Naturally, it is impossible for the holy alliance side to let the hell’s crazy flower war troops succeed in their intentions. When they see them, they first approach the Chengtou heavenly king stallion and order the holy alliance war troops to stop them!

The 500,000 troops of the Holy Alliance roared past the Tianchengtou, and the instant hell’s crazy flower riding corps encountered both sides. Naturally, no one was polite to anyone, and they fought fiercely together as if they were jealous when they met an enemy!
"Kill! !”
"Kill! !”
As soon as the two sides came into contact with the battle, they entered a white-hot stage. The scene was extremely tragic. The blood and dead bodies of both players were "sparse" from half falling like rain and hail!
As soon as the fighting forces of the two sides collided together, the ground forces of Hell Blossom also went to the Heavenly King City and the Holy Alliance People’s Exhibition to fight and kill!
Hell’s crazy flower arrows force ten thousand arrows to block the city’s first guarding city players and cover other siege troops! Cover other legions in the arrow army and bombard the wall of Tianwang City!
Two thousand Tyrannosaurus knights of the Iron Cavalry Corps are still furious today. They are armed to the teeth and hit the wall of the King of Heaven crazily! The Iron Blood Legion, the Flower Protection Legion and the Wanfa Legion are also the central firepower bombarding the city wall. The gorgeous magic of the Legion forms a huge colorful pouring on the wall of Tianwang City!
The two sides are in full swing!
At this time, Jiuzhong has concealed the stealth function and concealed his body shape. He sneaked into the Heavenly King City and came to the heart of the city!
Jiuzhong immediately sent a signal to the ground worker, "Do it! !”
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Indiana Jones outstanding
"OK ~!" After receiving the nine-fold signal, the ground worker hurriedly told the other four groups of brothers in place to wait for orders, "Brothers, start work! !”
"Cha cha … hua hua! !” Five groups of people were ordered to immediately divide their heads by three and five, and destroy the bluestone slabs with a thickness of less than one foot! [br/ > "Done!"
"Done!" After four groups of troops successfully destroyed the resurrection point, they came to the local workers for good news!
The digger said, "Withdraw! !”
I sent a message to Jiuzhong, and then the local workers and 35 other miners fished out a scroll back to the city from their backpacks, fell to the ground, and a dazzling light lit up and went straight back to the misty city!
The war has broken out, and five resurrection points in Tianwang City are running, and the magic circle is flashing, and players are constantly dying and resurrected from the magic circle!
At this time, a group of players in five resurrection points have just been resurrected and are about to rush out of the resurrection point to support the front line. Who knows that one foot has just been lifted and the other foot suddenly feels that the foot has been planted in the hole on the resurrection point!
The digger brought these miners with thoughtful thoughts, and he knew that once they destroyed the resurrection point, players who had just been resurrected would definitely fall off the surface without being attacked by these people. They dug a big pit on the surface of the resurrection point, and they hid in the hole on the side of the pit to destroy the resurrection point!
As soon as the resurrection point was destroyed, the player fell from the ground and fortunately fell into the pit of the resurrection point!
"I depend on what’s the matter? What happened? !” The player who fell into the pit looked up hastily and finally saw the big hole at the top of the pit, and then saw the hole in the side of the pit wall. He snickered while looking into the pit with his probe. The hell crazy flower miner suddenly realized, "Mom, it’s not good for someone to play tricks and destroy the resurrection point in the city! !”
Most simple-minded players swore at the Hell Wild Flower Miner when they learned that they were overcast, but some cool-headed players immediately called to report the matter to their president!
The president of the fifty-four alliance in Chengtou is in the rear of the array. Suddenly, someone in the group of presidents has a voice call. After listening to it, his face suddenly changed to Tianwang Gong and he reported, "The leader is not good. Someone has destroyed the resurrection point in Tianwang City! !”
"What? !” Heavenly Kings gave a stamp to scold a way: "Mom must be the sacred bitch who ordered people to destroy this little girl. It’s so fucking insidious to play dirty with the public! !”
Compared with the heavenly king, he was very calm and asked, "How many resurrection points have been destroyed? !”
"Five places are destroyed! !”
When the heavenly king heard that he had no idea to ask for help, "what about my sister?" As soon as the resurrection point is destroyed, we will all become disposable. It is too bad for us to kill one and one less! "
"Oh, I came up with a way to destroy the resurrection point. I didn’t expect you to learn it so soon. You are really quick to learn ~!" Recent rich in meaning smiled "don’t worry we still have a chance! Although I can’t come again to rebuild the resurrection point, isn’t our city’s array not destroyed? Tell the players who have been sent to other cities to return to Tianwang City through the city’s array to continue fighting! !”
"Good … good!" Heavenly King Gong quickly shouted to all players of the Holy Alliance through the Alliance Channel, "Attention all players, the resurrection point in our city has been destroyed by the crazy flowers of hell and can’t be resurrected in the city! However, you are not worried that our city will be resurrected in other cities after death. Players can return to Tianwang City through the city to continue fighting! !”
"Idiot!" When I heard the propaganda of Heavenly King Gong, my eyes stared at me. "You just told the players who were resurrected in the unified city that they could return to Heavenly King City through the city. Why did you tell everyone that the resurrection point in the city was destroyed? Isn’t this shaking the morale of the army? !”
"Ah … this …!" Tianwanggong also knew that he was wrong and embarrassed, but he still argued strongly in words, "Anyway, it is better to let them know that they are mentally prepared before they die!"
“……!” The butterfly is in love, the eyebrows are locked, and no more talking!
In front of the heart of Tianwang City!
"Hey … it’s time for a big meal ~! !” I received the good news from the local workers, and the corners of my mouth were raised, revealing a bit of excitement and laughter. At the moment, my hands shook, and the fierce ghosts burst through the brake and burst into flames!
Nine-fold body, half-fierce ghost, three thousand feet of fire, completely submerged the package and condensed it into a statue, half black and half red, which covered the heart of the city, and the whole sky was like Mount Tai!
"… thousands of meteor showers! !” Nine-fold fists, such as mans combo, instantly hit thousands of punches, like a hammer with a handle, like meteors covering the sky, with the destruction of the sky and the terrain stirring in the middle and killing the ground in an instant!
"Boom boom! !” In a thunderous noise like a string of beads, the whole Tianwang City seemed to be shaking. A thousand-killed meteor shower covered a ground area, and all the players were smashed into a paste!
The skill lasted for ten seconds before it finally dissipated. Look at the horror boxing pits all over the ground near the city center and being awakened by the flesh and blood of the players. It’s like a blood pool hell!
At the end of the blow, the nine-fold floating body fell from the center of the city, and a virtual door with a ring of fingers appeared "greatly big! The girls are all out to work! !”
With the nine-stress virtual door soaring wildly, a huge door with a height of 1000 meters and a width of 500 meters is instantly transformed!
"boomed! !” The virtual gate is stationed in the tenth floor of hell and is already ready to attack at any time. The elite troops of 100,000 hell-crazy flowers are surging out of the door like a tiger!
First of all, 1,500 Tyrannosaurus knights rushed out from the virtual door like evil spirits in hell, and rushed into the player array of Tianwang League guarding the city heart without stopping for half a minute.
Tyrannosaurus rex’s body is like an indestructible chariot, and it is unstoppable in the holy alliance players’ array. In an instant, the holy alliance players formed a battle array and were rushed to pieces!
These 1,500 Tyrannosaurus Knights didn’t stop to give full play to their indestructible advantages after breaking through the enemy lines, and they ran around the Heavenly King City to create chaos!
These are all instructed by Jiuchong before Tyrannosaurus Knights are now carrying out Jiuchong’s orders!
After the Tyrannosaurus Rex Knights, a team of 1,000 men rushed out. Although it was a team of 1,000 men, their powerful war momentum was comparable to that of thousands of troops!
This 1,000-person squad is the ace team directly under Jiuchong, which has created a miracle of 100,000 people. Now, in Huaxia District, people don’t know whether they are dragons and enchanters!
Dragon Magic Team and Enchant Magic Team rushed out of the virtual door and scattered like smoke and flowers into the holy alliance players’ array. In the shadow of swords and swords, the holy alliance players lost their blood everywhere!
Previously, the Tyrannosaurus Rex Knights, at the moment, both the Dragon Magic Team and the Enchanted Magic Team were overwhelming, but it gave people a completely different feeling!
Tyrannosaurus Rex is a sacred alliance player with overwhelming force. It is a sense of strength to face the tyrannosaurus rex.
But the Dragon Magic Team and the Enchanted Magic Team have an overwhelming sacred alliance of Wushu. Players can’t face it. The hearts of the two teams are full of shock, fear, despair and other negative emotions!
Relatively speaking, the biggest psychological impact on the holy alliance is not the Tyrannosaurus Knights, but the Dragon Magic Team and the Enchanted Magic Team!
The two major teams are also like the Tyrannosaurus Knights to disrupt the enemy lines and let them form a large-scale group offensive!
With the emergence of these two vanguard troops, hell has spent hundreds of thousands of elite troops and finally the King’s Landing City!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Broken city
The 100,000 people stationed in the nine-tier and ten-tier hell were carefully selected from the regular army of 2.5 million people who spent a lot of money in hell. They are the best in both rank and combat skills. They are absolutely elite!
Hell spends 100,000 elite troops. After the head of the six armies leads out ten levels of hell, the fastest position is not the attack formation but the defensive formation. A huge iron barrel formation is formed in the center of the city center of Tianwang City. The blood-thick anti-height forces such as the Iron Army Corps and the Iron Wall Corps defend the sacred alliance. In the attack, the Wanfa Army is the first main attack force. They have one, that is, bombarding the city center of Tianwang City at all costs!
The appearance of the phoenix dance immediately gave the order, "All players of the Wanfa Legion listen to the target city heart attack! !”
Zhou Dingguo also succeeded in the Iron Corps players roared, "Listen to the old man. No one is allowed to come in. There are girls behind us! Is it white? !”
"white! !” Not only the Iron Blood Corps, but also other corps players, if men burst into wild beasts, they will swear to guard the Meimei Corps behind them!
As soon as the phoenix dance made the players of the Wanfa Legion explode all kinds of magic, pouring all kinds of magic into the heart of the central city, and the effort of the city of Tianwangcheng suddenly lost rapidly!
All the people came out of the ten levels of hell, and a ring closed the virtual door, then jumped into the middle school and looked around to find the target that could be attacked. Suddenly, I found that there was a magic circle shining in the square, and there were always one vote, one vote people coming out of it!
"Depend on how I really pig brain forgot this quarrel! Cities have to be destroyed, or they can come back when they are resurrected in other cities! !” Nine times patted his forehead and walked with flying steps towards the square!