Just then, he saw another figure jumping into the sinkhole, and this person was the blind old man.

At present, Zhuge jumped out of the sinkhole before dawn and followed the blind old man closely. He believed that as long as he followed the old man, he would not suffer.
The blind old man obviously showed that Zhuge was not bright, looked back, didn’t speak, and flew straight to the inside of the sinkhole.
Chapter 349 Guding pitfalls
It was dark in the sinkhole, but it didn’t stop their sight.
A rancid smell filled Zhuge Liang with a frown, and his face immediately changed color when his knowledge was swept away. Rotten bodies are everywhere around, and there are many residual limbs and broken arms. The scene is extremely horrible. Countless bodies piled up together, as many as tens of thousands. And these are the bodies of practitioners, and I don’t know how long they have been dead. Some of them have even turned into rotten meat or dense bones.
Besides Zhuge Liang and the blind old man, many practitioners came in and were shocked by what they saw.
"crunch ~ ~ ~"
A creepy voice sounded, and it was from these bodies that the voice came out. It seemed that someone was eating these bodies.
There is a huge space in this 10,000-person burial pit. In the distance, there is a roar, obviously someone is fighting.
The blind old man swept away the bamboo pole, please leave a passage and walk away.
Zhuge followed him closely before dawn and remained silent.
"ah! !”
A heart-rending scream, a dark hand stretched out from the corpse pile, and a practitioner was pulled in on the spot. Then, there was the sound of eating flesh and blood, which made my teeth sour and my hair tremble.
"There is something in the corpse pile!" One person panicked.
Shrieks break out one after another, and people are attacked one after another, caught by the creatures in the corpse pile, and the intensive "crunching" sounds break out one after another, and the inexplicable creatures in the corpse pile are eating the bones of these people.
Many people quickly retreat, fear to the extreme.
Another practitioner was pulled in, and he had no resistance at all. The black claws seemed to have great strength, so he unscrewed the man’s head and dragged the body away.
"crunch ~ ~ ~"
The sound of eating flesh and blood sounded like insects, which made people shudder.
Several practitioners quickly rushed to the place where they fought in the distance, where there were several elders from Tianchi and Dugu’s family, in order to get shelter.
But haven’t walked far, suddenly rushed out of the pile of more than a dozen shadows, a flash, will be that a few embroidered away. The screams echoed in the dark space.
The blind old man walked lightly, as if he didn’t care about the surrounding situation at all. He swept away the broken bamboo pole and made a way to walk through it.
Zhuge followed him carefully before dawn, when he noticed that there seemed to be a dark shadow stirring up in a pile of bodies next to him, and a rotten smell came head on. From the pile of corpses, a rotting corpse emerged, with empty eyes and the light of Yousen flashing.
"Tickle" that rotting corpse mouth still chews a stranger’s arm, dripping with blood, and Sen’s deep and remote eyes look at Zhuge.
"pa cha!" The body rubbed the residual bones under his feet and approached, and his teeth and joints creaked. He was rotten all over, and there was no intact place. The disgusting yellow corpse water flowed on him.
At this time, the blind old man suddenly leaned on the broken bamboo pole in his hand and knocked on the ground. From his mouth, a strange sound fluctuated, which was not loud but rather harsh.
The rotting corpse seemed to be greatly shaken, turned and ran, and plunged into the pile of corpses.
"Thank you, old man." Zhuge bowed his hand at the blind old man before dawn.
"Small, stay close to the old man if you want to live." The voice of the blind old man sounded, and he walked through the corpses with Zhuge not bright. At this time, he saw Guanghua exploding ahead, the figure flashing, and the fluctuation of Zhenyuan was wanton.
Several elders of Tianchi and Dugu are fighting fiercely with some creatures, and hundreds of other practitioners are also involved in the battle.
A creature with a strong stench rushed up, and behind him grew a pair of rotting wings, with a head like an ox and a height of only over five meters, and a huge body like a hill.
Xia Dongliu and Dugu Yijian fought with this creature, and the sword rainbow stirred. They turned out to be a sword awn and swept towards the tauren creature.
The wings behind the cow’s head creature’s instigation, but its huge body is very flexible, moving and moving, and it is extremely fast, and it is entangled with Xia Dongliu and Dugu Sword.
"What a powerful creature, it can actually block two masters of deification." Zhuge was not bright and frightened, and stood in a corner with the blind old man to watch quietly.
On the other side, two old people in Tianchi are living in atrix, another creature, which also has a pair of wings. The only difference from the previous creature is that its head looks like a horse.
"My darling, it won’t be a cow’s head and horse’s face." Zhuge not bright swallow a mouthful of saliva shocked way.