They admired together.
Chu Zhaohou took a deep breath and said, "I don’t know when the temple of death suddenly appeared. My Chu state is like a chaotic number of assassinations. My minister has even killed a person they can’t afford to offend, and I don’t know how much energy they have to assassinate and never miss!"
"The duke wants to destroy the temple of death? When will you shoot? " A soldier curious way
Chu Zhaohou shook his head and said, "Now surround without killing Hou, and take over the temple of death. If the temple of death is stubborn, it will be destroyed again!"
"Yes!" The soldiers should way
At the entrance of the death hall
The bodhi old zu in the blue robe wrapped in black robe looked at Zhou Dajun with cold eyes.
"What should the green robe bodhi old zu do now?" Another black lich king worry way
"What are you worried about with hades?" Green robe bodhi old zu cold way
"Yes!" The black demon king should way
"Besides, Miss Pregnancy has already got through the surrounding tunnels. Even if there is a problem, are you still worried that you can’t leave?" Green robe bodhi old zu cold way
"Yes!" Around some worry about small demon horse nodded.
Then another demon king came and waved his hand, and his little demons retreated one after another.
"White Tiger King?" Blue robe bodhi old zu light way
The White Tiger King nodded and said, "What did Hades say?"
"Hades didn’t say anything. Miss Pregnancy Xi accompanied Hades. After all, this is our headquarters. Hades can’t withdraw without an order!" Blue robe bodhi old zu sink a way
The White Tiger King nodded. "A few days ago, we surrounded and killed one of Mr. Longyuan’s servants together. Perhaps that’s why Chu was so determined?"
Blue robe bodhi old zu eyes slightly narrowed way "Mr Long Yuan? It’s extraordinary that the clan of Ji surname came out, but a servant actually surpassed Wuzong! "
The white tiger king was silent. "Did I hear that the demon race had flourished in ancient times?"
"That’s already history!" Green robe bodhi old zu shook his head a way
"No, do you think we will restore the ancient glory of Hades’ hands?" White tiger king with a hint of expectation
Blue robe bodhi old zu suddenly pupil shrinks and didn’t speak-
In an underground chamber in the Temple of Death.
Jiang Tai, a demon in pregnancy, sat cross-legged in the center of the secret room, and a figure fell to the ground in the southeast and northwest around Jiang Tai.
On the east is the history and literature of Zhongwen, but at the moment, the history and literature has already become a piece of skin.
In the south, it’s Xia Wen, and Xia Wen has become a piece of human skin.
It’s winter plague in the north, and it’s also a piece of human skin at the moment
A large number of mosquitoes surround Jiang Tai in the center, and his breath is very unstable. Close your eyes and adjust your breath.
And the west is still alive, Duke Zhao of Qiu Wen.
Autumn plague saw three plague gods swallowed by mosquitoes by Jiang Tai.
Even if it is sealed in the autumn blast, it is chilling in my heart.
Is this how Chunwen died? Is that how you die?
So did Zhongwen and Xiawen. Just Jiang Taigang exhausted the flesh and blood of Dongwen.
Although the method moves, you can still feel that the three gods of plague are shattered and completely finished through the godhead.
Autumn fever is chilling. Could it be me?
I have never been so afraid of autumn blast, and there is a deep despair in my eyes.
Looking at four athel Loren being swallowed one after another with cold eyes, there is no pity in her eyes. At this moment, Jiang Tai is coming to protect her pregnancy, but her heart is extremely heart-warming.
Autumn Wen Zhao Gong looked at Jiang Tai in horror and roared not to eat me.
Can pray, after all, no, but not far away, Jiang Tai suddenly burst out with an evil demon light in his eyes.
"Quick breakthrough almost swallowed you I can break through the athel Loren? God of plague? I swallowed one plague at a time and broke through. This time, I want four plagues? I don’t know what will happen once! " Jiang tai sigh a way
Jiang Tai suddenly turned into a blood mosquito, and at the same time, tens of thousands of mosquitoes surrounded him and quickly left for Zhao Gong.
Don’t, don’t!
Zhao Gong screamed in his heart, but he still couldn’t stop the blood mosquitoes from rolling their flesh and blood and quickly entering Jiang Taiti from the straw.