Swordsmanship display immediately Lei Yin exploding chop Zongjian with a bright light speed waving or stabbing or cutting or splitting or Liao or sweeping or spinning …
Sword Lei Yin explodes brightly.
It’s extremely martial art-he’s a thunder sword!
When Yun Fan closed this small island, he had already cultivated Dacheng’s swordsmanship.
Yun Fan’s swordsmanship suddenly changed from fierce to light, revealing the extreme sharp breath.
Every move of swordsmanship is like a vivid violet sword, and its potential is sharper than that of Qi, and it is cut into cracks and empty lines.
Extremely martial arts-violet sword tactic!
Violet sword tactic is put to good use, and the zongjian flies out of Yun Fan’s hand.
Whoa, whoa, whoa …
Suddenly, Yun Fan Zhenyuan Royal Sword shuttled back and forth in the light of the sword, casting out the sword of picking up the sword.
Sword light is criss-crossing, dragging more than ten feet of bright tail light, and time-sharing turns into thousands of sword lights, which are so dense and scattered.
Yun Fan, who is in the state of transformation, can display his sword as he pleases.
And Yun Fan’s present strength is the true yuan, which is more vigorous than the true Dan at its peak. I don’t know how many times the true yuan imperial sword is faster and more powerful than the true qi imperial sword.
Yun Fan, while using the real Yuan Imperial Sword, flapped his hands and displayed the great handprint of Xuan Yue.
Xuan Yue’s big handprint is a kind of strength, and its martial arts power is high and low, and its heel is strong. It is much stronger to display Xuan Yue’s big handprint now than at the peak of Zhendan.
Huge handprints blasted off hundreds of meters, and every palm landed and the whole island was shocked.
After Yun Fan put Xuan Yue’s handprint to good use, he would have finished the drill and put away his sword.
Yun Fan put away the palm potential, pressed his hands to open his mouth, spat out an air arrow and shot out of dozens of feet like a real arrow.
Master, he can kill in one breath.
I’ve been practicing Wushu for several times in a row, but I can vent my energy. Finally, I feel great at ease with the vent.
After a while, Yun Fan was completely calm.
As soon as he lifted his hand, he took out a ring, which was the "Sha Dian Wen" ring of the young master of Shajiabao.
After Yun Fan got this ring, he came to this small island to attack the spiritual sea before he came to find out.
Sha Dian Feng is a great talent in the mysterious realm. Yun Fan believes that the collection in his ring should be worth a lot.
Yun Fan came to a big stone and sat in the ring. In a blink of an eye, he erased the brand of the real yuan left by Sha Dianfeng.
Then Yun Fan left his true brand spirit to explore.
This is a middle ring with a post in it and a lot of things in it.
There is the secret of martial arts-silver light and blue sky knife method!
There are a lot of silver tickets, and there are millions of them.
There is a jar of familiar medicine bottles containing ten condensed pills, which are made in Yun Fan, to trade the sand palace, and the sea spirit flower is now returned to Yun Fan.
There are also some miscellaneous metallic materials.
Yun Fan’s eyes fell on a sundries, which is a square token with the word "Zong" on one side and the word "Shi" on the other.
Yun Fan look move "zong, shi zong tower token?"
Master Pagoda is a pagoda in Tianzong City, Yinwan Island.
Yun Fan Wanghaicheng bought the introduction book of the South Sea, among which the Yinwan Island Master Tower was introduced.
This pagoda has been built for thousands of years, and it was built 6,000 years ago by a Yinwan Island who stepped out of the powerful’ Tuotian’.
After practicing as a master in Yinwan Island, Tuotian left Yinwan Island and traveled all over the dry yuan continent, and also traveled all over the southern sea area. The strength was getting stronger and stronger, and it was a generation of amazing people six thousand years ago.
The geniuses of the same generation as Tuotian were all dimmed by Tuotian, and later he became a dry yuan continent, a strong one in the southern sea, and finally it was broken and disappeared into the world.
Hundreds of years later, Tuotian reappeared, and the dry yuan continent returned to Yinwan Island in the southern waters, where he once grew up and built a master tower.
This is a peerless pagoda for the spiritual sea masters, and the expansion of Tianmu is to benefit the later masters of Yinwan Island.