"Miss Nezha is behind the door and the clan war in the Yin clan. If you can’t stay out of it since the beginning, it will be difficult for your grandfather Shao Shi to deal with the Shang and Zhou Dynasties."

"And my brother Lu Shang Shi Zun expected him to be immortal, so he sent him to tell him that he could enjoy wealth, but I, a businessman in Dayi, made great efforts to make people feel uncomfortable and appreciated, so I often felt that I didn’t meet him. At this time, he was close to Ji Chang and would like to take the opportunity to appreciate Bo Ji Chang’s intrigues."
This Shen Gongbao really has a glib tongue. He makes Jiang Shang sound so unbearable, but it sounds like every word is reasonable. It’s really a piece of cake.
When he saw me when you are sad, he turned to say, "Miss, don’t worry too much. It is assumed that Ji Chang is old, and even if he can get out of jail alive, he may not be able to revive the storm. If Ji Fa can keep his place, Jiang Shang will not forget the two things, and we can still enjoy peace."
"Even if Ji Chang’s father rose up against Shang Jiang Shang and had Chonghou, Li Hou and Deng Hou to defend the enemy outside, and then a surname Wen Zhong and others were guarding Ji Chang, Jiang Shangneng and afraid?"
"Uncle Shi, what will you do if you really fight?"
Shen Gongbao sighed lightly: "I, the idlers in Shan Ye, are bent on seeking Tao, and Jiang Shang, because it is difficult for me to blend in with the ruling and opposition parties. However, I, Jiang Shang, are different from him. My uncle and I live in the Central Plains, and all tribes are fighting for a big business."
"That Martial Uncle" I tried to ask, "Who will you support if Uncle Jiang really turns against the enemy in the future?"
"Of course you support us!" He replied.
I was quite surprised by his answer, "Do you think uncle Shi sees it?"
"Although I, Dean of Jiang Shang, prefer Jiang Shangran, outsiders always don’t ask about politics, so do those professors, but in my humble opinion, if the war starts, they will inevitably tend to be big businessmen."
"Nezha, you see Princess Yin Jiao, King Yin Hongwang, and Miss Huang Tianhua, and many royal relatives are all brothers. On the other hand, Xiqi, except Lei Zhen, Ji Changyi also saw which one was out of Yuxuan Gate."
"And there are more generals such as Wen Zhong, Hong Jin, Luo Xuan and Yu Hua in the Biyou Branch of Sanqing College. Who wants natural enemies because of their fate?"
After dinner, I went back to my room and lay in bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep.
It’s a night in the early 155 BC, Chongcheng, which is located in the border of the big business, is located in the heart of the empire in the next two thousand years, and will be destroyed by war in just a few years. However, at this time, there is no clue to remember Shen Gongbao’s words and Jiang Shang’s plans.
The next morning, we left the inn, crossed the Tiger and continued eastward. Not far from the tall Chonghou Mansion, there was another "King Kong Mansion" that was second only to its mansion.
I asked Shen Gongbao, "Is this a family residence?"
"This is the mansion of the four generals of the Magic Family. The four men, Magic Ritual Green, Molihong, Magic Ritual Sea and Magic Ritual Life, are all from Xumishan Mountain, Tianzhu. They were invited to be stationed in Chongcheng to prepare for Xiqiao in their early years."
The white-fronted tiger rose along the Weihe River and the Yellow River all the way to the east. It only stopped for a short time in Luoyi and had a light meal. At dusk, it arrived outside Chaoge City.
Shen Gongbao sent me to the women’s college and didn’t leave until outside Shijie Gate.
"Nezha, are you back?" Shijie saw me with a pleasant countenance. "Did you get the jade virtual sword?"
I nodded and said yes
"Show it to Teacher Shijie!"
I flashed my jade sword and handed it to Shijie.
"It’s really a good sword," she asked. "Nezha, did you get the method of summoning the spirit of the sword?"
I shook my head and then made up a lie, "Teacher Taiyi said that my spiritual level is not enough to control the sword spirit."
"That’s right," Shijie said. "The Tao cannot be light." Then he returned the jade sword to me.
I asked, "Does our women’s college wear its own sword?"
Shijie looked at me and said, "The summoning power of the jade virtual sword does not lie in its body, but comes from the ten swords possessed by the jade virtual palace. Now the women’s college does not have such a secret system. Is it meaningful to unify the swords?"
"What about Biyouyuan?" I asked again
She smiled and shook her head. "I’m not a brother of Biyou Academy, but as far as I know, Biyou Academy doesn’t have a uniform sword. It’s not that Biyou Branch lacks the details of Yuxu Branch, but that Biyou Palace emphasizes teaching more than Yuxu Palace, and the number of its brothers is many times that of Yuxu Academy. It’s not appropriate to control the details."
"But," I said, "although I wear a jade sword, I can’t summon the sword spirit! If you don’t, you can’t move the jade? "
Shijie laughed. "Nezha, you have the jade virtual sword to summon the sword spirit, but it’s just a few formulas. Does Dean Jade Qing promise that you won’t know the mystery through other means?"
"So, teacher," I asked, "What about Fuxi Nuwa College? Should there be enough information? "
Shijie restrained his smile. "Fuxi Nuwa College will never be worse than Sanqing College, but the college system has always paid attention to teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and will not adopt the method of jade virtual college."
She took out the Tai ‘a sword with her, and the cold light shone in the candlelight. "In the early years, the master gave me Tai ‘a sword. This sword is not the only one in the sky. Wen Zhong, Zhao Jiang, Dong and the Goddess of Fire Spirit also have this sword in their hands. Although Tai ‘a sword is the same in different hands, it can show different powers."
It’s already late at night when I came out from the rocky place. I crept to push Xiaoqian’s door to see if she had slept. As soon as I entered the room, I was put around my neck by a pair of arms, and then my chest, thighs and lips were stuck together.
"Brother Nezha, Xiaoqian misses you so much these days!"
"I miss you, too!" I put my arms around her waist, and she slipped through a veil.
"oh! Why are you so cold? "
"How can the cold wind not be cold when I have been blowing for several hours?"
She let me go. "Then take off your coat quickly! I’ll warm you up. "Then I’ll unbutton my shirt.
I blocked her hand "ouch! I haven’t eaten yet! Have you eaten? "
"I’ll get it for you!" She pulled my belt, pulled my pants and tucked me into bed.
After a while, Xiaoqian brought in a few cakes and half a pot of dried fruit. "You can make do with this!"
While watching me eat, she told me about the anecdote of the college after I left. She told me that the thirty-six students in this period were divided into four schools according to different regions: Chaoge School, Southwest School, Wandering Soul School and Chentang School.
"Those Miss Chao Ge or Gong Qing look down on people!" Xiaoqian pursed her lips. "She thinks we have accents and says we don’t look good when we walk. If Sister Mo Tailing didn’t protect us, we’d have to ask them to bully us to death!"
"No!" I said, "Although we are from the border, we are the dean of Shijie. They must be jealous!" "
"Anyway, it’s good that you come back. You have to send a head to Chentang for us!"