"The moon has been found."

Xia Qi took Gu Yue’s hand and was very happy.
He didn’t look for a direct display from the place where he entered the mine, and the powerful magic ape palm was more outrageous than directly passing through from here.
Stones roared and tumbled in succession. Xia Qi took Gu Yue with him, just like a statue of gigalith crashing wildly on the rock wall and heading directly for the end of the mine.
"It’s not good that Feixue and Xu Jiasan’s brothers are here."
Xia Qi suddenly surprised because he suddenly sensed the reality of flying snow and the breath of Xu’s three brothers had already rushed over, which was not far from the end of the mine.
"Bai Di Jin Huang beheaded"
Xia Qi’s eyes were cold, so it was cast out. Bai Di Jin Huang cut a bright white mountain and immediately all the rock walls in front were crushed. Xia Qi and Gu Yue appeared directly at the end of the mine.
At the end of the mine, a cave appeared in front of Xia Qi, surrounded by extremely spiritual stones, shining like stars at night.
In the middle of the cave, there is a pool of clear spring and white fog, which is like a fairy spring.
"spiritual marrow"
Xia qi low shout a recognized immediately.
"The fast moon will immediately collect this spiritual marrow."
Xia qi hello Gu Yue immediately began to sleeve a jilt is the strong breeze roared toward the spirit marrow swept away to the spirit marrow department are your own.
However, Xia Qi and Gu Yue only charged a little less than one tenth, and were interrupted by Xu Jiasan and Feixue.
"This spiritual marrow is old-fashioned."
Flying snow reality flashing eyes with bullying repair unexpectedly in an attempt to charge this pool of marrow.
This spiritual marrow is absolutely no less than ten elixirs. It takes a little time to recover when the wonderful poor are exhausted, which is very important for the strong in the realm of virtual fairy.
Because of the virtual fairy realm, the strong need to go through ten times of thunder robbery, and every thunder robbery is a big disaster, which almost exhausts most of the savings of the virtual fairy realm.
If you have the marrow to make the flying snow real person Du Jie never dry up, the hope of surviving the thunder robbery will be greatly increased, and you don’t need to spend a lot of treasures in exchange for Dan medicine
Chapter four hundred and sixteen heartache
"Cold snow cover!"
Flying snow reality reached out and shook a glittering and translucent cover to emerge in the four-walled sen cold air. Even the virtual fairy strong people felt a cold air coming.
This is the most powerful magic weapon in the hands of the flying snow reality, which can be attacked and defended, and the flying snow reality will be put into practice at this time to completely cover a pool of spiritual marrow.
"Give it to me!"
Flying snow real person’s eyes are hot, and his mouth is full of real money, so he wants to let the cold snow cover collect all the marrow parts and keep them all for himself
"I gather the treasures of the Xianzong vein, and do you rob them by flying snow?"
Flying snow moves fast, but the Xu Jiasan brothers are not slow to see the cold snow cover shrouded in a pool of marrow, and immediately they work together to make a knife, a gun and a sword. The three cooperate with each other to kill the cold snow cover crazily.
"Ding Ding Ding!"
The defense of the cold snow cover is excellent. At this moment, a layer of frost condenses to block all kinds of attacks. The smell is crunchy, and several swords and shadows are gone.
The flying snow reality blocked the attack of the Xu Jiasan brothers, and he was pale and weak at this time, but his eyes were beaming with joy.
If you think about flying snow, the real person will collect the marrow.
But has been ignored by flying snow reality not care Xia Qi and Gu Yue but at this time to the deification period to attack fell on the cold snow cover should be weak cold snow cover directly broken!
"You two want to die!"
Seeing that the spiritual marrow is about to come to hand, it is destroyed by Xia Qi and Gu Yue. The flying snow reality immediately angered the cold snow cover and once again shot a cold snow cover. The virtual shadow of the cold snow cover is covered by Xia Qi and the cold snow cover is covered by a pool of spiritual marrow.
"Bloody sword!"
"Nine days away from the fire!"
Xia Qi and Gu Yue shot at the same time. Xia Qi didn’t summon the most powerful blood dragon, but Gu Yue cooperated to display it for nine days, breaking the cold snow cover.
But the flying snow reality is manipulating the cold snow cover to collect the spirit marrow at this time!