Then the two men all twisted their eyebrows and looked at him. Gu Huaijing suddenly felt a chest tightness.

Why does he feel like the villain in the story?
The point is that this girl is good, and this ni is still tearing him down. He turned his head and glared at Jinlan. He also joined Jinlan to kill him.
Gu Huaijing was angry and bulging. He grabbed a handful of peanuts and poured a mouthful of wine into his throat. "Go" Then he turned to the door and shouted, "Why don’t Xiao Er cook? I’m starving."
Then I stopped talking to eucalyptus Jinlan at the age of danger.
And the remaining two people care about each other, smile, and then lift the wine lamp and drink it off.
Past lives feud, old friends meet, a glass of wine is enough.
Qinghefang yongan steet
The street is crowded with people, shoulder to shoulder, with no end in sight. The people who look at the street from a distance are like a dense snake crawling on the ground, crawling towards the tall building in the center of the street.
And tall buildings hang red lanterns in the daytime. Rows of red lanterns are neatly arranged along the eaves of pavilions, swaying in the breeze.
This is the largest brothel in Beijing-Fenghua Building.
Fenghua Building has a long history in Zhou Jianguo, and it has been doing flesh business like all brothels.
However, it is different from other brothels. There are many strict rules in Fenghua Building, and the girls in it are really divided into two parts. One part is the same as other romantic places, and the other part is to busk and not sell themselves as prostitutes. Today, the so-called flower heads they want to meet are actually prostitutes.
"This …"
Danger-year-old eucalyptus looked at the crowd outside Uyang Uyang and was very surprised.
"This based so beautiful? Can let so many people scramble to see it? Look at this posture outside. Even half the men in Beijing are here. "
Gu Huaijing scorned her for being so ignorant. "Take a look at your unseen elegance building. Choose a based person every year. It’s all natural and beautiful. It makes people linger at a glance. How many people are scrambling to see Fang? This ostentation and extravagance is small for the based."
Danger at the age of eucalyptus surprised "but … based not all have been selected that what there are so many people to see? And show up for the first time today? "
Because she was not very concerned before, these people really know little about this aspect
This time, it was Jin Lan who solved the doubts. He opened the fan in front of his chest and fanned it a few times. "The difference between Fenghua Building and other romantic places is that the romantic building is based on the selection of the building and then announced to the world."
Choose it first and then push it to the world?
I don’t know why I should do this, but what should I do if the people in the building have a bad eye and the people don’t look good?
Her eyes rolled and she immediately denied the idea.
How is that possible?
From Gu Huaijing’s words, it can’t be ugly to attract a large number of men here because the flower heads are very beautiful and lovable every year.
I can’t wait for such a thought that eucalyptus at the age of danger will detain the docking to be based on expectations.
"Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go."
Three people along the stairs directly to the box on the second floor.
Speaking of this box, it is still due to Jinlan’s credit. After they watched the spectacular scene of Yong ‘an Street just now, they actually thought about giving up.
At this time, the fan in Jinlan’s hand was an understatement, and they took the path to a back door of Bieyuan, and someone knocked on the door to meet them, and then someone led them to the box.
Danger eucalyptus Gu Huaijing two people stunned when they pressed Jinlan to tell the truth.
It turns out that Jinlan’s family has always had business dealings with Fenghua Building, and the stewards of Fenghua Building often buy silks, satins, jewels, rouge and gouache from their home to dress girls, and the price for Fenghua Building here has been very low.
It was also handed over to the steward, who left him a place in the balcony on the second floor, which is why Jin Lanfen has a balcony here for the first time.
The three men followed him all the way to the center of the second floor and took them to Jinlan’s exclusive box, and then brought tea and snacks, which were thoughtful and melon and peanuts.
Until danger eucalyptus grabbed a handful of melon, it suddenly felt unreal. She couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when she watched the surrounding environment.
"This elegant building … this is not a brothel. It is a golden cave."
That’s true
Fenghua building is not short of money, which is well known in Beijing, and eucalyptus knows it before, but it is vague. There is a concept, but today it is really seen.
However, along the way, they first walked on two wide and moist stairs, and all of them smelled of fragrance. At first, she didn’t know what it was, but after sitting, she found out that it was yellow pear wood.
Although it is more valuable than nanmu, which is not red sandalwood, it is also a valuable wood. It is really rich to be laid on the ground and trampled by people.
Besides, they tread on the carpet, and the tea in the tea cup is all famous and precious, and this is the root of hospitality in Fenghua Building.
Yu sui eucalyptus felt that it was really right for her to come to this place today. It really opened her eyes.
She "tut-tut" wanted to say something, but before she said it, she heard something snapping at the center of the wall.
She looked along the sound source and froze in place.
The opposite person affectionately called her.
The person next to her turned out to be Ling Waner?
And beside her, there were Gu Chengyun and Lin Qian, who had not been seen for a long time, and then there was a deadly ugly one, a very familiar but dangerous eucalyptus who just couldn’t remember his name.
At the age of danger, Eucalyptus looked over there and didn’t want to look at the temple again, but she didn’t have to feel that it was a narrow road. The more I didn’t want to see anyone, I had to meet them.
Danger years old eucalyptus sigh.
I met two when I met them.
She turned her head and said coldly, "Cover the board. I don’t want to see you."
This board is to communicate with two boxes, in order to bring them closer to meet people, so Fenghua Building opened something like a small window in the wall very intimately.
In this way, if two boxes want to talk, they can open a direct dialogue and save the trouble of going in and out.
But she doesn’t want to talk to one person opposite, not one of the four.
You have something to say.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, oh, my God.
Chapter 37 Chapter 37
The four people across the street were unhappy when they heard her say this. Gu Chengyun and the deadly man were fine, and Ling Wan ‘er was a face of hating iron and not turning into steel, with a pair of small white flowers with a broken heart.
It seems that she is ready to speak piteously and criticize her at any time, but Lin Qian is much faster than her.
"Danger eucalyptus, what do you mean? Don’t want to see us? Who don’t want to see? Have you forgotten the time when you followed Taidian’s ass pitifully? What are you pretending to be lofty here now? Your brother wants to see you? "
Lin Qian angry heart, danger years old eucalyptus this she likes too, ling wan son is her ordinary sister, next to Zhao Huan, she doesn’t know this is not to her, who said it to?
Aside from Gu Huaijing Jinlan, two people heard her say this, and the eucalyptus face was pulled now.
Jinlan corners of the mouth with radian pressure to silently closed the fan, and did not open his mouth, but Gu Huaijing was a grumpy person who couldn’t hide his words and immediately went back.
"Lin Qian are you sick? My third brother didn’t even open his mouth. Is it up to you to preach here? "
Lin Qian saw that she was Gu Huaijing back to know that he was not easy to handle, and she grew up with Tai for a while speechless. After a long time, she popped out "You, you, you, you …"
Gu Huaijing listened to her like this, frowning at her ears and crossing her legs. "I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Miss Linda, you say it."
Lin Qiangui, the prime minister’s daughter, is usually held by everyone in No.1 Middle School, and everyone agrees with everything she says. Few people are as straightforward as Gu Huaijing.
At that time, I blushed and my neck was thick, and I couldn’t even say’ you’.