However, the analysis and analysis of the situation have to wait until the rest is left to face this one, and the two of them can solve the mystery. As soon as they discuss it, they pack up and get ready to leave early the next morning.

It’s also suggested to go to the mountain where he was caught by Li Gang on the way back. Anyway, all the skills left were forced in by that strange man. Jiang Haimei also agreed to this point.
After a fierce battle, the two men finally stopped breathing and hugged lazily. They didn’t want to talk after being tired, but quietly relaxed themselves to enjoy the calm after the storm. The desire subsided quickly after burning wildly, and now the air is fresh and quiet again.
Birds singing came back to the ears of two people, and the crisp sound seemed like ice beads rolling a jade plate, which made people wake up for a long time. Jiang Haimei slowly sat up straight and looked at it. She was still lying on her back in the stone and remembered that she had just shown a blush on her face.
Left to see her get up and twist her neck hey hey giggle Jiang Haimei grumpily white him at a glance to slip into the water to clean himself.
I got up with a skid and saw the lithe and graceful body in the water. Although the desire won’t burn again for the time being, I still want to kiss Xiangze again, but I still urged him to plunge into it.
The remaining water is not very good, and this fierce one is clumsy, and a huge splash is rising, which has soaked more than half of the big stones where they lived just now.
Jiang Haimei giggled on the other side of the pond, but she was suddenly sneaked over, leaving a fierce rush from the water and firmly held it in her arms.
Jiang Haimei didn’t struggle, but stared at this calm reaction with his left eyes. He was still enthusiastic and left a little embarrassed. He scratched his head and short hair with one hand and kept laughing.
All right, stop it. You didn’t eat today. Instead, Jiang Haimei felt embarrassed to say it here, so she gave a big white eye to the rest again before continuing. Let’s go back and don’t let your mother wait at home.
When she said this, she realized that her stomach was already hungry, and she was stuck in the back of her heart. She just picked those wild animals and didn’t care to eat them when he was angry. Now she sings so badly in her stomach. She touched them with a wry smile and soaked them in cold water, and suddenly she whistled, and she swam quickly to the shore, yelling that her stomach was hungry. Go, go, go, I’ll take you back to taste the real delicacies.
These two people are both open-minded and open-minded. Although it happened not long ago, it is more important in life, but since it is your love and my wish, we should not discuss it in depth now, so we should grasp the present happiness and go hand in hand.
Jiang Haimei followed with a giggle. Although the water is poor, it is better than the poor. Then Jiang Haimei followed. After they picked up the messy clothes and got dressed, they hurried back along the road to the mountain village.
When I got home so late, I couldn’t help being scolded by the old man. Because Jiang Haimei was left with a teacher, the old man finally mumbled a few words. Even if they smiled at each other and spat out their tongues secretly, they went straight to the left mother to prepare meals, but they had already lost their appetite. The two of them ate so hard that their stomachs were full that they stopped using chopsticks.
After dinner, two people who just fell in love don’t want to go shopping any more, so they just hide in Jiang Hai’s mansion and make out with each other.
I don’t doubt him if I have my mother left, but she has a teacher left to do it, so after picking up something, I will go home and look for my neighbors to visit my family.
Now it’s inseparable. Two people are hiding in the house, and they don’t say anything, especially the strangeness. They have gained that strange power and a lot of wealth. He can’t hide this strange experience, so Jiang Haimei recounted it in detail.
One Jiang Haimei was joking, but it was only after the performance of hand-crushing that she was dumbfounded to find that she had actually followed a Hercules.
She gently stroked the broken stone left, and the hand couldn’t believe that this was a teenager with an unusual appearance of twenty.
However, after listening to the rest, Jiang Haimei’s eyebrows dropped deeply when she said that she entrusted all those gold bars to the king’s name for exchange. For the underworld middleman, she didn’t know it, but it was inevitable that it would harm people’s hearts. She just entrusted a large amount of wealth to someone who had just met and didn’t know how to exchange cash. Jiang Haimei was deeply worried about this childish way of life. She said her thoughts frankly and felt a little blushing when she left them, but those gold bars were Li Gang’s windfall. In his mind, even if the king didn’t speak morally and fled with money, he wouldn’
Jiang Haimei is very appreciative of the fact that this kind of money is an open-minded character. She cheerfully touched her hand and said that money is a poor kind of money, but don’t trust others so easily. Although the money is a windfall, there is little hope if you give it to someone like this and don’t donate a few.
After listening to nodding, Jiang Haimei’s words made him feel ten points. After a while, they discussed it and felt that there was nothing to visit here. Besides, they also visited their mother. Although they didn’t stay long, they still had a glimmer of hope for the king’s name. They decided that Jiang Haimei would return to Xining the next day to see the situation. Besides, the letter with poison has also been sent to this place. Is it Ma Lu’s intention to harm him or is she kept in the hub? Others are eager to get an answer when they are left.
According to Jiang Haimei’s analysis of Wang Ming’s situation, it’s nothing. Instead, I can immediately know that it’s Ma Lu’s saying that it’s the key left. That situation can be left. It’s the second time that I bumped into her in the office. She didn’t want this embarrassing thing to go. In addition, Ma Lu left a recent resentment against the past to harm a working poor life. It’s absolutely impossible. In another case, Ma Lu was also victimized and benefited by others
However, the analysis and analysis of the situation have to wait until the rest is left to face this one, and the two of them can solve the mystery. As soon as they discuss it, they pack up and get ready to leave early the next morning.
It’s also suggested to go to the mountain where he was caught by Li Gang on the way back. Anyway, all the skills left were forced in by that strange man. Jiang Haimei also agreed to this point.
Chapter 20 First involvement
Just as the two of them packed their bags and prepared to send them the next day, they left their mother and suddenly came home. She mysteriously left her way. I just went to the village of after li and begged him to give you a divination. Old Li said that your life has changed a lot recently. He asked me to take you to meet him and let him find out what the reason is by looking at your body.
He didn’t believe in these fortune-telling divination things except Qian Gen, but it was only after he strangely gained that strange power that he felt that the world was really big. Now that his mother wanted to let himself go, his curiosity about divination was hung up, so he nodded happily and agreed to come.
Jiang Haimei is also very interested in fortune-telling and divination. She doesn’t ask if it’s appropriate to follow her, so she follows her mother to the back of the village.
This Li Lao suddenly moved to this small village a few years ago and settled here. His relatives died, and after building that house, he rarely appeared outside to buy daily life, so the villagers could only see him occasionally.
For this uninvited village head, all the villagers took an observation attitude at first, but several times when they chatted, Li Lao suddenly made a surprise speech. After successfully measuring the weather changes, everyone couldn’t help but sit up and take notice of him. The village head even took Li Lao as a living fairy after Li Lao measured that his daughter-in-law would have a dystocia and gave him several runes to keep him safe and hold his grandson smoothly.
In fact, the villagers don’t know that this Li Lao is famous in China, but he can spend his old age in his hometown. However, he was completely disheartened because the border departments slandered each other, so that others wouldn’t find him, and Li Lao simply chose this beautiful place to live in seclusion.
However, on weekdays, he still can’t bear loneliness, so he shows such a small hand, but he can’t expect to make all the villagers admire themselves. Fortunately, these villagers have no other requirements to ask, but the other promotion and wealth are not popular.
For the only big student left in this village, not only the villagers are caring for him like babies, but even Li Lao has a high opinion of him in his heart. You know, in such a remote place, the level of teachers and the quality of teaching are beyond praise. It is simply impossible to be admitted to the university in such a situation without being diligent and energetic.
Left a line of three people soon arrived at Li Lao’s residence. In the dim light, I could vaguely see that the layout of the house was still very elegant. A large number of household environments in this unique mountain village were scattered in every corner of the house, together with the height and height of some antique collections, which indicated that the old man was out of place here.
As soon as I entered the room, I respectfully called Li Laoyi and Jiang Haimei followed him with a smile.
Li Lao cheerfully took a look at the left. He still appreciated the boy who was improving in manners. Suddenly, his eyes fixed when he swept Jiang Haimei. Then Li Lao got up unconsciously and stared at the beautiful woman in surprise.
Jiang Haimei was extremely impressed by him, otherwise she twisted her fingers and bit her lips, and she felt an impulse to turn around. However, due to his mother’s face and Li’s old age, she could be her grandfather, so it was not good to rashly face her face, so she suppressed her chagrin and endured it.
May be aware of Jiang Haimei look wrong, Li Lao suddenly woke up, staring at a young girl like this, but some old people don’t respect him. Hehe smiled and turned their eyes to the rest of the body, and then smiled cynically. When I was old, I felt that I was going to be buried. I couldn’t help but want to be an apprentice when I saw good materials and beautiful jade.
What Jiang Haimei meant by listening to Li’s old saying was that she wanted to put her brother and praised herself as a good material and beautiful jade from his words. She couldn’t help but stare blankly at the mysterious old man strangely.