The dark wing evil made me shudder. Although I didn’t look up, I already felt the fatal crisis.

It’s eyes flashed a resolute refuse se regardless of the talons in the direction of Chen Shaobai to pay heavily.
Snoop …
It seems to be a hasty practice, but it also brings out a blazing white spirit in the sky, and all obstacles are cut and annihilated.
In its view, Chen Shaobai has just plundered nearly 100 demon king mana sources by magic and secret methods. Now most of J and NG forces are coming to suppress heterogeneous mana, which can once again show that Wan Jian’s Qi Fa has already exceeded its level. Where is the power to protect itself?
It’s understandable for a python to swallow a tiger. If the snake Yu swallows a whale, there will be one consequence-he will be killed alive.
Chen Shaobai is alive and kicking. It seems that it will not be crushed for a while, but this time it can tempt Xing to attack Mars.
"Human, I admit your talent, scheming and strength! But you are doomed to fall into my hands today! "
Dark-winged evil makes the corners of the mouth show a ferocious smile, and sharp teeth are flashing with cold light. It coldly stares at itself and scatters white Se gas.
This white Se horse trainijīng seems ordinary, but it is made by his gathering of five elements of j and ng gold gas, smelting by evil fire and quenching by Styx. Although it is not as wonderful as the Yuan world human monk refining device, it has more powerful lethality, and it can also break the magic weapon and slay the flesh with one blow. What’s worse, it is a five-rebuilt monk who can’t exert his own strength and quench his breath.
"It seems that you are very confident …"
Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth peep out one silk indifferent smile leaned out his right hand gently grasp.
That seemingly indestructible white Se gas mountain was held tightly in your hand gently and skillfully.
The collision of the horse-training white awn and the armor training array makes the blue and white Se blink endlessly, which looks beautiful in this dark world.
"How can you have the strength to attack and protect the body after you have suppressed the mana source of a hundred demons!"
"You are by no means a godsworn who is quenching his life in a secret world, but an old monster who turns into a fairyland!"
"I’m not reconciled. I’m not reconciled!"
Roar a few dark-winged evils, so that by virtue of its own powerful defense force, it has a six-fold strength of quenching gas in the sword tactic, but it is suppressed, like Reservoir Dogs, to find a breakthrough.
In a short time, it was wrapped by dozens of firm but gentle winds to cut the flesh and bones, and the corpse was completely stunned, and there was not even a chance of reincarnation.
"Wanjian tactic is not only a group attack, but also a powerful force. I’m not proficient in Wanjian tactic control now, so I can slay it if I encounter this dark jīng evil again!"
If the swordsmanship gives the flying sword a faster speed and stronger power, like a secular knight, killing one person in ten steps without leaving a line is an entry-level skill, then the sword tactic is like a well-trained war legion. Although its individual strength is not as good as that of a knight, it is more tacit, and one plus one can exert more power than two.
A knight can defeat one soldier, but a hundred knights may not be able to defeat a hundred soldiers.
Chen Shaobai wants to run the sword tactic. Many things are different but diametrically opposed. The flying sword J and jīng can be combined in the most appropriate and perfect way to exert the strongest power.
Chen Shaobai, with a wave of his hand, wrapped up the bright gold with a wave of his hand, and the Se light flashed endlessly, throwing the devil’s body into the world of life.
The beginning of the kingdom of God needs a lot of material and energy, and the consumption is huge, which is called the bottom hole. It’s just a drop in the bucket for an evil fire demon to throw it in.
"Brother Yun’s hiding is not leaking to Ri, but we are blind and ignorant!"
Thinking, several monks slowly flew up to the secret method sound.
Chen Shaobai nodded with a smile and didn’t seem disdainful and affectionate.
If you put it in normal times, it will definitely make some arrogant people unhappy, but it is very normal in such a fierce battle.
Key moment or personal strength
Chen Shaobai glanced around and found two familiar characters fleeing in panic in the Lord’s legion, who could fall at any time.
Taishilin and Yan Hong Ri, the strongest men in the human friars’ group, are both trapped by the same order demon king. Where do they have time to save lives?
The fall of these two people seems to be a foregone conclusion. They close their eyes and are ready to die.
Magic wind surging purple inflammation rolling a Y and N cool breath stuck to the skin, almost eroding the bone and deeply invading the bone marrow.
"It’s over … dead!"
Imaginary pain has never come for a long time, and the sense of out-of-body experience of the ancestors of Zongmen has never happened. They slowly opened their eyes and found a figure that should have fallen long ago.
"Yun Tian!"
Chen Shaobai recognized this identity with a gentle smile. "Brother Zhao, don’t come ill."
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The two hundred and fifty thunder and rain are all your grace.
The two hundred and fifty thunder and rain are all your grace.
The two hundred and fifty thunder and rain are all your grace.
Strictly speaking, Wang Ruoyu has a deep relationship with Chen Shaobai.
The "gift of treasure" in the battlefield of Sharan, the land of Liuli, is considered as a turning point in Chen Shaobai’s practice. Now when Chen Shaobai’s strength explodes, he meets this old friend. I have to say that the two are really lucky and entangled.
However, Wang Ruoyu, the core figure of Xuanyutang, can’t be without life-saving means. This small group of magic troops are afraid of it, and they can’t resist him. Even if Chen Shaobai doesn’t make moves with conscience, he will be brothers and sisters in Zongmen.
"The so-called road sees rough and draws a sword to help the friends of the Qing Xuanmen. How can we stand by when it is difficult?"
Chen Shaobai suppressed all the objections in one light sentence, and the people who were determined to talk again.
Hegemony is not the breath of arrogance, but it is reflected in every word and deed in life, and it can deter people’s hearts without saying anything. This is the real bully’s way.
Seeing this scene, Luo Xin’s face has been hidden in the crowd with a knowing smile.