"If you lead the way well, you can spare your life. If you dare to play tricks, I will kill you directly!" A cold drink Feng Li suddenly felt a quiver darling in front to lead the way.

"Dare not dare"
Feng Li regretted it in his heart, but he didn’t dare to resist. He first handed over all his bags and magic weapons and then took Xia Qi to his shop.
Feng Li store is not very big, but it is full of beautiful things, some low-order magic weapons and Dan medicine, and so on, which add up to great value.
Speaking of this shop, Feng Li and five monks killed by Xia Qi ganged up some things to get up such a shop.
I thought that there was such a shop in Feng Li, but there were more than a dozen hands. Now there are also five hands left after the pillaging and accidental death. Now it is even more taken by Xia Qi, and it will be returned to Xia Qi along with the old people.
Now life is in the hands of Xia Qi. Feng Li dare not hide anything. Everything that has been profitable and pillaged in this shop for decades has been handed over to Xia Qi.
"It seems that you have not done less things on weekdays!"
Put things away Xia Qi is secretly horrified in my heart, not to mention the other is Lingshi, which is also more than five million! How many monks should Li Feng and his gang have killed?
"It’s really lucky to be able to hold Feng Li today."
Xia Qi has some thanks to Dan Lin in his heart at the moment. If it weren’t for Dan Lin’s appearance, Xia Qi could deter Feng Li with Dan Lin’s help. I’m afraid even though it is a five-story Feng Li in the base period, it will cause Xia Qi big trouble!
Such pillaging monks are cruel one by one, and their strength is often stronger than that of killing them. Just like this Feng Li has five floors in the base period, but Danlin’s six-storey monk in the base period is no match!
Xia Qi although fierce, but can so easily take Feng Li by identity and just treat Dan Lin fierce will Feng Li subdue.
More than five million Lingshi Department collects some valuable cloth, and Xia Qi also collects all the things put in the shop. I plan to replace them with Lingshi to arm myself.
Add up the rich unexpected wealth this time, Xia Qizu has tens of millions of lingshi, so the strength of Xia Qi needs a step!
Although there is still little hope of fighting against the monks in the then period, going is also a strength
"Go and replace these things with lingshi."
Xia Qi didn’t kill Feng Li. He has made a big difference. At the moment, he blocked Li Fengxiu and let Feng Li follow him like a person.
"Uncle Lin Xia Qi is here. You must let me be the master!"
Xia Qizheng is going to take Feng Li to change everything into Lingshi. I never thought that Dan Linyin was full of hatred outside the shop at this moment.
Then it was Dan Lin who damaged the shop door and entered the shop.
Leading one person with a beard looks very fierce. It’s Lin! Behind him are Dan Ling and Dan Lin, a monk with a gray robe and an elixir period.
"Xia Qi! It’s a terrible crime to kill my fellow students! Now that Uncle Lin is here, I think you are arrogant! " Dan Lin’s eyes are full of profound hatred, which makes him lose face in front of everyone, doesn’t it make him feel bad?
"Seen ShiShu" was calm. Xia Qigen didn’t have Guan Danlin’s light on Lindau.
"Xia Qi killed the same door and didn’t plead guilty quickly?" Dan Lin’s face is usually full of pride, and Dan Ling is standing behind Lin at the moment with a face of schadenfreude, but it is a serious roar and a dignified ratio!
"get out! But I, the Godsworn of the Foundation Period, am qualified to take care of my affairs from the same generation? " Danling’s gloating expression was completely solidified by Xia Qi’s drink before it lasted long!
There is no mercy for Danling Xiaqi. Anyway, this experience is either your death or mine. Godsworn can be brothers and sisters of the same generation, so it is not qualified to take care of Xiaqi.
"Don’t dare to talk about it when you are dying!" Face changes Danling finally didn’t bother to look at Xia Qi with a wave of his sleeve.
Standing next to Danling, the monk in the gray robe and then period also had a cold flash in his eyes.
He is the patriarch of Danfeng, who gave a miracle. This time, he was ordered by Danfeng to slay Xia Qi to protect Danling. Danling is also the youngest master of six alchemists in the sect. He also wants to please Danling. Now he sees Danling humiliated one after another. Naturally, his heart is full of murder.
"How do you explain Xia Qi?"
Lin finally spoke to him about Xia Qi. Although he felt sorry for offending the patriarch in his heart, he would not live long, but he still had some appreciation for Xia Qi in his heart and had no plans to turn a blind eye to Xia Qi.
But today, Lin is doing nothing.
Can you kill your cousin or be in front of many monks?
"This person named Li Feng wanted to take my life and the stone because of his wealth, and I finally fell to Dan Lin and said that the same door was mutually destructive. I want to ask Dan Lin today!" Xia qi nodded to Lin and then slowly mouth.
"Dan Lin!"
Xia Qi looked at Dan Lin with a turn and a folded drink, and looked at Xia Qiru to explain that Dan Lin’s face changed at the moment, but he was stunned by Xia Qi’s momentum and stepped back!
"Dan Lin, since you are my stuff, I ask you to see me pursue my life. Feng Li is trying to shelter Feng Li for me without stopping? How dare you accuse me of such an act? I think you have bad intentions. I’m afraid you are Feng Li’s partner trying to kill me! "
Xia Qi, the imposing manner, pressed Dan Lin step by step, blanched and retreated again and again, and was scared by Xia Qi to face blood and dare not confront!
The situation reversed in an instant!
Aggressive, but for a moment, I turned pale and my eyes were frightened!
"You … you’re a dirty lie!"
After being cornered, Dan Lin finally came to his senses. His body trembled and he shouted!
Next to Danling and the monk in the gray robe, the face was dull. I didn’t expect the situation to change so quickly, and I didn’t expect Danlin to be so unbearable! At the front, Lin’s eyes flashed a little appreciation for Xia Qi.
I’m not afraid to reverse the situation in a crisis, but only a few words. This is a great talent!
"Is this true in Feng Li?"
In fact, Lin’s heart is already white. This Dan Linxian is stupid and has suffered an accident, but at the moment, he can also blame Dan Linxian for being too unbearable to Feng Li and asked.
How dare Li Fengru lie in the face of a monk at the peak of the golden elixir period? Whitened is to explain things out in wronged Dan Lin but also don’t have the guts.
Fact 1: When Dan Lin broke into the house, Feng Li thought about reversing black and white and wrongly accusing Xia Qi of uniting Dan Lin. However, the performance of Dan Lin made Feng Li completely dispel this idea.
"Well, in that case, this matter is a misunderstanding, so forget it!"
Lin also has no interest in continuing to stay and look at Feng Li, who has been swept by Xia Qi’s eyes. Dan Lin’s light mouth is then ransacked by Xia Qi from here.
Dan Lin was swept by Lin and shivered slightly until Lin left. Then he took a look at Xia Qi and followed him away from this shop.
Dan Lin and the grey robe then monk also followed behind Lin.
"It’s a pity that you did well just now. It would be more perfect if you could wronged Dan Lin."
Xia Qi eyes swept Feng Li smiled and then took the lead in leaving this shop, leaving nothing in the broken shop.
Feng Li also dare not speak with a wry smile and follow Xia Qi behind him.
Just now, Feng Li really wanted to please Xia Qi and simply wronged Dan Lin as an accomplice with him, but when he saw Lin’s eyes, Feng Li didn’t have the courage. He was also afraid that Lin would hear himself say that collusion with Dan Lin would take him away from Xia Qi and then he would really dig a grave for himself.
It’s much easier to have Feng Li dispose of some things in Feng Li store in Xia Qi and replace them with Lingshi. After all, Feng Li knew many monks when he was in the store in the demon city on this day.
From ancient times to modern times, there are few shopkeepers who are as sad as Feng Li. They have to do their best to change things in their shops into others’ lingshi, and they dare not slack off at all.
By the evening of that day, everything in Feng Li’s shops was completely replaced by Lingshi for nearly two million.
Now Xia Qi has robbed seven million Lingshi in Feng Li and millions of Lingshi in Dan Yao. There are twelve million Lingshi in it!
Although such a huge number of lingshi is calculated according to lingshi, it is also very frightening enough for Xia Qi to increase his combat power by ten percent!