Cao Cao had just finished arranging this list of things, and Zhang Liao troops came back. Looking at the sacks full of Zhang Liao soldiers, all the sentinels’ eyes turned green.

They are in famine, and now Zhang Liao has sent the barracks here, which is different from sending charcoal in the snow. They have eaten, and Cao Cao immediately ordered the soldiers to eat and drink.
Cao Cao’s side was full of joy and excitement. He said that Yuan Shao had not slept all night. When he heard the battle reports on both sides, the whole person sat down in position 11.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six Trap ambition
At night, Cao Cao’s military camp was full of a smell, which was a fragrant smell. Watching his soldiers gobble up their meals as if they were reborn as a hungry fool in this life, Cao Cao was also laughing.
Cao Cao also told his advisers and generals not to be there. Now Yuan Shao can’t come to raid again. In that case, go to dinner quickly and then have a short meeting.
In fact, this meeting is Cao Cao’s final mobilization for everyone, so that everyone should not relax and defeat Yuan Shao.
And many of his generals and counselors are all excited, and now they are finally going to see the fruits of victory. They are all cheering up and doing according to Cao Cao’s instructions
Seeing that many counselors had left, Cao Cao also wanted to leave. Suddenly, he saw that Guo Jia had stayed in place. Cao Cao knew that Guo Jia had something to say, so he stayed.
"Filial piety! Is there anything wrong with Zhao’s plan? " Cao Cao looked at Guo Jia with a smile on his face
"Wang Wei, you have planned for a long time. I came up with my personal opinion. It’s time for you to guard against that man!"
When Cao Cao heard it, his expression was first one leng, but soon he showed a meaningful look.
But at the moment, in the western battlefield, it was just dawn, and Lombardi got the news of defeat. At the moment, the news has not come to Juyi. Now Juyi looks at the camp and walks over to talk about Gao Qian. His heart is more or less uncomfortable, even though his political mind is not clear enough, he can feel wrong after so long.
Yuan Shaopai, after this Gao Qian milk is finished, is to guard against him once or twice, but once more, Juyi will be more or less upset in his heart, but he still fought back his anger and finally waited for this Gao Qian to finish his talk. Juyicai got up and gave you the final instructions.
After saying these words, Juyi looked at Gao Qian, while Gao Qian smiled and made a gesture to show that he had no opinion. Juyi sighed here and directly took people out of the camp.
Over the past year or so, Juyi War has also been a bit of a mess. Juyi was born in the cold since childhood, and he believes that it is a natural thing to lead troops. After all, he has the most advanced infantry in the world, and he is not afraid of strong enemies.
However, this Gao Qian is a stirring stick, which has disturbed his barracks. Gao Qian is wooing military officers every day, which has caused some officers to shake their hearts. Now they are not United with Juyi, so it is difficult to have some bumps in the fight.
For more than a year, Juyi’s only record is that he is going to crush Cao Cao’s first wall. Although this record is not glorious in Juyi’s eyes, if he can attack a city in Qin, it will be regarded as an explanation to Yuan Shao. Thought of this, Juyi also has some nai in his heart, so he can give Yuan Shao an explanation for several cities in Qin for the time being, and then give him some deterrence+∧+∧+∧ O.
Therefore, Juyi directly ordered his foot soldiers to launch an onslaught in the early morning of the next day. Juyi was wearing a helmet and armor to personally lead him to take the lead. It was crazy to attack the already broken wall.
In Juyi’s view, the Qin Jun city wall is already crumbling, and any foreign object can make it collapse.
Juyi drinks a lot, and the first person to die is crazy. Listen to Hua, and the wall really collapsed.
See here JuYi heart exultation was about to take their own hands soldiers crazy to kill inside, but suddenly JuYi again feel what’s wrong with a closer look at the collapsed wall behind the rows of soldiers.
This is the city of Qin Jun, where Qin Jun is stationed. It seems that there is nothing wrong with it, but Juyi looked at these Qin Jun and narrowed his eyes. He felt that there seems to be something wrong with this Qin Jun.
Over the past year or so, Qin Jun’s Zhao’s Counterbalance Department has been made up of ordinary foot soldiers. Every day, Chen Hu urged his soldiers to shoot arrows at the tower to stop Juyi’s pace.
However, these days, there are some differences. Seeing that the wall of Qin Jun is about to collapse, Chen Hu is not in charge of Chengtou, and there are fewer and fewer Qin Jun in Chengtougang. Today, it can be said that there is almost no one.
Don’t Qin Jun just give up the city, but JuYi immediately guessed it was not so, and he looked at the Qin Jun and had some familiar feelings. It was rows and rows of infantry. They squatted at the bottom of the city wall and silently listened to the killing from the outside, but they didn’t say a word, but their eyes were murderous, which was similar to his first death.
The first general in Qin Jun’s array suddenly got up, pulled out his broadsword, raised his huge shield and shouted, "There is life and death in a trap!"
When this Tiejun was completely displayed in front of Juyi, Juyi was completely shocked. At one time, unless this army had been following its example, it was the first to die.
But no matter JuYiRu want to at the moment when the battlefield who will explain to him so much seibel make the trap camp like a flood directly killed the first to die.
And Juyi’s old door is suddenly hot, and I can’t care so much anymore. Since I want to kill it, let’s kill it. What’s worse, when he meets a trap camp, the troops are also dead. He just wants to see whether their two forces will be stronger. At that time, the battlefield people shouted and hissed.
The trapped soldiers and the soldiers who first entered the camp became one piece, which made Juyi’s heart more and more surprised. When he met Qin Jun troops, it was not too weak, but the troops were too few, which was also the level of ordinary soldiers. However, this time it turned out to be different. Their strength was different from that of those who first entered the camp. Juyi had to score an extremely high score to cope with it. In the battlefield, he shouted a loud slogan that their trapped soldiers should step on the soldiers who first entered the camp and become famous.
Juyi heard this, and the whole person was going crazy. He is also a general and a military commander. Where can he stand such anger and let others be a stepping stone? This is simply a joke. Juyi can’t care so much. At that time, he fought with Seibel crazily.
However, Juyi didn’t notice that it was precisely because of its height that an army was quietly pulled out of the side wall, and that army took the path and quietly went around behind the battlefield.
At the moment, the face is smeared with oil, and Cao looked behind him. That is the main battlefield. Now Seibel and Juyi are already playing as a bee, but he didn’t turn back to attack Juyi directly, but looked at Cao in front of the barracks with a strange smile.
Gao Qian in Zhao’s military camp has obviously become the second-in-command here, and everyone else has to listen to his orders. But this Gao Qian doesn’t know anything about military affairs. He was sent to supervise Juyi’s going out to fight, and he doesn’t care about so many seats. He should eat, drink and wait for Juyi to come back and then ask him about it. It’s as simple as that.
However, in the song Yao Wu, he wouldn’t think of a ring exploding directly in his ear, followed by a crackling sound mixed with several people screaming and exploding in his barracks. Gao Qian was so scared that the six gods hurriedly went outside and found that Qin Jun had already rushed in under Cao Xing’s leadership.
This is precisely the fact that every soldier in Cao Xing Shenji Camp has a magic weapon, the ware, which has been widely recognized since it came out. Every country is constantly developing Wei and Zhao, and the research is quite successful. However, because they are rising stars, they can’t put a lot of ware into the army, so they are not equipped with too many ware in Zhao’s army.
However, at the moment, the soldiers in the Shenji camp not only have a ware in their hands, but more importantly, they also have another exquisite thing pinned to their waist.
From a distance, that thing is bottles and cans, and there is nothing strange about them. However, if you take out the fire folds and light their dishcloths and throw them on the ground, it will definitely cause a fire.
Each soldier in the camp was equipped with two such cans, and the soldiers in the camp directly bombed the gate of the Zhao army camp with these two inconspicuous cans.
Looking at the soldiers of Shenji Camp rushing in from the outside like the tide, holding the ware in their hands is a burst of random shooting, while the soldiers of Zhao are on guard against seeing Gao Qian’s whole mind hot here. He already has a feeling that he won’t lead troops to fight because of his roots.
However, Qin Jun’s bullet won’t tell him so much. One shot into Gao Qian’s chest and Gao Qian fell to the ground.
A war between Qin and Zhao was still very tragic. Perhaps Cao Xing also wanted to thank a Yuan Shao for sending his nephew Gao Qian. Gao Qian didn’t know where the military was. Cao Xingli raided or occupied the Zhao barracks.
Because of the small disparity in strength between the two countries, most of the soldiers of Zhao escaped from the military camp instead of being killed, but Cao Cao felt that it was enough now that he had occupied the military camp of Zhao.
While the frontal battlefield and the first camp have been fighting for a whole night, there are heavy casualties on both sides, but on the whole, there is still no victory or defeat. Seibel and Juyi both seem to be hard-tempered, and since they all said they would compete, let’s fight as hard as we can. Both of them are determined not to retreat.
Cao Cao didn’t think much about this situation, but he directly ordered Chen Hujie’s remaining troops to invest in the battlefield at all costs, and he Cao Cao also took some soldiers from the magic camp to sneak attack Juyi from the rear, so he was attacked on three sides and played for a whole night.
When Seibel stepped on several soldiers’ bodies and pulled himself out of Juyi’s body, the battle finally came to a successful end.
Cao Xing personally went to the battlefield and patted Seibel on the shoulder. From today’s world, Seibel’s trap camp will go down in history from this moment.
Later, Cao had people clean up the battlefield, but because he and Juyi had a heavy head-on collision, it took three whole days to clean up the battlefield and rested for a few days. When Cao was ready to move forward again, suddenly the Chewuren came to report that Wei Jun troops appeared in front.
Cao Xing couldn’t help narrowing his eyes when he heard this. He immediately spread a map and took a closer look at where they are now. A little further, Wei Jun is Yuan Shao’s hometown, and its main place is Yecheng.
But Cao Cao is closer to Yecheng, but now Cao Cao is traveling around Yecheng directly with his troops lightly. Obviously, he has taken precautions against Cao Cao, and it is also a smile to see Cao Cao here.
With Guo Jia around Cao Cao, Cao Cao couldn’t get any cheaper there. Cao Cao asked Cao Cao to send a general who was a Xu person, and the Royal Guards truthfully answered Coss.
Cao Ren is a defensive general whose name has been heard by most people here. Obviously, Cao Cao’s intention is to guard against Cao Xing.
If Cao Cao is angry, he can attack Coss’ troops with his troops now. It is estimated that Coss will not have too many defensive forces if he travels lightly. However, Jia Xu advised Cao Cao not to be so impulsive. It is a policy to send troops to fight Coss now because they have lost the opportunity. It is better to look elsewhere.