"You be calm and help you get your elders back." Long Xuhu comforted the people for a moment and chased them in the direction of Jade Duxiu’s innate divine wind.

Jade Duxiu’s innate divine wind speed is not slow. After all, this is what Jade Duxiu deliberately created at the beginning. The wind speed is not as fast as that of Jade Duxiu’s vertical golden light. Even the dragon and beard tiger can’t catch up with it. The dragon and beard tiger has to stop from time to time to explore the direction in which the innate divine wind flies.
"Well, it’s almost thirty-four points."
Somewhere in Lingshan, the deity hovered before the deity, and the jade only showed its figure. A pair of eyes looked at the distance. "However, this bearded tiger is always a big trouble, and it is chasing after all the way. Monty told me that this bearded tiger keeps tracking the trail of the seat and being clever all the way, or it will really be caught by the bearded tiger."
Jade Duxiu thought for a moment that his right hand slowly stretched out a pole, and there were twenty-four long whips in his hand.
Looking at the empty jade in the distance, chanting incantations and catching the mountain whip fly out instantly and constantly decorate the empty face.
"This place is decorated with special laws. This bearded tiger is a quasi-fairy figure. It takes only three days to trap this bearded tiger. Three days is enough to travel around the three islands and take all the necessary medicinal materials." Jade Duxiu thought in his heart.
While thinking about the circulation of the method in the hands of Jade Duxiu, I kept branding the virtual suppression of the invisible power. After a while, I saw that Jade Duxiu’s mouth was smiling and the whip disappeared. Looking at the golden light in the distance, it was a vision that the quasi-fairy crossed the virtual. "Come on, let you taste the power."
"Young bodhi old zu, I kindly let you live. I didn’t expect you to pour and be ungrateful. Is there a place where you dare to forcibly take away my Penglai Xiandao spirit? Can I be a soft persimmon when I am bodhi old zu? If you are smart enough, hand over the stolen bodhi old zu and give you a good time. Since you are impatient, don’t blame the bodhi old zu. I am terminating. "The dragon and tiger show their sullen faces in the distance and look at Jade Duxiu coming towards Jade Duxiu step by step.
Looking at Zhang Long’s beard and hair, he must be a tiger and jade, and his expression is quiet and the words on the top of the mountain are indifferent. "The elder is surprised that the genius treasure is destined to get a seat. Since it is hidden here, it is said that the island’s spiritual objects are destined to be naturally matched by me. If all the spiritual objects in Sanxian Island can be swallowed up, the magical power will reach an incredible level."
As he spoke, he saw that Jade Duxiu instantly rolled up a tornado and all the elixirs he had passed were uprooted and detained.
Seeing this, the dragon and the tiger suddenly burst into tears. "If you want to die, don’t stop."
As he spoke, the dragon, beard and tiger descended on Jade Duxiu instantaneously.
"It’s not easy to get caught in the trap." The dragon and beard tiger jumped forward but saw the virtual transformation in front of him. Where is the jade solo shadow? There are no marginal barren hills all over the body. The barren hills are suspended in heaven and earth and form a mysterious and unpredictable battle to surround the dragon and beard tiger.
"Small you cheat" bearded tiger surprised nu way.
"The elder is surprised at this. As the saying goes, all is fair in war, but who can be blamed if the elder is not careful?" Jade Duxiu smiled gently.
"Hum, you can trap me with this barren mountain all over the sky. It’s a fantasy, but can you trap me with this broken array method?" The dragon, the beard and the tiger are surging all over the body, and they will forcibly smash this barren mountain.
"Oh, I forgot to tell my predecessors that this barren mountain all over the sky has been hooked up with the Penglai Fairy Island. If my predecessors hurt this barren mountain with one finger, they will detonate a vein, and then the whole Penglai Fairy Island will be turned upside down. How many herbs and elixirs will be destroyed? Do you really want to break the array by force?" Yu Duxiu’s words casually entered the big array.
"What?" When the dragon beard tiger heard the news, he sneered at it for a moment. "You don’t want to cheat me. Where is there such a mysterious avatar in this world?"
"Alas, if you don’t believe it, just try it." Jade Duxiu is not interested in explaining to this old guy what special skills are.
Chapter 112 Fall into the Li Spring and meet the cold.
Before the birth of Jade Duxiu, there had never been any news about the unique technique.
"Hum, are you so easy to fool?" As he spoke, he saw that the dragon and beard tiger reached out and pressed it toward a barren hill.
"Bang" the vibration of Penglai Fairy Island has stopped before it gets close to the barren hills.
The dragon and tiger in Penglai Mountain can naturally feel that with their own efforts, they are forcing a barren hill and a certain place in Penglai to surge and burst. If this claw is really pressed, there will be inevitable casualties.
Jade Duxiu took a look at the dragon and beard tiger and disdained to smile. In an instant, the time went up into the sky and disappeared.
This time, Yu Duxiu doesn’t even have to hide it. She has her own view of Chinese herbal medicine, and she will earn it in the palm of her hand in a flash.
"Don’t stop it, bodhi old zu. I’m not finished with you." Seeing Jade Duxiu constantly searching for the elixir caused the island elves to panic and roar. The dragon and beard tiger was suddenly furious and was about to soar. Jade Duxiu desperately wanted to be a dragon and beard tiger, but it just soared, only to see the barren hills all over the sky change instantly blocking the way of the dragon and beard tiger.
The giant claw suddenly raised the dragon’s beard and tiger’s anger and flew "to the old flash"
"Boom" The pulse of a place in Penglai Xiandao rumbled at this time. After all, the bearded tiger stopped at the key moment and didn’t dare to really bomb the barren hills in front of him.
"Small things you sit upright and fight" Long Xuhu roared.
Jade Duxiu smells speech and shakes his head, but it is reasonable to ignore the search for the dragon and tiger. After this Penglai, Jade Duxiu turned around and turned into a natural divine wind and flew towards the abbot mountain.
"Damn it, it’s really hateful. It’s even more hateful than those old people who died in those days." The dragon and beard tiger roared and went crazy.
Jade Duxiu stopped all the way and searched for all kinds of elixirs. Suddenly, he saw that Jade Duxiu stopped his pace and looked at the distant earth with a frown. "Something is wrong with this abbot mountain."
"I don’t know if there is something wrong with the seat induction. I always feel that something is spying on me." Jade Duxiu is motionless and sensing the surrounding air machine.
After not noticing anything strange, Jade Duxiu continued to move forward. Suddenly, a few meters of big wells in Fiona Fang appeared in front of her eyes.
A series of rich vitality emerged from the wellhead. Jade Duxiu’s eyes lit up and came to the well a few steps ago, only to see this ancient well, QingShi Lei, to prevent someone from accidentally falling into the well.
Yu Duxiu’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter, sensing the rich vitality in the well. "This is Li Spring."
"Li Spring"?