"However, if I let you go, Jiaoer and I will be in danger." He looked embarrassed.

Haikui frowned. "What are you trying to say!"
"I’m seriously injured here, and Jiaoer is dead. These people outside don’t know, but once you go out, they will know!"
Haikui looked at him with a strange light in his eyes.
"Will you tell me?"
The man smiled. "Jiaoer told me that you didn’t mean any harm. Jiaoer’s crystal coffin was made of fairy jade. It’s the best fairy jade. Many people saw it and wanted to be greedy for themselves, but you didn’t."
"But I was moved to kill her."
The man smiled again. "But it’s normal that she hurt you first."
"Then tell me, how can I leave now?" Haikui hesitated for a moment and said, "Besides, I’m here to find an immortal body by bathing in dragon blood!" "
"Hehe." The man smiled, "this is good to say. But I can’t let you bathe in dragon blood this day. I can’t bathe in dragon blood until you save Jiaoer and I can walk again! "
Haikui frowned. "I want to ask, how can I save her?"
"Don’t worry, let me speak slowly." The man coughed and said so many words that he was very tired.
Haikui waited patiently.
"I’m trapped here because of what they call immortal emperors. In those days, I carried several immortal emperors and heavenly deities by myself, and finally came here injured, laying a supreme array. They were always afraid that I wouldn’t come if I didn’t die. They often sent people here to test me. If you want to know my situation, you must be the reason they made up, so let you come here to find dragon blood."
Haikui frowned. It is reasonable to say that Ling Yan and others should not lie to him. Now what is the situation? "Can Dragon Blood achieve immortality?"
Haikui asked the question in his heart. There are two possibilities. Otherwise, Ling Yan and others lied to him. Otherwise, even Ling Yan didn’t know that the celestial immortal emperor sent them or people who were equivalent to ants to test.
"Of course, I am immortal, but I am too injured!" The man coughed and said.
Haikui was silent for two seconds. "What do you need me to do?"
"I lack a kind of fairy fruit. Only this kind of fairy fruit can I save Jiaoer!"
"Nine clouds and clouds."
Nine clouds and fruits? Haikui frowned slightly. This fruit sounds very powerful, and it must be not simple to make the black dragon pay so much attention to it.
"The cloud fruit of Nine Clouds is a kind of immortal fruit spit out by the fruit eaten by the Phoenix of Nine Clouds. It is only swallowed and spit out by the Phoenix, which contains the power of divine fire."
"Where can I find this kind of fruit?"
The man was silent and said slowly, "It is extremely difficult to get it if you want to find it."
"How do you know if you don’t try?"
"There is a phoenix raised by Xiandi Tiangong."
Haikui’s silence is really hard enough, but what’s the difference between promise and no promise? He has to leave here first!
"I’ll do my best!"
The man’s eyes moved to the crystal coffin. "Well, I’ve been waiting for thousands of years and tens of thousands of years. I’ll wait a little longer. When you get the nine clouds, I’ll let you achieve immortality!"
"Thanks a lot."
"You have that key, and you can come to my house with that key!"
Haikui reached out a recruit, and the key on the crystal coffin fell into his hand.
"How do I get out of here now?"
The man coughed twice and felt weak gradually. "Get on my back and you will find the place to leave. You can leave with that key."
On his back? Haikui frowned, and immediately found himself thinking wrongly. What he said should be the black mountain.
"Are you Yuan Shen?"
"Not bad."
After reading it, Haikui said, "I didn’t expect to cultivate the Yuan God to the same level as the flesh. I’m afraid it can only be achieved at the level of the immortal emperor."
The man closed his eyes slightly.
Haikui knew that he was tired and went out of the hut with the key.
Look at that mountain, because it is black, it is even more majestic, showing its supreme existence and eternal life.
But this mountain is actually a dragon, a real dragon, which makes Hai Kui feel awe.
He flew up and headed for the man’s back.
Hai Kui almost flew close to the dragon body, watching it at close range, and it was magnificent. There was a strong vicissitudes and calm breath. What is majestic? At this moment, these two words automatically popped up in my mind.
Flying above the dragon’s back, stepping on the dragon’s back, it feels extremely solid, even if the sky were to fall, it would always feel solid.
Haikui stood on the back of the dragon, which was too high and too big, so it felt like a mountain. Looking down, it felt like overlooking all beings.