Yimo didn’t say anything, but when their car was on the road, a black car came head-on

"I didn’t expect that I was so careful that I was still being followed." Yan Ningxuan looked at the car and pressed the horn twice, then suddenly started to speed up.
"Hey, what are you doing?" Yimo was scared, but it was just a car that was being followed from where.
The car may not have thought that Yan Ningxuan would be so impulsive, and they didn’t want to dodge it. Yan Ningxuan’s car made an ugly noise against their body and then galloped away.
When their car turned around and chased it to the fork in the road ahead, they didn’t know which way to go because there was no target.
It failed, and they lost the car.
Lin Hao received the message soon. No, the clue here is broken. There are still many clues for them to refer to.
This Qin Ming identity has been implemented. I didn’t expect that they had been lurking under their eyelids for so long, but no one was satisfied.
Even Bai yinting didn’t expect that this person should be in his own company and have been employed for two months. Although it is not an important position, his daily performance is very general, but it is indeed a terrible thing.
He didn’t come to the company class today, and all the information left by the company turned out to be false, and he can’t find anyone else for the time being.
But after all, with the direction to find him or Yan Ning Xuan and Yimo alone, everything should be understood.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Escape from his control
Bai Yinting’s office is a day. If Xia Zhu had known this before she left, maybe she wouldn’t have left.
Of course, if time could be turned back, he would rather go back to knowing Yimo and never start, even if those days were still lonely.
Lin Hao knocked at the door and came in. "Boss, I’m afraid something happened."
"What?" Bai yinting turned to look at full head big sweat Lin Hao.
"I’m afraid it will have a certain impact on the exposure of Yimo and me." Lin Hao looked apologetically at Bai Yinting.
Bai yinting Lin Hao mobile phone took it and his face changed soon.
These people really talked about a bunch of mosaic photos. What do you want to say?
Damn it, it even pulled the company’s reputation. What’s the difference?
At this time, Chufei also strode in and brought some data at the same time. "The stock of the boss company has fallen sharply."
"The news is really fast" Bai Yinting frowned. "It seems that we have run out of time and must solve all problems as soon as possible."
"Boss, this is all my fault, and I am willing to bear all the consequences." Lin Hao was very guilty
"Now is not the time to investigate the responsibility. Qin Ming will give it to you for three days. Be sure to let me see others in front of me." Bai Yinting said to Lin Hao.
"Yes" Lin Hao is also holding his breath.
"ChuFei outside smell, please do some more efforts to try to save reputation" Bai Yinting said and looked out of the window.
And he is doing something big when the company seems to have problems, so that everyone can know that their Shengrui Group can’t be moved by everyone.
There is a price to pay for starting a new life.
Bai Hong soon saw the report, which was shocking to him. Who was the baby in Yimo’s belly was really unclear at the moment.
Former Qu Tianhao was highly regarded and reviled because of the messy men and women. I didn’t expect Bai Yinting to turn so quickly.
Bai yinting listened to the words, and the master lost his temper with him and simply put his mobile phone aside. He scolded him, he was busy with him.
It was not until the master was tired that he asked him what to do when he took it. Bai Yinting replied faintly, "Give me a week and I will solve things perfectly."
"It better be" Bai Hong doesn’t seem to have any confidence in this.
"When I finish things here, I will take Xia Zhu back." Bai Yinting felt it necessary to say hello to Bai Hong.
Bai Hong remained silent. He felt a little guilty. His attitude towards Xia Zhu seemed too hasty. He should not persuade her to divorce.
But who would know that such a big change has taken place here just a few days after the divorce? He still didn’t see the wrong Yimo that year. It’s so unreliable.
"Yin Ting, I advise you not to be too hasty. You can’t run, but you can’t catch up." Bai Hong hopes that he can take every step in a down-to-earth manner.
"Whether she is me or not, I will get her back. I won’t lose her again this time," said Bai Yinting firmly.
He really meant it. After so many things, Bai Yinting was the one who loved Xia Zhu the most.
Future generations will never have a chance to influence their feelings again. Even if the process is difficult, he will try his best to get Xia Zhu back. He still owes her a grand wedding.
After hanging up, Bai Yinting sighed and continued to work this week will be the most difficult dilemma in his life.
In the Yimo hotel room, she doesn’t know exactly where it is. It can be seen that it is a very ordinary small county, even the best hotel is very ordinary.
She doesn’t want to hide all the time, but the strategist seems to have detained her and forbade her to go anywhere.
Even three meals a day are reserved for her before the strategist, and then delivered by the takeaway.
It’s been five days in a row. Besides delivering food on time every day, the delivery clerk is the housekeeping clerk. Besides, Yimo hasn’t seen anyone, which makes her almost collapse.