Angela’s small body flew into the pool in alarm.

She shouted, "Zhao Xueping is a violent woman again. I want to sue you."
Of course, it was officer Zhao Xueping who did such a bad thing. Today, she was wearing a small vest and shorts, and her feet were cut off with simple sandals. She looked quite right. Zhao Xueping clicked her fist bones. "Angela, are you arrested for wanting to have sex with a minor again?"
Angela said angrily, "We are chatting." When the fox is chatting with the chicken, his saliva will drop. Angela, your mouth is running. "
Angry, Angela splashed Zhao Xueping with water, but Zhao Xueping evaded it lightly and pulled Huo Junzhong away from the swimming pool.
Huo Junzhong said, "Officer Zhao jǐng, I am not a chicken."
"How do you blame me for disturbing you and the blonde?"
Huo Junzhong Nai said, "I didn’t have it with her."
Zhao Xueping said, "There won’t be a beautiful and clean boy like you who will come to Angela soon, and you don’t have the ability to resist her seduction. She used to be a junior high school teacher in Europe, but she slept with half the boys in her class in her first year of teaching. If her father wasn’t an influential Swiss banker, she would have been sent to prison."
Huo Junzhong said, "Officer Zhao jǐng, I won’t be seduced casually. Don’t underestimate me."
Zhao Xueping gave him a white look. "What about the refined gas man? Xing is like this. Zhu Youneng is also a refined gas man. He is not a J and ng worm brain big Se wolf. How good can you be when you mix with him? You must have learned what double major and what kind of flow spells."
Huo Junzhong has the strength to say, "Zhu Daoyou is an exception to the gas refiner."
If you take the image of Zhu You as a gas refiner, then the gas refiner can’t get rid of the image of Se crazy.
Zhao Xueping irate tunnel "I saw Zhu Se Wolf that bastard didn’t know who I met and how to solve the bomb in my body."
Huo Junzhong was surprised and asked, "Officer Zhao jǐng, did Zhu Daoyou have no solution to the bomb in your body?"
Zhao Xueping nodded, "No, the king’s egg is a big Se wolf, but he won’t lie to me."
Huo Junzhong asked again, "Does Zhu Daoyou have any solution?"
"If he can’t solve the problem, he still has to ring the bell. If the bomber kills me, the bomb will disappear."
Huo Junzhong said, "It’s not easy. She’s a senior magician who has been crowned as a bomb. She rebelled against the Magic Association for many years, and the Magic Association couldn’t catch her. Now there are more mysterious aliens around her. I don’t know how powerful that person is. It’s too difficult to kill her."
Zhao Xueping gnashed her teeth and said, "I will kill them. They will humiliate me with blood." After scolding, Zhao Xue Ping thought of one thing. "Wait, do you know the female identity?"
Huo Junzhong said, "I have some interest in magic in the United States." If he doesn’t have anything to do with Wei Er, Zhao Xueping will definitely torture Wei Er to force information. This woman will think of simple, rude and violent sections when solving things.
Zhao Xueping believed his explanation to Huo Junzhong, "You will investigate the case with me one day."
Huo Junzhong was reluctant to say, "Officer Zhao jǐng, I’m not jǐng investigating the case to catch criminals. It’s your workers who always catch people like me. You don’t get paid for your work, but won’t you blush?"
Zhao Xueping turned a deaf ear to his complaints. "You can probably imagine how thick-skinned I am. I have already asked for leave for you. Rest assured, I will apply to the bureau for a bonus to give you a salary. It is * *"
Huo Junzhong said, "It’s not a question of salary, and I haven’t agreed to your request by Zhao jǐng."
Zhao Xueping gave him a white look. "You will agree, won’t you?"
Huo Junfa answered whether he agreed or not, but he didn’t know what he always thought would have bad results. It was like seeing the tragic future with the naked eye.
Moments later, Huo Junzhong nodded dejectedly. "I promise you, but officer Zhao jǐng, you have to do me one thing this time."
"Zhu Youneng" Zhao Xueping knows exactly what he is. "Although I don’t understand why he will recognize me for this, I will do it if I can. The stronger you are, the more convenient it will be for me. By the way, I will give you something for you to take. Haven’t you taken it yet?"
Huo Junzhong shook his head and said, "Not yet. I’ve been very busy recently. Officer Zhao jǐng, what is that?" Zhao Xueping said, "It’s nothing to me, but it may be very valuable to you. When Zhu Youneng acted with me a few years ago, he really wanted it. It should be very valuable to you gas refiners."
Huo Junzhong asked curiously, "Then why don’t you give it to Zhu Daoyou?"
Zhao Xueping didn’t good the spirit way "to want to give him the result that bastard actually took advantage of me to sleep and wanted to take the opportunity that I didn’t give him anything." Huo Junzhong coughed, which should be something that Zhu You could do.
But listening to Zhao Xueping’s tone, Zhu Youneng actually lost it, which is amazing. Zhu Youneng’s ability to look at her eyes can affect the secretion of female body, so that women can throw themselves at themselves automatically if they take powerful hūn drugs. If he is allowed to grope for female body, then he can make the most pure and clean female become the most dissolute and good female.
It’s hard to believe that Zhu Youneng didn’t get to her while she was sleeping, and listening to Zhao Xueping’s tone made Zhu Youneng suffer, which is really fantastic enough.
"By the way, officer Zhao jǐng, what case do you want me to help you with?"
Zhao Xueping looked unhappy and replied, "Bats suck blood. Bats are really * * * I hate bats."
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The fourth volume The fourth chapter vampire bats lead to murder ()
Huo Junzhong left after eating the raw Ri cake. Dr. Li did not stay. After all, in Dr. Li’s opinion, she is still a minor and it is not suitable to stay up too late.
The next day, Huo Junzhong went as usual. The school was in the club activity room. He wanted to check the information about vampire bats.
Yu Xi Qing Zhi said, "We are also searching for information on this matter to see if it is a vampire, but don’t worry about this thing. There are so many messages, and it is difficult to sort out the true and false."
Huo Junzhong asked, "What did you find?" If the door of the club activity room smells fragrant, it will be full of the whole club activity room. Two charming flower monsters wearing professional suits bring in filled tea and coffee.
Huo Junzhong puzzled and asked, "What are you …"
Lian Jing looked up and said, "Don’t you know?"
Huo Junzhong wondered, "I don’t know what?"
Rick said happily, "We have three community tutors."
Huo Junzhong felt that his teeth were a little sore. These two flower demons can follow him more. Not only did they come to school as teachers, but they also got the identity of community instructors. "Who else besides the two flower teachers?"
"It’s me" in the short answer, Wei Er, the secret brother of Huo Junzhong, came in like a pupil who made a mistake.
"Aha," Huo Junzhong said with a wry smile, "Will the school allow such waves with five students and three community tutors?"
The flower demon sisters laughed and said, "The headmaster is very communicative."
There is no need to correct what has happened to Huo Junzhong. Look at Chen Haobo’s stupid eyes and you will know that if Huo Junzhong can’t stay in the club as a teacher, Chen Haobo will come and kill Huo Junzhong.