Hear is the jade emperor purport Xu Feiqiong also dare not delay her to look at the wind soul, two people looked at each other and thought of a good thing was interrupted in this way, some in distress situation, especially the wind soul virtual fire has been checked out, but it is forced to press the natural part to feel uncomfortable. It seems that the turbid liquid is really suppressed for more than 300 years and it will be uncomfortable if it is not released.

Xu Feiqiong saw that his face was soft and low, and said, "If you bear with me again, I will come back soon, then …"
The wind soul was also amused to see that she was still ashamed of her desire and asked, "What then?"
The beautiful fairy’s cheeks are burning, but she feels that this shyness is really that her image doesn’t match. She immediately stares at the wind soul with a frown. "Then I’ll let you bully you and do whatever you want to me, right?"
The wind soul almost had no heart. I thought you were glaring at me, knowing that you promised to be bullied by others, but I didn’t know that you were going to murder your husband.
Xu Feiqiong say this already ashamed even red neck want to fly away like this but some loathe to give up the wind soul to see her appearance to let her continue to chafe and then change the subject "who is that woman just now? Is it also the fairy of Yaochi? "
Xu Feiqiong shook his head. "She is the evil center of the stars on Sunday, but the fox on the moon is the god of the bucket department, and the peach blossom evil spirit often destroys people’s marriage. Even the old man takes her to me … I don’t like her very much."
The wind soul came here in vain. Although the heart moon fox is the will of the jade emperor, she didn’t appear early or late. It happened that this key moment appeared more intentionally than coincidentally.
Since heaven dominates the three realms, it is natural that there are not only gods who add wealth and increase life, but also gods who create natural disasters and all kinds of disasters. In the 20 nights, black dragon’s fifth star duty is to break people’s marriage. Xu Feiqiong has just known each other and hopes to be United forever. Of course, he won’t like to meet her.
The wind soul smiled and gently pinched the girl’s palm. "Since the jade emperor summoned you, let’s go first. I’ll wait for you."
"Then you" Xu Feiqiong asked "You, will you suppress your body?"
"It’s not bad that I’ve endured it for more than three hundred years." The wind soul laughs. "Anyway, we can continue after you come back. I want to say anything about you then, but you said it yourself."
"Well," Xu Feiqiong nodded his head, saying goodbye to him and leaving together.
Chapter 26 Laughing and Crazy True Celebrities
The red line drove the carriage to the wilderness and threw the crazy guy to the ground. The guy was thrown to the ground, and he staggered up and stared at the red line. He hated being stared at her and immediately stared back.
Yin Niang pranced on a horse and saw that the teacher elder sister was laughing at this guy. The scribes turned to see that Yin Niang recognized it. Although she also thought that this person was acting a little crazy, she still saluted politely. When she was about to write a novel, the blue scribes saw that Mrs. Wei was dazed, so she got into the carriage and caressed Mrs. Wei’s face and sighed, "Chengzhuang Chengzhuang, how did you end up like this?"
Wei Chengzhuang burst into tears.
The blue scribes held her in their arms as if an affectionate teenager had hugged a girl in love with spring. Mrs. Wei was old and ugly, but this man looked at her like a delicate porcelain doll, as if the lover in his arms was still the young and beautiful girl in the boudoir.
The red line and the hidden mother just looked at them and felt that both the scribe and Mrs. Wei had changed a little. Mrs. Wei looked calm and happy, not to mention from such a poor man who was made into an adult urn. Even an ordinary face was rare, and the blue scribe looked natural and refined when he put away his crazy expression.
The blue scribes stroked Wei Chengzhuang’s wrinkled blush line and the hidden mother didn’t see what he had done, but they saw that Mrs. Wei’s old tree skin had changed, and the dark spots disappeared, and the lines receded, like a rejuvenation, reappearing a Ruili face.
"I’ve always been sorry for you." The blue scribes sighed
Weichengzhuang shook his head with tears.
Both girls have no love experience, but they can also see that Mrs. Wei’s face is so sad that she knows that Mrs. Wei is not a good woman, and that she went to the field early in her life, but she is still moved by her resentment and love for hundreds of years.
What kind of man deserves a woman to love him so much?
What kind of woman can persist in that illusory love after hundreds of years in Cang Sang?
"Before, you said that even if you die, you will die with my sword." The blue scribe looked at Wei Chengzhuang tenderly and drew his sword slowly. "I didn’t expect that a love story in those days would come true today. Are you ready?"
Wei Chengzhuang closed his eyes, not only stopped crying, but also gave him a happy and shy smile, just like the newlywed in the bridal chamber waiting for Langjun to undress her. The scribes leaned over and kissed her face, and her manners were elegant and gentle, as if such a charming appearance was his true face.
Wei Chengzhuang looked intoxicated and lost, and she was as happy as a girl in love, and the sword had passed through her chest
Neither the red line nor the hidden mother stopped the man from killing. They thought that they would rather die with their last happiness in their lover’s hands than live with all their limbs broken.
The blue scribes picked up Wei Chengzhuang’s body and came to a tree to dig a grave for her. The red line swept the purple sword and there was another pit. The scribes didn’t show any surprise at her. They buried Wei Chengzhuang in into the pit.
At his grave, he held his sword with his fingers and played the sword. It sounded high and low, and it sounded crisp. This self-contained tune floated softly in the barren hills, causing wild flowers to bloom and dark clouds to surge.
Laugh and be crazy. True celebrities can cry and sing.
It was raining …
After Xu Feiqiong left, the wind soul stayed alone with the sister tree to chat.
There was a faint glow in the sky, and he thought to himself, why don’t you just stay here and watch the sunrise on Mount Tai anyway?
When he thought about this, there was a light sound behind him. He looked back in astonishment and saw a pretty figure waving to him. He was dazed and jumped to the mountain, but the pretty figure had gone with the wind.
The wind soul hesitated and felt that it was better not to be too far away from the sister tree. In case Xu Feiqiong came back and couldn’t find him, it wouldn’t be so good. However, the handsome man stopped to look at his brow faintly and clearly, which made people feel distressed.
Naita continued to chase, but the man drifted all the way until he came to a dark forest.