of his voice.
Zhao Xing was a little alarmed by Chen Zhoushi’s reaction. "I’m not saying girl, don’t shout. I’m your fiance, Zhaojiacun. Zhao Xing came to see you specially."
Zhao Xing hurriedly explained that Chen Zhoushi didn’t listen to the house. Chen Jiaxing heard Zhou shouting that he had led the stick to come over and wanted to take someone. Zhao Xing looked at it and ran away without noticing anything wrong. Chapter 71 Head held high.
Zhao Lingxiang told Chunxi what happened, and then she went back to the city with peace of mind. This time, if she can get a few more masters, she will definitely pay more attention to her wife. If she is not happy, she can’t be treated like anything. The biggest wife in the backyard is Wei Fu, but the master wants the master to protect her, and even the wife can see her face. It’s like being favored for so many years. Aunt Zhou just hates it again. People don’t have children in the backyard. It’s because of the master’s protection.
"Aunt zhao this is where to go? What’s the good thing about looking at the spring breeze? " The only aunt in the backyard who can still treat Zhao Lingxiang calmly is a few weeks. This time, I was enjoying the scenery in the garden and saw Zhao Lingxiang passing by and said with a smile
"It’s Aunt Zhou. The master called me to serve in the past. I’m just about to go to the backyard. I won’t chat with you until another day." Zhao Lingxiang didn’t put on a high profile when she saw Aunt Zhou. She knew in her master’s heart that Aunt Zhou was more important than her, and she had a clever son. Now the master is treating her well, but if she can do things for her master, she must have no chance to win. Aunt Zhou is kind and she can’t stand it.
Zhao Lingxiang feels very low-key, but it’s not the case in the eyes of Aunt Zhou’s personal servant girl. Especially Zhao Lingxiang also specifically said that she was called to wait on Master Wei’s little servant girl. The Lord glared at Zhao Lingxiang and left the figure resentfully.
"Aunt Zhou, look at Aunt Zhao’s swagger. It seems that she has never seen a aunt in the market. You are so popular with her master. You can often come to her room. Aunt Zhao just waits for her master a few times. What’s there to show off? Look at her frivolous sample. I can’t believe how long she can be proud. Women in the hospital can’t wait to drink her blood and eat her meat. When she loses her master’s pet farm, it will definitely be no better. The wife will definitely be the first to spare her.
Aunt Zhou glanced at her aggrieved servant girl and smiled indifferently. "What are you angry with her? Aunt Zhao is also a poor person. She hasn’t given birth to a man and a woman in all these years, and she seems to be instructed by her wife to behave in her room all day long. Now it’s hard to have a few good days, or there’s nothing to be jealous of because the master has her."
Master Wei loves Aunt Zhou, and even business matters will be revealed to Aunt Zhou. Zhao Lingxiang knows the reasons for her favor these days, so Aunt Zhou is not jealous at all. She is not as fond of Master Wei as she seems, but she has to attach herself to a man because of her life, or it will affect her life.
"Aunt, you are so kind. No wonder everyone likes you so much, and your master loves you so much. You are the most kind-hearted aunt," said the little girl flatteringly.
"Maybe it’s nothing to care about." Aunt Zhou’s face is still pale.
"Aunt Master knows that you like tea. Yesterday, I specially sent a catty of good Maojian tea for you to taste." The little girl was just transferred to Aunt Zhou. Soon after, it was not white. Aunt Zhou’s mind was deliberately aroused because Aunt Zhao didn’t want to say it. Master Wei sent tea yesterday. It seems that you are still favored. Don’t worry.
Aunt Zhou ignored this little thought of her maid. She didn’t bother to explain anything. Some things are not a little maid. She can know that she took the tea and slowly lost in thought. Before, he liked tea best. She enjoyed watching him drink tea and felt quite elegant.
Although the little girl was only transferred to Aunt Zhou’s side soon, she knew that Aunt Zhou’s temper was absolutely not to be disturbed at this time, or she was silently standing by and did not dare to move.
Master Wei was very unhappy when he saw Zhao Lingxiang coming over with a twist. Obviously, he was impatient to wait for Zhao Lingxiang for so long. "I asked him to call you. Why did you come here at this time? Did you spoil me for a few days and let you cock your tail and even stop listening to me?"
Zhao Lingxiang is just an ordinary woman’s mentality. It will be delayed when she learns that Master Wei wants to see her and dress up well, but she can’t say that if Master really recognizes her favor and arrogance, it will be bad to remember that she met Aunt Zhou in the garden before and scooped her up as a shield.
"How dare you, my master? I met Aunt Zhou when I was passing by the garden. I think Aunt Zhou hit it off and said a few more words before I came over. Forgive me," explained Zhao Lingxiang jiao dia, carefully eyeing Master Wei’s face.
Master Wei frowned more and more when he heard the words Aunt Zhou. "Aunt Zhou is a quiet girl and doesn’t like others to disturb you in Weifu for so many years. You should know less and disturb her purity."
Master Wei doesn’t know if he is too lazy to take care of these jealousness and jealousy things in the backyard. Now he is involved in his favorite concubine, Aunt Zhou, and Master Wei warned Zhao Lingxiang. Although Aunt Zhou is not the best in Wei’s heart, she is the only woman in this house who has ever been sincere to him, not the woman who has kept his family property and money behind him, but also the woman he has always kept in his heart all these years.
Master Wei is so because Aunt Zhou has always been so indifferent, never taking the initiative to ask him for anything, and always staying with him silently. Even if other women enter the house, they will never be jealous and wait for him silently in the courtyard. Of course, if he knew that Aunt Zhou was behaving like this, he would be so indifferent and even be angry.
Zhao Lingxiang saw that Master Wei was so protective, and Aunt Zhou’s eyes flashed with a touch of jealousy. Although she knew that Aunt Zhou was the most beloved woman in her house, she was still a little unwilling at the last moment. She just met a few random chats in the garden, so how could she disturb Aunt Zhou’s purity?
Zhao Lingxiang also dare to be angry in my heart and never dare to show it. "Master and concubine dare not bother Aunt Zhou again after knowing it. Don’t be angry. Chapter 7 is enough for you."
After coming back from Master Wei, Zhao Lingxiang thought about it and decided to go back to Zhaojiacun immediately to ask Chunxi how things are going. Now Master is not satisfied with the method of sprouting bean sprouts. I heard that Zhao Erhu sells all kinds of marinated vegetables besides bean sprouts and bean skin and yuba in the city, and so on. If we can get hold of these parties, we will definitely make a lot of money. This is to spend money to buy them.
Master Wei tasted the sweetness of selling bean sprouts this time, and many Zhao Lingxiang was more generous than before. She had a lot of confidence in holding the master’s two hundred and twenty silver tickets. She first asked Chunxi if she had got the new party. If it weren’t for her, it would be good for Zhao Erhu’s family. Now she doesn’t want their family to spend money to buy it. I don’t believe that Zhao Erhu and his wife will not be tempted when they see the silver.
Zhao Lingxiang still looked down upon that party. Now Zhao Erhu’s family scene is big. He invited people. Zhao Erhu earned more money in Xin ‘an City alone than this 220 silver. Besides, is Master Wei the kind of person who will let others take advantage of himself? Will the buyer take out the silver? This 220 must be the one who can earn a lot of silver. Compared with that number, Master Mao Wei of Niu Yi won’t tell Zhao Lingxiang how much silver he earned. Zhao Lingxiang is so complacent.
Zhao Lingxiang didn’t know that Chunxi had sold her until she got to Zhao’s old house, but Zhao Lingxiang still held out a glimmer of hope and asked Xiaocui to call Chunxi.
"It’s my aunt’s handmaiden." Xiaocui is much smarter than before. When Zhao Lingxiang directed her, she was not so unwilling.