"Oh, what’s the saying about that sentence? The wool is on the sheep’s body, but" I can’t stop nodding my head, but there is a flash of hesitation in Yanxi’s beautiful eyes like water.

"If the first child is a boy, then the husband will try to make your second child pregnant with a little princess so that the baby girl will not wave." You can guess what the other person is struggling with with with your eyes closed, so Zhou Shaoshao will interrupt with a smile.
"Being pregnant with a man and a woman is a problem that you can decide by hard work?" Yan Xi thought that Zhou Zichen’s assumption sounded funny.
"If you have more children, boys and girls will always be together." I pulled out a set of light blue navy shirts. Most of us can imagine that a boy doll born with the advantages of himself and Yanxi will look like a heroic spirit.
"How many more children are you violating the national family planning laws and regulations?"
"My wife will be fined if it’s a big deal. Our Zhou family is not so bad." In fact, Zhou Zichen and Yan Xishen are both single women, so according to today’s relaxed law, it is possible to have a second child before violating the policy.
How lonely a child is, naturally, it is brothers and sisters who take care of this family to make a fuss.
"If I can, I really want my wife to give me a basketball team." I threw all the selected items into the shopping cart, and Zhou Zichen was really not soft when she swept up the goods.
"You think I’m a sow. What basketball team is an international joke?" A few drops of cold sweat oozed from my full and bright forehead. Yanxi couldn’t help but turn around and beat the man’s generous chest.
"Hehe, I mean the football team." The advantage of the world of two people is that they can flirt with each other. With the boss’s instructions, the large and small monitors in the supermarket have long since dropped.
"I hate that I don’t care about you." The more condescension the other party said, the more it crossed the line. Yanxi snorted heavily, but when he wanted to take a step back, he held the wrist strap for the man and put it in his arms.
The ending note of "wife" is thick and rolled up. Zhou Zichen’s emotional tone is really revealing. "I don’t expect much. I hope to have a lovely daughter who looks like you and a beautiful one who looks like you."
They will have big eyes as big as Yanxi, which seems to flash into the viewer’s heart.
"My son still looks like you, and his height is definitely more than the standard." At such a warm moment, jane doe’s conscious whisper made Zhou Shaoxue laugh.
I’m a good boy
used to express displeasure or annoyance
I don’t know what to say about you.
Do you speak
Why are you so cute that he can’t love you?
The feelings for Yanxi are getting deeper and thicker every day. Zhou Zichen suddenly feels that life in the first 27 years is not called having a lover, and every minute has become beautiful without words to describe it.
"Wife, I love you very much." But the first time I confessed to Yanxi, I was watching through the lens, and this time I was softly attached to the little woman’s earlobe.
"Oh," my heart is as sweet as a honey jar knocked over, but Yan Xi’s mouth is still filled with calm.
"What’s the matter?"
"You just sent me away with a word."
"So what do you want?"
"Say the same thing with me."
"er oo"
"China people have nothing to talk about in English."
"Anyway, I’ve told you what you asked."
Yan Xi learned that men played lai, while men were gloomy for a whole handsome face.
This little bad bag
I cann’t believe it’s humane to treat him personally
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
After three or four days, the online forum scolded Cai Xinyan for never breaking the thread, and the building was piled up like a skyscraper in reality.
The only thing that makes Cai’s family happy is that there is no new negative news coming out again.
Office of the President of Dongyu Media Co., Ltd.
Yi Shaoqian is lazy and stretching his legs, browsing the data on the desktop computer screen.
Although building this entertainment company a few years ago has a large part of the nature of playing with tickets, Yi Shaoqian will treat it as a career after gradually making achievements.
"Gee, I just stepped out of the hospital door and came to the company to report Yi Shaoqian. Yi Shaoqian, do you still know that Yi Shaoqian in Zou Wei?" There was no knocking at the door or asking if I dared to swagger in like this. It is estimated that Zou Wei is alone.
"Anyway, I am also the boss here. If you don’t show up, it is estimated that the employees of the company will change hands." Thin lip Zhang Zhang He Yi Shaoqian never looked up at each other.