And the players of team B knew through what happened that morning-there was another person in team B who was not to be taunted …

And now there is a first-team player in the dressing room of team B!
Team B’s players think they are going to collapse.
One after another, the first-team stars ran to team B. What is this?
Moreover, this person who came here this time, although his face is quite kind, is still very difficult to deal with.
As soon as he entered the dressing room and found his own locker, he went over, who ignored him and bowed his head, which showed that he didn’t know what he was thinking-this buddy is definitely a noble guy in Leng Yan.
Are all the first-team players like this?
Maybe Leng Yan’s nobility is the necessary quality for a first-team star?
When zahovic first came to Team B, there were other players from Team B who took the initiative to say hello and make friends, but they were turned away.
Now all the players in Team B are smart. As long as you see a first-team team coming, don’t pay any attention to them. People don’t care about your kindness and courtesy at all. In that case, why waste so many expressions?
Fernandez Ben Wood, the head coach of Team B, looked at the young people in front of him and could not help but shake his head and sigh.
Three months ago, a tartar was sent, and two weeks ago, another tartar was sent. This time, a first-team player was sent to the front waist …
What does Chang really think?
Our team B is not a prison or a garbage dump …
All the unwanted players and the players who made mistakes were sent to team B, which is nothing!
He feels that he is really the most luxurious team B coach in La Liga, with Slovenian number one international zahovic, Sweden’s most expensive golden boy Ibrahimovic, and Diego Maradona’s successor aimar …
But it’s a pity that the two players from behind can’t play in team B, they just train in team B. When waiting for the game, they will be recruited into the first team again, and then they will sit on the bench for 90 minutes without even getting a chance to warm up …
Ben Wood really doesn’t understand what winning is all about.
He waved to a pair of aimar who had done something wrong and came here to ponder over the expression: "Go and train. Don’t think too much, the training plan here is the same as you are in the first team. "
Aimar nodded as if he hadn’t heard, then turned and ran away. Obviously, he didn’t take Ben Wood’s words to heart.
Looking at aimar’s back, Ben Wood suddenly felt that perhaps as long as the winning team was still in Valencia for one day, his team B could not escape such a fate …
That China punishes the players, so there’s nothing new? Why do you always have a hard time with our B team?
The team finished the game against Seville, and the time also entered November.
In the middle of the week, on November 1st, there is a UEFA Cup competition.
In the second leg of the second round of the UEFA Cup, Valencia welcomed Warsaw Leguia at home.
In this game, Changsheng made some adjustments to the lineup and Changsheng.
Because of aimar’s absence, the team can’t keep the formation of 4231.
Therefore, the formation must be adjusted.
The UEFA Cup, an insignificant competition, is just used as a test field.
To adjust the formation, it was done before aimar took the initiative to confess. Because at that time, he felt that aimar’s state fluctuated, and he didn’t think about the "informer". He just wanted to prepare a contingency plan to prepare for aimar’s absence-he didn’t trust Selban to replace aimar.
After thinking about it, it is the double back waist 442 with a dish-shaped position.
Originally, if there was no Ibrahimovic, this set of front lines would be perfect if the Swede and Villa were partners.
After all, Ibrahimovic has a very outstanding ability to make the ball.
But now Ibrahimovic has thought about it in Team B, and the only strikers who can always win are Kalou and Villa. angulo always regards him as a midfielder.
So if it’s 442, it’s that Salomon Kalou and Villa will start together and angulo will be the substitute.
In fact, angulo can also play as a striker, but angulo’s characteristics are not suitable for being a striker who plays for Villa. He is suitable for being like Villa.
Villa’s state is just right, and winning often won’t put Villa on the bench, just to make a angulo.
The midfield is dish-shaped, with two backyards slightly behind, Vicente on the left and mendieta on the right.
This lineup is somewhat similar to Cooper’s initial tactics. At that time, Valencia did not have aimar. Aimar was transferred from Argentina in January this year.
There is little change on the back line. Aurelio left-back, Ferreira right-back, Ayala and Carvalho centre-back partner.
If there is no accident, this lineup will be used by Valencia in the next three weeks.
So in this case, can the team’s mad dog tactics continue to be implemented?
In fact, the mad dog tactics born out of Tiki-taka have no clear requirements for formation, and it does not mean that only one or several formations can be used.
The most important core of mad dog tactics is running. As long as you run, there is basically no fixed formation.
So as long as the training is adjusted in time, I believe this set of 442 can adapt to the mad dog tactics very well.
The UEFA Cup opponent Warsaw Leguia is not strong, and Valencia is playing at home, which has advantages and insurance, so Changsheng chose to use this game to experiment with the new formation and find a feeling for the players.
442 is the most classic formation in international football.
Valencia used this formation, followed the mad dog tactics, and finally beat Warsaw Leguia 6-1 at home. The team scored four goals in the first half.
Originally, the draw with Valencia at home also made Warsaw Leguia feel particularly good about himself, and felt that he could try to beat Valencia in Mestalla.
As a result, they were mercilessly knocked down by Valencia’s six sap, and they never got up again …
Even Kalou, who hasn’t started for a long time, scored a goal in the game.
Although most of the time he was making the ball for Villa, he took advantage of a corner kick and headed the ball to the Leguia in Warsaw.