With a hint of incomprehension, I fell into a sweet sleep until the tearing pain woke me up. Damn it, giving me an anesthesia needle will kill me! I groaned, but it was a name "Lilac" that I couldn’t put down all my life.

One always bursts into my ears with a somewhat playful and defiant voice. "I said that you should wake up when you are young. You are still in the mood to have a spring dream!" It’s small Guangxi. He’s flying behind my back as if there were some wild animals chasing him behind him.
Play around us, paddle around, and vaguely shout all this in Anan. Let me understand the situation for a full second. My voice is weak. "Let me carry me, and you can’t run away!" Give me a rifle and a magazine and I’ll fight with them! "
Small Guangxi turned a corner and threw a bullet behind it, slightly panting, saying, "How dare I? If I do this, the woman of your dreams will not castrate me first, then kill me, then kill me, and then kill me after castration … Hey, do you listen? Don’t sleep! If you sleep, you will never wake up! "
I was so tired that I lost consciousness again before he finished talking nonsense.
Chapter DiYiQiSi Peace Day
A battalion of the Airborne Infantry Brigade of the Assault Division was ambushed by Annan’s regular army and suffered heavy casualties!
When the news reached Liu Weiping, his look became very strange. People around him heard him repeating "Ban Ying Ban Ying" repeatedly. It seemed that they had an unspeakable emotion for this place. They didn’t know that when the historical Republic withdrew, a battalion was attacked by Annan troops at night, and the whole self-defense counterattack was almost wiped out. This place is like a spell. How can you avoid it? However, the historical tragedy will never repeat itself, because the army of the Republic of China is not the one that has just come out of the turmoil and neglected its armed forces to participate in the self-defense counterattack. These regiments are the first-class main forces in the whole army, and their fists are well-equipped and well-trained, and the powerful army and the Chinese assault force are even more powerful. They really can’t figure out who they have to be afraid of in this land of Asia! Want to eat one of my battalions? Dream your big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period!
Liu Weiping coldly ordered "the squadron in charge of the strong cavalry behind the temple immediately went to Banying area to support the attacked troops, and asked them to dispatch a bomber group. If we suffered heavy casualties, we would blow up Banying and let Annan monkey know what the consequences were!"
The order was carried out to the letter. A squadron eagle dragon turned its head and went straight for Ban Ying, and the Nanning military base was even more unambiguous. After a tense, short and busy period, six planes exploded and Ban Ying’s fate was doomed.
At this time, Banying was in chaos at Huya Camp, where a secret service team in Annan was killed in a staggered way. When night fell, the Annan agent suddenly attacked and was exhausted. Huya Camp was caught off guard and suffered a lot of losses, but Huya Camp quickly reacted in the initial chaos with strong firepower and strong fighting capacity. Relying on nine armored vehicles that were still in good condition, it set up a circular position and calmly shot everyone who dared to approach this line of defense. The losses of Annan people suddenly soared, but Annan people were also crazy. In order to launch a wave of impacts at any cost and pay more than 50 lives, I finally rushed into the ring fortification circle and hit all the chariots with anti-tank rockets. However, the fierce airborne infantry wielded sappers’ shovels and split them back. The two sides repeatedly killed each other with heavy casualties. The Annan army probably didn’t expect Huya Camp to be so difficult to chew, but after several attacks, it was a little overwhelmed. At this time, the assault division’s armed helicopters killed and brought a flood of rockets and fire and rain, and the bunker was strafed by a machine gun. Layers of blood and rain were leveled, and the green branches and mud splashed in the smoke flew to the semi-armed helicopter. The Annan army suffered huge losses and took precautions. The Annan people shot down a black eagle and an eagle dragon without waiting for them to give a cheer.
Those individual shoulder-fired missile shooters were torn to pieces by machine guns.
Commander Annan sighed and said "retreat" after the helicopter ravaged the ground.
It’s not too late to retreat now. As soon as the Annan army got out of contact with the bombers at Huya Camp, it killed the aerobomb and roared, and clouds of black and red flames exploded on the ground and went straight to the night! Terrible flames roared and swept across Ban Ying, devouring Annan soldiers in batches, and then rushing to the attack plane, even more machine guns and bombs, which once again taught Annan people a lesson. Annan people were driven around by the fire, and the general machine guns were scattered. According to endless statistics, at least 300 civilians died in this bombing. Of course, Annan people and western countries have not been ashamed to exaggerate this number several times. This incident has criticized our army. In their eyes, all guns killed by our army are good civilians. It is a shame to the extreme.
This battle was the last drop of blood of our army Annan. A total of 17 soldiers died and 100 people were injured. They were furious. The teacher ordered revenge and killed Benying area. There were not even any live chickens left. After the war, the United Nations intervened in the investigation and found more than 200 bodies in a forest. The future of Benying massacre was cast a shadow. Soon after he returned to China, he was suspended from the military commission for investigation. For a long time, he was not seen in the army.
A month later, Nanning Army Hospital
The sky is so white and soft in Yun Lan, and the lilac wheelchair pushes me on the lawn for a walk. I’m lucky that the bullet didn’t hurt me. After several operations, I came back to life, while others were not so lucky. Our platoon is the first to hit Annan people, and the blow to people like Annan is almost lost. My class is just me, Shandong, Three small Guangxi soldiers survived in Class Two, leaving a platoon of Xiao Lei to return home alive. Only one country has given us these soldiers who fought bloody battles great honor. In the eyes of billions of people, we are all heroes. Only we ourselves know that we are just the lucky ones in this war. Xiao Guangxi also went to the hospital, and he was not injured. At that time, Lilac and Xiao Lei and Shandong rushed out of a gap in the encirclement to cover Xiao Guangxi, who rushed out behind my back to look for his brother troops. He carried me and fought behind my back. Taking a breath and running for kilometers, I finally hope to reach the helicopter. He has never been injured, but he is too tired to vomit blood. He recovered faster than me, and now he can do somersaults on the lawn, making the nurse who is in charge of taking care of him laugh and cry. He is tired of playing, holding his hands and lying on the lawn, winking at us and cursing, "This monkey doesn’t know who can cure him!"
I say
"I heard that Li Jie has a good impression on him. I hope Li Jie can cure him."
Lilac said, "In my opinion, anyone who has lived with him for a generation is either alive and angry or alive and laughing." I feel the same way. This is really a special material. After returning to China for so long, we wounded soldiers are afraid to go to the sparsely populated lawn, even walking in the park, fearing that there will be mines. He wants to adjust so quickly.
Lilac suddenly stopped and followed her line of sight. I saw two cute little soldiers skipping up and down. They ran to me and stood in salute. I could raise my hand and salute them. Lilac smiled. It was not until now that I realized that the little soldiers were too small to salute me. They were wearing mini army camouflage, riding a pair of boots that were too small to be Xiao Ye, and wearing a helmet. A pair of big eyes were much bigger than a spoon. When they turned around, they knew that they were two troublemakers who were very headache.
Lilac said, "The teacher’s baby and his daughter’s twins are a headache."
I was taken aback. "Is the teacher here?"
Lilac said, "Who knows? I haven’t heard from him since I came back from Annan. Some people say that he has been suspended. Some people say that he will go to the Republic of Belan in Africa to serve as a military adviser. No one knows whether it is true or not … Xu Jianfeng …"
I should "what?"
Lilac asked, "There may be no war in China. What are your plans?"
I thought about it and said, "I don’t have any plans for the time being. Maybe I will continue to serve, maybe I will retire and go home … Hey, where do I have a home? I will continue to work hard in the army until I can’t fight anymore."
Lilac said, "Me too. Thank you for saving my life on the battlefield."
I blushed a little. "You saved me first. By the way, the lilac war is over. Although I am injured, I am still alive and my limbs are healthy … What do you think?"
Lilac was slightly stunned and immediately remembered that her cheeks were blushing and said in a low voice, "How can you be so cheeky and pestering?"
I lied, "I just want to pester you to see if you will surrender!" "
She thought for a moment and said, "well, I’ll give you a definite answer today."
I held my breath and waited for fate to decide.
She said every word, "I
No need for people. "
My heart was so cold that I almost cried.
She still said "except you" every word.
A big laugh is silly and cute from the words of my face bursting with lilacs. I jumped up and hugged her in circles regardless of my own weakness. "Holding you is equivalent to holding the whole world!"
To hold her is to hold the whole world. In this month-long war, our army in Lian Haijun paid a huge price of more than 37,000 casualties and finally won a complete victory, and I was lucky enough to win my bride. I won’t be lonely in my life. I can’t believe that I can win the heart of such a good girl. Maybe it’s because of those comrades-in-arms who turned against Annan. Thank you, my good brothers. You gave me the chance to live and let me pursue happiness. I will always miss you, my good comrades-in-arms!
Tired of turning, we lie on the lawn and look at the white clouds and smile at each other. The sky in the Republic is so blue and so deep. It is our blood and life that have kept this day. This peace allows all the lilacs who have dreams to fly freely to ask, "What kind of name are your children going to take in the future?"
My child? Isn’t my child angry with you? I said, "Let’s call it peace."
She left her pie mouth discontentedly and thought about it for a while and then said, "Well, let’s call it peace. I hope we can enjoy peace and get through this life safely and never have another war."
I said, "Sure."
–"Vietnam War Rhapsody" finished