It wasn’t long before the police station got a report …

Mu Ming and others were slightly surprised when they reported the address in the TV station, but Cheng Man touched Ba Dao. "We didn’t go there. We had a chance to see the big star …"
Which star do you want to see according to their identity?
Chen Jun and others are also excited. Those stars are on the big screen, but all of them are beautiful. I wonder if the real person is that beautiful?
The place where the police went out was when the TV station Mu Ming and others felt it. There were already many people gathered there, and the police officers quickly set up a cordon.
Mu Ming and Yu Han went over and squatted down to examine a body. This man is a man and see which director his identity card should be.
"The wound has a chest, and the dagger went into the heart and bled to death!"
The deceased was in the room, and someone was called to move the deceased out. Mu Ming checked it carefully again.
"There are too many footprints in the toilet where the team is seriously damaged, so it is not easy to check!"
Cheng Man’s eyes sank and suddenly asked, "It’s easy to wonder if this body has been touched by so many people here!"
Immediately someone came out, one or three people. They Nuo Nuo said, "We have touched this director Chen. We just want to make sure that he is still alive. It doesn’t matter to us …"
The three men are three men, but their eyes are flashing. Cheng Man walked over and said carefully, "Who else but you? And what’s your order? "
The three men thought carefully and said, "I was the first to go in and scream. After that, Lao Wang was the second to come in and Lao Zheng was the third to come in."
The order is all right. Cheng Man’s eyes sank slightly and then he turned around and asked, "So who killed Chen Dao?"
"Not me!"
This is exactly the same answer, but who is this murderer?
Muming tilted his head and swept his eyes. Cheng Man slowly nodded his head. "People are dead, but they have not saved a knife. The murderer’s means is also ruthless. In addition to this fingerprint, it is necessary to compare the fingerprints of these three people."
After Cheng Man waved his hand, the three men put their fingerprints before they left, raised their heads and said, "I wonder if there is anything like this?"
"There’s nothing going on now, but you’d better make a record with our police."
The three men were a little unhappy and avoided trouble or finished talking.
"What are you doing here?"
"What can we do? It’s just recording a program here. Who knew it would be such a bad thing? If we had known this, we would not have come here to do it. This is disgusting! "
The three men glanced at the dead man and said, "He is our director … You can ask them how they are, but I’m sure they won’t say anything nice."
"So this director is not so good?" Cheng Man asked, "I heard that people in your circle have a kind of word that should refer to this director, right?" Do you always like to threaten some small stars …? "
"Yes, I don’t know how many actresses have been killed by him." A woman vomited a sentence next to her and quickly shut up after receiving everyone’s sight.
Cheng Manchao held out his hand and nodded at her. "Come here and I have something to ask you."
I like telling the truth the most now …
The woman was a little surprised, but she came over and said, "Officer, just ask if you have anything."
It’s definitely not a good thing to let her come over at this time. Plus, I have a big mouth just now … It’s really bad luck. If I had known, I would have shut up and died!
"What’s the director’s usual comment?"
After thinking about it, the woman said, "It’s not so good. It’s like catching someone who looks good … Another thing is that both men and women like men who are hot or thin. For example, the actor Qinchuan, who is now popular, has been harassed by this director, but people have refused this director many times because they don’t follow this path."
"For example, the actress who was playing with Qinchuan heard that it was with this director … you know, and then she got a heroine role, which was an instant hit."
Mu Ming and Yu Han squatted on the ground, but these words were also heard in Qinchuan … Isn’t that Qinchuan?
I told you that the entertainment circle was messy. I didn’t expect that he had just come in here and suffered harassment. Muming’s eyes sank a little, and Gu Jingke just saw her coming with a slight frown.
"If you are worried, go and see him." Although the little girl likes her.
Mu Ming shook his head and bowed his head to do things seriously. "He chose this road himself and now he can’t go back, so let him make a good break."
"Officer, do you think it was Qinchuan who killed the old man? He and the actress are here, and … I heard that there was an argument just now. If not, who else would it be?"
The woman said word for word, "It must be because Qinchuan became angry and then killed the killer. It must be like this!"
Cheng Man suddenly lifted his arm lightly. "The police case is based on facts. We can’t rely on your word, but according to you, Qinchuan is indeed suspected."
So people around you commented that "Qinchuan’s kid really shouldn’t do such a thing. Although he heard a dispute before, he also saw Qinchuan walk out of the room."
Someone said that Cheng Man frowned and said, "Chen Jun will bring Qinchuan to me!"
"He’s in the studio …" Someone said thank you for taking the stairs quickly and looked at the map to find someone.
At this time, someone kept muttering, "I also saw that Isa coming out of it at that time. Do you think it could be her?"
"Who is Isa?" After Cheng Man half narrowed his eyes, he tilted his head and asked, "Do you know where she is? Bring her here too! "
That woman should have just said that she was killed by a potential actress. Cheng Man turned her head and looked at everyone and said, "Li Yuanyuan will bring me someone!"
About five minutes later, both of them were brought.
Qinchuan smiled coldly when he saw Chen Dao’s death. "This kind of person lives in this world and is filthy!"
These days, this man is really harassing him all the time, but when he sees this director Chen, he is disgusted, not only with women, but also with men, which is disgusting anyway!
It’s great to be dead now!
After seeing Chen Dao’s body, her eyes flashed for a while, she also sneered, "You are right about Qin Chuan’s sentence. It’s really a wave of gas for people to live in the world!"
She felt sick at the sight of this old man, and even more sick at the thought of sleeping with him. She stared at herself from beginning to end before laughing. "Now that people are dead, I will be relaxed."
Never accompany this old man and ugly man again!
Qinchuan eyes swept away and found Muming squatting on the ground. The corners of his mouth shook and he immediately called a "sister …"
Muming raised his head and glanced at him and then hung his head. This boy is still so many people who dare to yell and talk here. It’s really not scheming and shrewd.