Jiang Lan didn’t hide "I found a swing to see her when she was in yiguang a few days ago."

"such as?"
"She is very clever, and I show my sincerity, but she can’t move at all. I have also tested her ignorance of martial arts."
"Then how did she break in?"
"Maybe she’s had more personnel than any of us."
Qin Keqing’s eyes flashed a bit of jealousy. "The teacher elder sister will grow ambition of others and destroy her power and prestige. Maybe it’s lucky that she can enter the tribe. It’s just that a blind cat hit her death. Besides, even if it’s a big thing, it’s impossible for her to leave it alone. It’s not easy to break in, but it’s hard to walk away, let alone to take away things here."
Jiang Lan’s face is a little complicated and confused. "I don’t know. I just feel that she is different from us."
"How is it different?"
"We all came here with our eyes on our shoulders, and it seems that she just came to see what she doesn’t covet here."
Smell speech Qin Keqing sarcastically smiled "the teacher elder sister you brainwashed by her? What’s she doing here if she has no purpose? Traveling around the mountains? Hehe, have you ever seen a donkey friend who risked his life to play? "
Jiang Lan didn’t answer the phone.
Qin Keqing quipped again, "Besides, what is the valley of sorrow? Not many people know that Taniguchi put up warning signs to scare off many people, but I don’t believe her if she dares to break in and say that she has no purpose or plan to kill her. "
"Believe it or not," Jiang Lan is too lazy to argue about this.
Qin Keqing snorted and ignored her no longer. She took out a mirror from her arms and adjusted her makeup and clothes until she was ready. She was satisfied with putting on a charming smile and graceful posture.
Jiang Lan didn’t stop it. In her opinion, Qin Keqing didn’t hit the south wall and sent it to people in vain.
The clothes that Ji Shuang brought by the river bank have been washed, and they are still warm. I am still rubbing some goods in my hand, and I can’t wait to crush them and throw them into the river to feed the fish.
Ji Shuang looked at "Sister-in-law is not that I don’t help you, but that her men’s clothes must be washed by herself. If a woman washes them, it will be a provocation and insult to you."
Warm, hehe, laughing, "Double, seek provocation and insult."
When will she wash it?
Her lips pursed with a smile, "sister-in-law, you are really different from the women in the tribe. How can you say that? You should defend your men and territory. If anyone crosses the line, you have to fight back hard. How can you welcome them? "
Warm sigh "I don’t care about this."
If you have this mentality, how can you live outside? Whose husband wears underwear and no one else makes it? How many men’s and women’s clothes do dry cleaners collect every day?
Ji Shuang brainwashed her. "Sister-in-law doesn’t care if it’s no good. My cousin will be sad and will be looked down upon by other women. They will be even more brazen in hitting my cousins’ ideas, and then they will not line up to come to you for a duel."
Warm and resigned, continue to rub.
At this moment, suddenly, in the distance, a bright yellow skirt came running, flying like a dancing butterfly.
Ji Shuang turned to look at the past and couldn’t help but frown. "How did Tao Qi come again?"
Warm asked, "What’s the matter? Don’t want to see it?"
Ji Shuang whispered to her ear, "My aunt told you about the Taos, didn’t she? Because Taozi did those things, we didn’t like the Taos, but it happened that Taoqi always pestered me to ask this question and that, and I was dead by my mother."
Warm and funny "Your mother doesn’t agree?"
"I definitely don’t agree."
"What about your brother?"
"My brother? They listen to my mother. "
"Tao Qi is like a person?"
"People are still good, but they are short of ribs, but no matter if she is a Taojia family, this marriage is impossible."
Warm smile didn’t say anything more.
Taoqi also ran to the front of the two men, out of breath, and her face flushed. A pair of big eyes were very bright and sparkling, like talking. They all said that eyes were the window of the soul. This girl’s window was a little big.
Designation is a hidden word.
as expected
"Double who is this? Is this your new wife? Oh, sure enough, she looks better than you. No wonder your cousins like her more. Hehe … "
Warm "…"
Ji Shuang didn’t look at her angrily. Fortunately, she knew Tao Qiren, otherwise she would have to be anxious. "What are you doing here?"
Tao Qi said, "I almost forgot to ask you for help."
Their JiShuang she knew that no good "and help? I’m still doing laundry. No … "
Tao Qi looked at the tub. "Didn’t you wash it all?"
Ji Shuang "… and my sister-in-law?"
Smell speech TaoQi suddenly nervous pulled her to wake up "double how can you help your sister-in-law laundry you still want to rob with somebody else? Is this too unkind? "
Section 65
Ji Shuang "…"
Warm snow smiled.
TaoQi busy explained, "Sister-in-law, don’t be angry. She didn’t mean it. She is just too diligent and virtuous. Hehe, she usually likes to help me with my laundry …"
Ji Shuang pulled her face red with anger. "Tao Qi, don’t say it."
"Oh, I’m helping you. Didn’t you see that your sister-in-law was so angry that she smiled?"
Warm smile not to come out "…"
If she is not serious and serious, she wants the other party to be as sacred as the holy one. In Hu’s opinion, it is polite to say that she lacks a tendon. This girl is definitely the second sister.
Ji Shuangli took her two steps further. "What the hell are you doing?"
Tao Qi blinked blankly. "Didn’t you say I asked you for help?"
"… what busy?"
"Oh, well, I embroidered another purse and want to give it to your brother. Will you take a look at it for me?" He said, he took one out of his sleeve and stuffed it into Ji Shuang willy-nilly, and then he was excited and looking forward to it.
Ji Shuang looked down at the things in her hand, and the rough stitches were not much different from before. She said, "Tao Qi, embroidery also needs talent. Do you want to consider changing something for my brother?"