JiLin heard this red-eyed step will be rushed to the house.

Qin Yu grabbed JiLin arm tree-lined blunt he shook his head.
Yuan Ke ran into the room and came to Aaron’s side. He immediately waved his hand and shouted, "Give him a quick break."
Four police officers pressed Aaron’s head and forcibly broke off his bloody mouth.
Yuan Ke stared at his eyes and was nervous. He was not afraid that Aaron would bite his finger and put his hand directly into his mouth. He took out a false tooth for a long time.
Aaron vomited a lot of blood as soon as he retched.
Yuan Ke looked down at his dentures, his eyes glazed over and he retreated two steps.
In the false teeth, there is thin black plastic stuck at the corner of the heart, which looks disgusting in Yuan Ke’s hand.
"What?" Director Li rushed in to drink and asked
"Denture He … He knocked it off" Yuan Ke stammered back.
Director Li was stuck when he heard this.
Iron chair Aaron suddenly dumped his head and got rid of the four police officers’ palms and faces, still with a nervous smile. "I’ve been thinking about how to die since I was in this business. There is a small pill in my dentures that is poison and I bit it …"
"Damn it!" Yuan Ke suddenly kicked Aaron’s chest and shouted, "Take him to the hospital with a quick chair."
Aaron walked over and looked at Yuan Ke. "You’re still good. We mud legs can’t fight with you … but Yuan Ke, I want to talk to you. Some people do nothing … I don’t fucking believe in medicine. God just watched it master your hands. Fuck your mother and curse you guys for dying!"
They listened to this silence.
Aaron twisted his neck and looked at the door in a hoarse voice and shouted, "… don’t be afraid of my buddies in his interrogation room … bite to death and tell you nothing …"
When Ji Lin heard this, he clenched his fist and went out because he knew it was Aaron who said to himself.
Qin Yu took JiLin arm bowed their heads and whispered "words understand? He just doesn’t want you to be a jerk now … Don’t move. "
Iron chair Aaron leaned forward and suddenly spit out one mouthful blood, and the whole body twitched violently.
As soon as Yuan Ke saw him, he gave up the idea of continuing to send him to the hospital. He suddenly bent down to lie in Aaron’s ear with his dentures and said, "You’re very secretive? You, you’re dead and you’re gone? "
Aaron turned his head callously.
"Ha ha, you had contact with our superintendent, and he was at the door, right?" Yuan Kexiao asked
Aaron heard that he vomited blood again, and his eyes were unwilling to look at Yuan Ke and roared, "Fuck … Fuck you!"
Chapter 32 Kneeling for a living
Less than two minutes after the poison entered his stomach, Aaron became incontinent and died on the iron chair.
Li, director of the interrogation room, looked extremely gloomy at the center of the interrogation room. "People are fucking in the interrogation room. You can still let him ascend to heaven. It’s really qualified for you to be a captain. The police station people come and get people. You can explain it to them."
"I … I …" Yuan Ke was scolded for being speechless.
"A group of gluttons" Director Li left the interrogation room with a step.
At the door, Qi Lin stayed in wait for a while and looked at the dead iron chair eldest brother. His legs were weak and his brain was chaotic
Yuan Ke looked back at the door with false teeth and finally stopped at Qi Lin’s body.
in half an hour
Aaron’s body was carried away with a white cloth, while Yuan Ke walked into another interrogation room to repel the irrelevant people and chatted with a brother named Shrimp Climber alone.
"Are you the one who said Aaron was going to meet our superintendent before leaving?" Yuan Ke took out a cigarette from the drawer and threw it conveniently.
"Is" troubled stablehand who nodded should way.
"Shrimp climbs that dare to sound the thunder and die with us. How can there be such a coward brother around him?" Yuan Ke words straightforward asked
"Shrimp Crawler told me that he would make me a lot of money before I worked for him … but he died before the money was earned … then … then I don’t want to die." The messenger replied in reality.
"Just with him?"
"Tell me how Aaron met the man before he left," Yuan Ke asked lightly.
"He said he wanted to meet a friend before he left." The messenger bowed his head and replied, "But the old horse and shrimp climber think it’s too windy outside. If he goes out to touch the police himself, it may be broken … You also know that the drug channel holds Aaron’s own hand. To put it bluntly, we all point to him for dinner and we have to protect him. Every time he goes out, we follow him, but he usually asks us to park our car far away and walk by ourselves for a while .. And I once went back to the food store to buy water and just walked in the same direction with him. I saw it.
Yuan Kewen took out a photo and threw it to Ma Zi and asked, "Is this the man who met Aaron?"
"Yes, I have seen him twice."
"Did you accidentally touch that time without telling me?" Yuan Ke frowns
"There were many people in that restaurant on the day of this person’s wedding. We didn’t know who Aaron was looking for, but Aaron went to the courtyard late. I saw this talent. White Aaron was looking for marriage. This place was twice." The messenger explained in detail.
Yuan Ke licked his lips. "Do you know what they are?"
"No Aaron didn’t say we didn’t ask." The messenger shook his head.
Twenty minutes later, Yuan Ke left the interrogation room and immediately ordered Angsu to "let the police and judicial doctors go to Taiping to extract Aaron’s DNA for comparison."
"Compared with who?"
"What do you say?" Yuan Ke asked.
Ansu paused. "Captain, do you suspect that Aaron has relatives with him?"
"Ma Zi bluntly explained that he didn’t dare to shoot that day," Yuan Ke replied in a light tone. "If there are no absolute reasons for being a man with his tail between his legs, how can he talk to someone like Aaron?"
Ang Su just said "I’m white".
Logistics warehouse
JiLin eyes stay leng sit chair mind also don’t know what to think about.
"Brother, everyone walks by their own choice, and they have to bear the consequences." Qin Yu bowed his head at the table and persuaded him, "I know you feel bad, but look at me again … at least you have a sad reason when you meet something, but I don’t even know how your relatives are. You have lost your brother and your mother, sister and daughter-in-law … but what do I have? I have nothing. "
JiLin remained silent without saying anything.
"Qi Lin, let the sadness pass as soon as possible. You still have his relatives to take care of." Qin Yu turned around and persuaded, "This place is crowded with people and eyes. Don’t let people see the tricks."