The seven-color Xuan seal suddenly disappeared from Chen Han’s fingertips, which is exactly the unique Xuan seal of Mahayana period, but it has not been necessary before.

After all, the high-order Xuan seal consumes five elements of Xuan gas, which is also more unnecessary. There is no reason to wave, but for such a five-robbery scattered fairy, a weakening may create more opportunities for itself.
"Looking for death!"
Jisa’s face became cold. It was this strange seven-color character seal that made him mobilize the real yuan and weaken the speed by 50%. It was even more irritating that even the imperial ability disappeared.
You can’t fly, but you can run away with two legs and tell his face?
Do not repent!
I don’t know how to advance and retreat!
This kind of person is not worthy of death. He has never retained the fairy sword and turned it into a changhong tear.
The forbidden seal of Yuan Dynasty not only failed to weaken the effect, but was supplemented by the increase of Yuan’s painstaking efforts. At this time, the attack power was stronger than that in the normal peak period. If Chen’s cold rose two times and reached the middle of Mahayana, Yuan Shen was one step stronger than the person who fixed the truth in the same order. He knew how to lock the other side’s sword light.
Too soon!
If this blow directly hits the body, even if there is a magic weapon in the armor, you have to take off a layer of skin, and both sides are not at the same level.
The arrow is imminent and he has to send it. He has no choice but to bite his teeth and meet it.
Don’t hurt the enemy, but protect yourself.
There is no true element in the Dao style, and all true elements form the third defense on the body surface. Naturally, the first two layers of defense are two pieces of defense fairy devices controlled by two different repair bodies, which is also the only life-saving money for him against Jisa.
Booming …
Virtual seems to collapse instantly, and the world is overturned. Even if it is so stable, it has been torn by several dark cracks.
Then all those cracks near the center were broken
Strong anti-seismic force strikes and breaks through the first layer of armor, and 30% of the strength is removed. So is the second layer of armor. The third layer of true yuan defense has failed to stop even half of it, and the remaining firm but gentle immortal force has blasted into the body, flying backwards like a cold meteor, and spitting out a big mouthful of blood in the middle.
Knock! Knock! Knock!
JiSa actually retreated more than ten steps in a row. The attack power of the other side is weaker than his own. Nearly two opponents make it a magic weapon for the defense of the Chinese fairy device itself. It is also the theory of the Chinese fairy device. How can you retreat ten steps in a row after three steps of anti-shock?
Only then did he find with horror that the defense force of the magic weapon armor worn in his body inexplicably became the level of the first magic weapon
Not only the magic weapon of defense, but also the defense of one’s own body and the defense of protecting the body and fairy power have dropped to a higher level.
Yes, it’s that damn seal!
He immediately guessed that Chen Han had just launched Xuanyin, which was the broken golden seal corresponding to Mahayana period.
In no more than a big realm, the opponent’s defense magic weapon will be directly reduced by one level. In the first level, the fairy becomes the first fairy, and the first fairy weakens the extremely clever. This kind of mysterious seal is the only one that has no hierarchical distinction. If it does not exceed a big realm, the defense magic weapon will be weakened by one level, and it will not be weakened by different strengths.
However, while weakening the magic weapon of defense, the defense of physical body and energy is divided according to the strength, and there is a poor 20% weakening of the five robberies and scattered immortals.
If you change to the Mahayana mid-fix-true, the defense of the body and the body will be weakened by at least one time.
"Your cultivation skills are very strange and strong, but your realm is too low. It is not my opponent who is destined to die in my hands today!"
"Then try it."
Chen Han was hit by a blow flying thousands of meters and broke many towering trees. The sword just now has caused his arms and bones to crack, and his internal organs and body meridians have been traumatized.
Of course, compared with the original five-color imperius robbery, the power of the last blow is still much worse, and it has caused a heavy blow to him.
"Then I can satisfy your dying wish!"
"The mysterious arrow-Yuan Chen!"
Yuan divine power condensed gas arrows shot out at the same time, Chen Han’s body suddenly flashed and broken, and the virtual was not teleportation, but the magic of rushing thunder body was broken
The distance between the two people is more than 1000 meters, and even if the sunset breaks through to the middle of Mahayana, it will not be more than 200 meters.
Three times!
The continuous crushing of the virtual force from the sub-huge pressure will still do harm to the fairy with a great increase in physical defense and a medium defense
The first three times of continuous display will make him take off a layer of skin. Now, it has been fully displayed for six times before the body skin bursts. At the same time, Jisa launched the sword light method to track the target, and he was behind him thousands of meters away, and he also appeared behind Jisa.
No defense!
Force attack!
In the condensate seal, the growth rate of the weak true element is doubled, and the attack of the original element is enhanced by nearly one order.
A flying sword of a Chinese fairy whistling and chopping clouds and combating Dao hacked Jisa’s legs at the same time under the control of pure power. This time, he did all the attacks, and Jisa’s new power was not born. At most, he could mobilize three realities and fell to about 20% again under the influence of Yuan God’s attack.
Even this twenty percent attack fact is not much worse than Li Yangli’s blow, but how small can Chen Han’s desperate attack power be?
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The continuous explosion followed, and the attack power of the two men was almost the same.
After being weakened by the broken gold seal, that suit can play the role of the first fairy. Ji Sa can’t help but face drastic changes. "Bastard! Are you looking for death? "
"That’s right, haha …"
"get out!"
Ji Sa vomited blood and was obviously shocked. The anti-shock key was that the armor of the first fairy was attacked by the floating sword of the middle fairy, which greatly enhanced the anti-shock of the flesh.
The damage of both sides is almost the same. The defensive fairy and strong flesh in the two layers of Chen Han are naturally not subject to anti-shock.
However, the sword light previously launched by Jisa was nullified.
Chen Han cast a hard blow. Before Ji Sa’s trauma, he had to bear the shocking blow. His own attack and hard block would be injured. It is conceivable what would happen if he hit the body directly.
Chapter 362 Survival from the dead