Li Chongjiu nodded his head and said, "It is so necessary for Luoyang to reign, so that’s settled."

"Are you considering moving the capital to Luoyang?" Zhang Xuansu asked, "I’m not the first one. There must be others who say so in the future."
Wei Zhi said, "The pursuit of Luoyang is in the sky, just as in the Qin and Han Dynasties, when Xiang Yu was attacked, he was advised to make his capital, but Xiang Yu said that wealth did not return to his hometown, such as a night trip. Xiang Yu did not make his capital, and finally Liu Bang lost his day."
Li Chongjiu said, "Moving the capital is a big deal. If I don’t know how to make progress and build Luoyang, the capital of the Central Plains? At that time, the surrounding area of Luoyang experienced several wars. In the past, it was as prosperous as a ghost town, and now it is a capital. This is not a policy, but I will discuss it in a year or two. "
Zhang Xuansu and Wei Zhi heard Li Chongjiu say that they no longer insisted on moving the capital. Zhao has always been controversial, and the two sides insisted on each other.
Li Chongjiu said, "I’ll leave the matter of Luoyang’s accession to the throne to two Aiqing. Don’t be extravagant, but let everyone know."
"Nuo" Wei Zhi Zhang Xuansu is also called
People in Tianjie, Luoyang are crowded with people.
Wang Shichong, Wang Xuan, Ying Zhu Can, three people were pushed into the street by Zhao foot soldiers, and the people threw stones at the three of them.
"Beasts and evil animals!"
"Wang Shichong, you also have today!"
"Zhu Can always hates not eating your meat raw!"
Behind the three men, the Wang clan was led by a string of ropes. When Wang Shichong proclaimed himself emperor, all his brothers were crowned kings, but Luoyang was broken. These people were already in prison waiting for them to be exiled to Liaodong Field.
Zhang Xiaohu quietly beside Tianjie. He didn’t struggle to throw stones at the Wang Shichong prison car like the people.
Zhang Xiaohu looked at Wang Shizhen and Wang Zeren, both of whom were dragged forward by the Zhao army, behind the prison car in Wang Shichong. Wang Xiaohu thought of the scene when Wang Renze rode high in his home to rob the fields and sent officers and men to take away his parents. He will never forget it for a generation.
But now Wang Zeren is tied with his hands, and his father walks into the street like a tiger with his spine pulled out.
Seeing these two men, Zhang Xiaohu touched the waist dagger and thought that your Wang Jiafu also had today. When he rushed to the front of the two men, Zhao Jun stopped and said, "Wang Zeren, do you still know me Zhang Xiaohu?"
Wang Zeren raised his head and looked fierce towards Zhang Xiaohu and asked, "Who are you from? What should I know about you? "
Wang Xiaohu sneered, "Did you forget that you killed my parents by taking the property next to the White Horse Temple of the Wangs?"
Wang Zeren was so heckled by the other side that "if you kill too many people, you will have to pay for it, and the old generation will not be able to pay for it."
"I want you to return two lives to the Wangs!"
Wang Zeren hummed, "I have been sentenced to exile in Liaodong. If you want to kill me, you will disobey the imperial edict of the Prince of Zhao, and you will not be able to run away. He will kill me."
"All right, all right!" Aside, Zhao Jun listened to Wang Zeren and pushed Wang Xiaohu away. "We can’t care about your grievances, but don’t hinder us. Although this man deserves to die, Zhao Wang forgives him and you can’t kill him, otherwise you will pay for it if you dare to kill people in the street!"
"Pay for your life?" Wang Xiaohu sneer at once waist dagger according to Wang Zeren reaction quickly when back and exclaimed "don’t you dare to start work! Save me, just me. "
On one side, Zhao Jun all looked over and raised their guns and shouted, "What do you want to rob the court?" Wang Xiaohu sneered that his heart would have put life and death at risk, so he had to change his fortune and avenge his parents. He had already made up his mind to kill the Wangs even if he risked his life.
Just when Wang Xiaohu was impulsive for a moment, he suddenly felt that his shoulder was pulled.
"Teacher!" Wang Xiaohu one leng.
Aside, Zhao Jun was surrounded by Tan Zongdang and shouted, "What’s the matter? Don’t you even recognize me?"
When Zhao foot soldiers saw that it was Tan Zongdang, they hurriedly said, "It turned out that it was General Tan who wanted to rob the court and we were about to take him."
"Why didn’t I see someone hijacking the giving ceremony?" Tanzong Avenue
Zhao foot soldiers listened to Tan Zong’s saying that it was also knowing that one person was in power. "General Tan said that if there is no, there will be no separation. Let’s move on."
Wang Xiaohu cried after being rescued by Tan Zong. "Uncle, I want to avenge my parents!"
Tan Zong said, "Tiger, you will lose your life if you do this, understand?"
Wang Xiaohu firmly tunnel "even so, I will do it".
Tan Zong said, "Tiger, don’t be silly. I told you that I have already told you about your affairs for you, and the horse will come to trust this man. I know that he is the most defensive and will ask the father and the son to pay for your life!"
Wang Xiaohu when nodded.
At this time, the prison car was taken all the way to Tianjin Bridge, and the people gathered here for a circle. When Wang Shichong Wang Xuan’s father’s head fell to the ground, several Luoyang people were all relatives who burned paper and mourned in front of Tianjin Bridge and were killed by Wang Shichong.
Zhu Can killed a moment, and the people threw all the rubble on the body, and soon the rubble piled up into mountains.
Wang Xiaohu saw that Wang Zeren was in good condition and could not help but clench his fists.
"There is a will!"
Riding a fast horse, I ran across Tianjin Bridge and beheaded the supervisor. "It’s imperative that Cha Wangshi, Yun Wang and Zeren’s father occupy the land and abandon the market in front of Tianjin Bridge together in Wang Shichong!"
The "promise" supervisor agreed to drink, "The executioner will drag Wang Shizhen and Wang Zeren out for me!"
As soon as the imperial edict came out, Wang Shizhen’s father was scared out of his wits. Wang Shizhen was even more scared when he was old. Wang Zeren was unwilling to shout, "The prince of Zhao promised to spare me. How can he go back on his word?" I can’t die! I can’t die! "
Wang Xiaohu, on the other hand, suddenly burst into tears with his eyes and knees, and slammed three heads in the direction of the northern palace in Tianjin Bridge. "Thank you for taking revenge on my parents!"
Wang Xiaohu took the pledge to tie up a white cloth and watched Wang Shizhen and Wang Zeren’s father being dragged to the execution ground by Zhao foot soldiers like dragging a dead dog.
Two executioners in red took a sip of wine and sprayed broadswords, each pressing their heads toward each other.
Cavity blood straight up and two heads rolling to the ground.
Wang Xiaohu Avenue "Parents, you have to report your great hatred!"
Chapter five hundred and thirteen Embroidery
Wang Xiaohu’s revenge was reported.