Although Butterfly Lovers is a female generation, she is a hundred times stronger than Heavenly King Gong. She is not afraid to hold two snake swords in her hand and display her professional skills. Her hair changes in an instant, and the thickness of her little finger changes. The green snake dances wildly and spits out letters. The pupils of her eyes are also like malt. It is even more exaggerated that she used to have two arms, and now two arms have grown on both sides to become six arms and six snake swords, and her legs have become snake bodies.

However, after the transformation, the butterfly flower still does not change its beautiful color, showing a different kind of rare beauty, which is still so beautiful!
Nine heavy before can’t help shine at the moment "yo six arms! What about the three heads? Didn’t they all say that they had three heads and six arms? !”
"Hehe, that’s a myth. Here is a game ~!" Recent charming smile "you are the first master in Huaxia district ranking list. I have long wanted to learn and play with my daughter ~! !”
Say don’t stay nine heavy conversation recent flowers have twisted snake rushed near six arms dancing cold light flashing six snake sword torn gas staggered towards nine heavy kill!
Jiuzhong naturally can’t sit still and fight each other, and the two fierce ghosts are dancing like the wind and defending as solid as gold. If you attack six arms, you can’t hurt Jiuzhong!
During the dogfight, both of them could not help secretly surprised!
The recent surprise is that she now has six arms to urge weapons to attack at the same time, which is equivalent to three people cooperating with others to attack at the same time. Even so, it is still impossible to break him and defend him. How powerful is Gu Wu’s attainments? !
And Jiuzhong is also secretly surprised and drives six arms to attack at the same time. For ordinary people who are used to two arms, they can’t control their arms. Although they have increased, they are only superficial. The effect is not as good as two arms! But recent love seems to be a person with six arms, and she can manipulate six arms to attack at will. This is not simply that one plus one equals two. Her ability to manipulate six arms is definitely much more powerful than the effect of three people together!
This is him. Otherwise, others will be overwhelmed and will be stabbed into a sieve by six snake swords in an instant!
"The chick is quite powerful ~!" Nine heavy playing while flirting tone with recent quipped.
"The hype! !” Butterfly Love Flowers, Six Snake Swords, Flying like a waterfall, rowing like a sky, falling stars, covering the four fields and attacking Jiuzhong. "You are not bad either. You are still the first man when my demonization can last for so long!"
"It’s no problem to fight another 300 rounds!" Nine-fold fists, quick dancing, heavy dancing, a boxing curtain, and all the tricks are blocked. "But I’m too lazy to fight with women. Although this six-armed body is fierce, it’s impossible to beat me! At first glance, you are a clever woman. Be good and stop and give up. !”
"I can’t see that you are fierce on the battlefield, but you are still a kind of lover ~!" I’ve been flirting with Jiuzhong, but I haven’t slackened my efforts. Attacks are tight like waves, fast like waves. I want to kill Jiuzhong. "I won’t stop to see what you can do to me ~? !”
"Then don’t blame me, I’m in a hurry! !” Nine eyes suddenly flashed off for several consecutive punches and then suddenly punched "Xuanwu shock!" !”
The explosion of "Xuanwu Earthquake" will instantly smash a piece of bluestone ground nearby into a depression and crack, and the butterfly flower will suddenly lose its balance!
Jiuzhong seized this opportunity, hungry and pouncing on food, and suddenly burst through the butterfly flower to reveal a flaw. Six-arm defense rushed to the butterfly flower, and his arms reached through the armpit of the butterfly flower, and then the hook locked the six arms of the butterfly flower and held the butterfly flower in his arms!
"ah!" Although the six arms are locked, her forearm can still move because of the relatively backward lock position, so she twisted her wrist and stabbed nine times in the back with six snake swords. "If you let go, I will stab you to death!"
"You literally you plunge into! As far as you are concerned, damage per second may have it for others, but you can’t succeed if you want to stab me to death for an hour! " Nine times, its own defense is scary, and now that Xiao Wang is in a state of fit, the defense is even more exaggerated. He is not exaggerating. If he wants to stab him to death, he really needs to work hard!
Therefore, Jiuzhong is afraid of stabbing himself in the back and jumping out of the wall to stop outside the city!
"The sacred what are you doing? !” Recent struggling exclaimed, "aren’t you passionate about jade?" You will definitely not be willing to kill a woman, especially a beautiful woman like me! "
"You’re right. I don’t like and I won’t kill a woman, especially a beautiful woman like you! But …! " Jiuzhong Hehe smiled. "If you break free from my shackles and fall from such a high school, you will accidentally fall to my death ~!"
Recent smell speech quickly stopped struggling face flushed, annoyed and afraid of looking at the nine heavy "hum I don’t move now, I see how can you not be careful ~? !”
"Hey … that’s too easy ~!" Nine heavy say suddenly bowed their heads and occupied the recent flame lips!
"Well …! !” The thought of red lips being attacked by recent butterflies can produce resistance, and the six-armed snake sword is once again stuck in the nine-fold back!
"oh! !” Nine exaggerated screams, a muzzle of recent flowers, hands loose, recent flowers lost their support, and suddenly they fell freely to the ground!
"Ah-Fang Sheng, how dare you do this to me? You wait for me to talk to you forever! !” Die Lian Hua screamed and fell to the ground, and the little blood left was instantly cleared and died!
Nine heavy meaning is still licking your lips. "Gee, what an attractive beauty! What a pity!" But this can’t blame me. You accidentally fell and died! "
"Attack attack! How dare you do this to my sister? You kill her! !” Seeing that Butterfly Lovers fell from Jiuchong’s arms and died in the city, Tianwanggong immediately screamed and ordered the players to attack Jiuchong!
When the left and right mages and archers saw the nine flaws, it was really an opportunity to kill him while he was ill, but there was a bonus of 100 thousand!
Thinking of these players, they can’t help but have a bloody brain, magic and flying feathers, and a colorful torrent rushes towards the nine-fold, hitting the target and completely drowning the nine-fold!
"Wow hit hit hit the sacred! This time he’s finished and dead ~! !”
"Is I kill is I kill sacred! !”
"Bullshit! How can you kill a melee profession? Can you kill it? I killed Fang Shengfen! !”
Chengtou Holy Alliance players compete for each other’s merits!
"With you … also want to kill the old? !” At this moment, the nine accents fell in the ears of the players in Chengtou like a bolt from the blue!
These players smell speech immediately a quivering eyes stare like two looking at the outside half smoke looming nine heavy figure exclaimed, "you … you this all die? !”
"White tiger kill! !”
Chapter one hundred and twelve Heroism dry cloud
Nine White Tiger Fists and Ling Pentium rushed to the head of the city, which was unstoppable. All the players in front of them were blown out. The players in the attack center were directly blasted and hung up. Even if they were not killed by a blow, they were blown into the city and finally died!
The Heavenly King was quick to play it by ear. Fortunately, it was difficult to hide behind the battlements, but he was still doomed. He roared to the White Tiger fist and later a figure like a god appeared in the Heavenly King’s head!
After the attack, the heavenly king got up from the ground and looked out of the city. "Um … where are you? !”
"Will … President! Behind you! !” A player seems to avoid the plague, so he is lucky to avoid the nine times. He is far away, pointing to the heavenly king and being fair to the heavenly king.
Pop suddenly turned his head to see nine heavy floating since half fell behind him "you …! !”
"Ghost bully! !” Heavenly King stared his teeth and was about to say malicious words, but Jiuchonggen didn’t give him the chance to directly blast out the double-murderous ghosts. Another new additional skill, "Hundreds of ghosts and tyrants", turned the heavenly king into a hundred shadows, and then he heard the muffled sound of "bang bang bang"!
"ah! !” Jiuchong’s single skill is really too fierce. Hundreds of people have their own equal attack power. At the same time, they encircle a person. What damage per second can achieve is definitely a horrible number. Just because the blood roots of Tianwanggong are not enough, Jiuchong’s skills will be displayed. In an instant, Tianwanggong will let out a scream and die!
Although Heavenly King Gong had already died on the first day, he had to put his nine skills to good use. He abused Heavenly King Gong for five seconds and made a thousand punches until the skills stopped and the ghosting disappeared. Then look at Heavenly King Gong’s body, which was already bloody and his bones were shattered and twisted like a pool of mud. It was a shocking boxing pit!
In fact, it’s a relief that the heavenly king died early, otherwise it would be worse than death if he didn’t die!
As soon as the boxing situation stopped, the body of the Heavenly King fell to the ground and fell to the ground. Nine times, I reached out and grabbed the neck of the Heavenly King, and I jumped half-faced to the Heavenly King City to gather gas and was about to shout loudly, but suddenly the system rang!
"Ding, congratulations to the player for the sacred extermination of np evil forces for 500 times. The condition has been successfully achieved. The professional skill has been acquired by’ bandits’ and’ heroes’-heroism and dry clouds"