Ghosts, monsters, demons …

On the meaning of "evil" must have its source.
In particular, it is not an accident that Pei Wende thinks that his son will be "possessed by evil" when he realizes that the husband and wife are deliberately hiding something.
[Forget it. Let’s see what’s going on inside first.]
Sighed quietly Pei Wende suddenly found himself as if he had really changed a lot.
It’s not only the experience of cultivating, promoting and exorcising evil spirits, but also this keen insight into the world
"Xiaoqing, remember to help me out later."
After the little green snake in the collar was told, Pei Wende suddenly took a deep breath and stepped directly into the already-opened door.
A sudden gust of evil wind blew on your face.
Pei Wende, who is extremely sensitive to Yin qi, feels as if he has entered a huge icehouse at this moment.
For Pei Wende, it is like a cold wind blowing in the twelfth month in summer, which is cold and biting.
Chapter 20 The Great Peacock King Curse!
"It seems that these’ evil spirits’ should not be so easy to deal with."
Habitual grunted 1 PeiWenDe is gently glanced at after entering the room and turned their attention to the figure wrapped in sheets.
In this strange shady room, the one who wrapped himself tightly in a figure, but kept sweating, seemed out of place in the whole room.
Because those sweat from the forehead not only wet the hair and eyebrows, but also the thick quilt is full of sweat and sweat.
Pei Wende couldn’t tell whether the other person was a man or a woman for a moment, but he could vaguely see the confusion in his muddy eyes covered with loose hair.
"Qin Feng?"
Taking a tentative step forward, Pei Wende watched the crazy character warily and didn’t dare to relax.
Because Pei Wende still remembers what the housekeeper Tongqing Temple said, Qin Feng is awake at dusk now.
And in the housekeeper’s description, Qin Feng’s body seems to be undergoing some kind of change, gradually rotting and becoming a real monster.
Just like Pei Wende imagined, Qin Fenggen responded a little, which means that he turned his muddy eyes like a doll without a soul.
Good Pei Wende is also ready for this, so he draws a dogleg knife from his back and approaches each other carefully.
"It stinks …"
The closer you get to Qin Feng Pei Wende, the more you can feel a stench coming from the other side.
It’s not just sweat, but a stench like flesh and blood rot is deeply wrapped in that thick quilt.
Especially for people with keen senses like Pei Wende, that stench is absolutely not inferior to weapons of mass destruction.
"Qin Feng?"
After determining that Qin Feng ignored himself, Pei Wende simply lifted the dogleg knife and flew the quilt to the other side.
Suddenly, the amazing stench came out of the quilt and a large group of buzzing flies flew out at the same time.
"Well …"
It was not until this time that Qin Feng turned his head stiffly and his eyes stayed for a long time for Pei Wende.
"This …"
Looked at PeiWenDe pupil unconsciously tightened a.
Because he finally saw clearly Qin Feng’s present state-a completely inhuman state.
Just as the housekeeper said, Qin Feng showed that his body was highly corrupt.
All kinds of pustules and blood are constantly flowing out from all over his body, and even clothes can’t cover it up.
On the contrary, Qin Feng’s clothes have given off an amazing stench because of being soaked in pus and blood, which makes people feel sick at first glance.
Rao is Pei Wende, who has seen many kinds of evil spirits and evil things. SAN deserves to be amazing. When I first saw each other, I almost couldn’t help retching.
After all, Qin Feng’s evil spirits are different. He is still a human being, but he is tortured into a human being.
"Ning …?"
Seeing that the situation is going to be deadlocked again, Qin Feng is rotting all over, but it is difficult to open his mouth, a depressed and hoarse voice.
"Are you … Ning Er?"
The turbid eyes seem to have lost normal human vision, and Qin Feng is almost whispering.
"I’m not what you call’ Ning Er’. I’m here to save you."
After determining that Qin Feng still has human consciousness, Pei Wende decided to look at his specific situation before considering the nausea of the other person.
Poof …
But before Pei Wende officially approached Qin Feng’s forehead, a pustule suddenly burst and spilled a dark green pus.
Can dodge on one side for a while, and then Pei Wende saw a big hole corroded on the edge of the pus bed.
Zi zi zi …
Accompanied by a burst of nausea and rancidity, a strange form of wooden bed board was corroded and twisted until it could no longer see its original appearance.
"This …"
Stunned to see all this happen, Pei Wende was glad that he was not sputtered by this pus.
Otherwise Pei Wende can’t guarantee that he won’t be corroded by this comparable strong acid liquid.
Just as he denies that Qin Feng, who is pregnant with such a poisonous substance, is still normal.
"Ning son …"
However, Qin Feng is still whispering like he doesn’t know the damage he has caused.
As soon as he repeated, more pustules broke and overflowed into the bed sheets in a hoarse whisper.
Pei Wende suddenly turned his eyes and found that the bed was wrapped by Qin Feng and the sheet was not corroded by this liquid.
Or more precisely, everything around it except Qin Feng’s body bed was not corroded by that sticky pus.
Just as Pei Wende was thinking about what was going on, the little green snake leaned out at the right time and looked at the one who was still whispering Qin Feng.
The little green snake in human body felt a faint need.
It’s not pure monster spirit, but it’s a bit like the smell left after the death of a monster.
"Do monsters leave breath after death?"
Obviously understood the little green snake’s scream. Pei Wende couldn’t help narrowing her eyes. A bold idea suddenly came to her mind.
"Forget it. No matter what happened to him, let’s save people first."
After thinking for a moment, Pei Wende decided to help first and then find out what happened in this.
"Since it’s not pure evil, there’s definitely no pure’ heart mantra’."
"Well, I’ve learned a lot about exorcism during this period, otherwise I really can’t save you."