Du Qi cold hum a move a little anger.

Xia Qi and Gu Yue didn’t participate in the large array, but looked at all this outside the large array. Du Qi had a wish to accept Xia Qicheng’s Du family. Now five immortals have to add thousands of virtual immortals to help the strong, and Liu Du has not taken several people, which makes Du Qi somewhat dissatisfied.
He’s going to use thunder to slay several people in Liu Du and give Xia Qi a shocking scene to let Xia Qi know the gap between him and the immortal!
Du Qi drank too much and ordered all Danzong elites to make moves.
At the same time, the light in Du Qi’s hand flashed, and the original cold light flashing sword disappeared and was replaced by a dark sword with clean dust, but there was no light at all, which was very strange.
"Give me the Five Immortals’ Magic Array!"
Du Qi dominated the gathering of thousands of people in the hands of a dark sword, and a cold sword filled the whole large array of heaven and earth, which seemed to collapse, making Liu Du’s face very uneasy
"Come and join forces at once to urge the canopy umbrella to resist!"
Liu Du drink noodles emerge ferocious color pitfalls.
From this sword, he felt the cold and cold, and there was a will to kill the enemy with their sword, which made Liu Du panic and more angry!
I want him to be a gentleman of the Liu family, and he is also famous in the celestial world. He Lianjin Xian should also salute him honestly and respectfully when he sees him. Now someone is trying to kill him in the world, which makes Liu Du angry like a volcano!
Chapter six hundred and forty See the fairy again
Chapter six hundred and forty See the fairy again
The five immortals cut the magic array!
Five immortals, such as Du Qi and Zhou Ru, who are strong in the realm of the Immortal Sect of the Thousand Immortals, dominate the cloth array, which is powerful and isolated from the world. It is terrible.
Five elements of Liu Du and others are trapped in it.
It’s a good thing that Liu Du is a virtual fairy peak, but his identity is very extraordinary. However, the Liu gentleman has many powerful treasures to protect himself, and he is also safe and sick in the large array for a while
Eye Liu Du protected the thick-skinned bodhi old zu, but watched the rest of the monks in the Five Elements in crisis and immediately greeted Ji Xun and other five immortals to cover their umbrellas to avoid the large array of pitfalls.
The canopy umbrella is covered with golden light, but it is blocked by the canopy umbrella, so it can’t invade the canopy umbrella at all.
However, the sky umbrella protected Liu Du and the thick-skinned bodhi old zu Ji Xun and others, but the eye method immediately entered the sky umbrella-covered range as it was at this time that Du Qi and Zhou Ru had completely launched a large array to strangle them.
Sword light is like a rainbow, firm but gentle is like a tear, cutting every inch inside the large array into pieces, except for the sky, the umbrella and some areas, where Jixun and other five elements of immortals are located, they have suffered severe attacks.
Ji Xun’s pale face kept throwing out sets of array flags while swallowing Dan medicine.
However, regardless of the fierce attack of the Five Immortals’ Demon-slaying Array, these flag roots are covered with a set of flag dust, which makes Ji Xun, who is proficient in other aspects of array law and how much combat power, pale.
When Ji Xun was distressed, a five-element immortal couldn’t support it. With a scream, an immortal turned to blood and fog to explode his bones.
"F * * king! You really dare to kill me, the holy brother of the five elements. When you return to the celestial world, you will be in your monk’s land! " Liu Du roared that he had the heart to help but no power.
The previous contempt for Danzong made him directly enter the large array with the five elements of the strong, and his eyes continued to be in the law. Even he was worried about his life.
"Less must find a way to break the big array or we will all stay here!" Season-bitter with anxiety to Liu Du big drink a way.
Ji Xun’s heart has given birth to a faint regret at this time.
At first, when he learned that there was an opportunity, he spent a lot of means, which made Liu Du choose to follow him to the news, which would be an opportunity for himself to soar once and for all.
However, seeing this trip to the world may not be his opportunity, but a life-threatening trip.
From the time he came to cultivate immortals, he was full of ambition. A group of ants didn’t look in their eyes, but just after arrival, they met the evil fairy hall and let them flee.
Then, in the Five Elements Sect, there was a sudden attack of Xia Qi, which made Lingshi Shenlong drive the Armageddon to kill them for the second time and flee.
This time, I came with confidence and a terrible murder to avenge the destruction of Danzong.
However, I never thought that this time I fell into the same situation twice.
What’s more, this time is even more sinister than the two times, because despite the mess, there is not much life-threatening and the eyes are full of danger!
Even the immortals in the same world have fallen by two!
The Five Immortals’ Magic Array has more than six five-element monks.
In addition to Liu Du and the thick-skinned bodhi old zu, there are four people who are genuine immortals with eyes. Even though they are immortals, they are also in a mess and their lives are worrying.
But Du Qi just killed a fairy in the middle of strength, but let Ji Xun and others take this opportunity to meet four immortals, Liu Du, in a place where they hid under an umbrella for the time being.
"The attack is not enough. Give me Dan medicine!"
Du Qi looks feminine like a woman, but she is very decisive. At this time, I saw that the five elements of Liu Du and others were hiding under the umbrella of the sky, that is, their five immortals had no way to threaten the lives of several people in Liu Du at the moment. Du Qi immediately decided to attack and kept hanging over the umbrella of the sky.
The canopy umbrella looks indestructible, standing still and glittering.
However, in the face of such a stormy attack, even if there is no problem at the moment, covering the umbrella for a long time will certainly break Liu Du’s hiding place.
"I don’t believe you can hide in it and never come out!"
Du Qi spoke coldly and swallowed an elixir, leading a large array of forces to roar toward the canopy umbrella.
The distance has not been involved in Xia Qi and Gu Yue and Jade Bell around him. When they saw this scene, they all breathed a sigh of relief and came close to each other in a flash.
Xia Qi three people didn’t participate in the Five Immortals Magic Array, not that Xia Qi three people didn’t want to, but that the Five Immortals Magic Array was dominated by five people, and Du Qi and five immortals were just right.
If Xia Qi three people want to join the large array, they will become ordinary members of the large array, which is really a bit Lang for Xia Qi three people.
Gu Yue has a hall of evil immortals that doesn’t participate in the large array, but once there is a problem, even if it is a true fairy, it is necessary to stay away.
Xia Qi doesn’t say all kinds of visions, plus the town’s soldiers and strong flesh, and he is not afraid of hard touch.
And the jade bell is not simple. No, her physical strength is outstanding, that is, she is riding a small white body and her strength is even beyond the strength of the jade bell.
Three people have been staying in the distance because they are worried that the Five Immortals will be trapped. Several people in Liu Du are ready to help stop several people in Liu Du from wreaking havoc in Danzong.
But now it seems that Xia Qi’s worry is obviously unnecessary.
The power of the Five Immortals’ Magic Array is poor, which not only trapped Liu Du several people in the large array at this time, but also killed the five elements who came to Danzong this time.
Among the three people, except Blue Moon Fairy, the other two are genuine immortals.
This loss is enough to make Liu Du feel distressed
After all, this is not the fairyland, the fairyland and the fairyland. The fairies grasp a lot here, but the fairyland, even the fairyland, needs to consume several resources, and probably needs the level of the fairy emperor to personally play the channel.
Every immortal in the world is very important, and even the five elements of the immortal world are distressed by death.
"Xia Qi Zongzhu Wuxing Shengzong Tribe Network"
Du Qi dominated the Five Immortals to cut the magic array. It’s easy to see Xia Qi with two women coming over and smiling. With a little pride, he said to Xia Qi
"Du Qi Daoyou is really extraordinary."