Jin Yao’s order made all the strong people form a circle and surrounded Fiona Fang. A piece of god knowledge distributed in this sea area, and everything was hidden and surrounded.

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Chapter five hundred and fifty-one Mysterious strong
Chapter five hundred and fifty-one Mysterious strong
A series of gods of the earth spread in the sea area, and several creatures in this sea area were detected and then directly killed.
This is simply a massacre.
Several creatures in the seawater can escape everywhere, and they are directly reduced to dust by Jin Yao and others, and there is no possibility of survival.
Many strong people in the demon race are also watching all this coldly. Although they didn’t make moves, they didn’t stop them from staring at the movement in the sea and looking for Xia Qi to fall.
In this sea area, the thick smell of blood almost formed a blood fog, giving off a strong and fierce smell.
But Jin Yao and others face is more gloomy.
They searched for Xia Qi but didn’t fall.
Even every grain of dust and sand has been searched out to make sure that there is no heaven and fairy house to turn dust and sand, but Xia Qi is nowhere to be seen.
"What’s the matter? Did Xia Qi escape from this sea area?"
"It’s impossible that Xia Qi can escape from this sea area. It must still be in it. There must be some means to fool us."
"Find it for me and keep looking."
"Don’t let Xia Qi go"
A group of Johnson looks gloomy and their eyes are flashing with murder, which is very embarrassing.
Dozens of peak Johnson are such a force that they dominate four continents. However, at this time, Xia Qi, who is just looking for the realm of virtual fairy, has found nothing, which makes them feel angry.
God of the earth once again rolled out and set off a big wave, which was terrible as if to turn this sea upside down.
However, no matter whether these dozens of peak Johnson are searching for Xia Qi, they have disappeared as if they had disappeared.
A group of geeks, gloomy as water, still didn’t give up the search, which greatly expanded the scope.
At this time, Xia Qi was just looking at the outside world. When he entered the Heaven Fairy House, he turned it into a floating dust. At this time, this floating dust actually stuck to Jin Yao’s robe.
Jin Yao was the first to rush in when Xia Qi created the blood. At that time, Xia Qi stuck the celestial fairy house to Jin Yaoshen.
This is very risky, but it will be gone if you are not careful, but it is also very effective
To Jin Yao and others cultivate one’s morality and wear robes without touching water or dust can be described as spotless and clean. If a grain of floating dust appears in robes, Jin Yao will definitely pay attention, but now he is looking for Xia Qi, but he has not paid attention.
It is even more impossible for other monks to be bold enough to detect Jin Yao’s body. This is a provocation. Jin Yao is at the peak of a group of monsters, and naturally no one dares to do so.
It is precisely this that Xia Qi’s adventure actually saved Xia Qi from a bullet.
A group of old geeks have been unwilling to look for a long time in this sea area. A series of gods of the earth are in the sea area, even in the distance, and all the creatures in the sea are frightened and flee.
There was a lot of noise, but a group of old monsters finally got it.
One after another, a group of monsters left this place, which can be said to have been turned over. There was no sign of Xia Qi. These monsters didn’t want to have more waves. After all, there were many opportunities when various treasures were unearthed on four continents, and many monsters didn’t want to miss it.
The four families, Yan Lu and others, also gradually left.
They are more happy than disappointed at this result, but their goal is to keep the treasure in heaven. If Xia Qi is found, it is likely that their lives will be lost, which is not a good thing for them.
There are fewer and fewer people, and Jin Yao finally loses patience and leaves with the five elements and the number of strong people like light.
After Jin Yaofei left this sea area for a certain distance, a grain of floating dust stuck in his golden robe unconsciously fell off and fell to the edge of the sea.
Jin Yao and others have realized that the golden light is fleeting.
"Hoo … finally escaped"
Xia Qi breathed a sigh of relief and did not come out cross-legged in Heaven Fairy House, but sat quietly and meditated.
Just now, the trip was extremely dangerous. If you are not careful, Jin Yao will notice that Xia Qi can escape from Jin Yao even if there are thousands of means.
This is a close call.
Xia Qi breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to meditate and practice, but I don’t know that his heart is still covered with a shadow, as if there is something else being noted for Xia Qi.
This feeling soon dispersed Xia Qi also meditated to practice.
However, just when Xia Qi fell into practice, a white cloud floated with Heaven Fairy House all the time, as if there were no rules, but it never left Heaven Fairy House.
If Xia Qi notes from a note, it will be easy to find that this white cloud has always appeared in the forest since he crossed the thunder robbery. It is ordinary and unremarkable, with no abnormality and no attention.
White clouds face a blue robe figure standing in the wind, long hair hanging freely, shoulders looking indifferently, and finally looking at the swaying heaven and fairy house in the sea.
Xia Qi stayed in the Heaven Fairy House for several days. After searching for Xia Qi’s peak in this sea area for such a long time, Johnson finally dispersed to other places to look for it.
Xia Qixiu stepped into the second floor of the virtual fairy realm, which just consolidated a few days ago. At this time, he appeared in the sea from the Heaven Fairy House and looked around.
Surrounded by sea water, the sky is blue. At first glance, it seems that the sea water has become a magnificent piece in the distance. Xia Qi slightly identified one direction and flew away towards the island where Danzong is now hiding.
Xia Qi’s speed is not slow, and the figure disappears in situ with a flash, and a virtual shadow passes over the water without starting any waves.
He is smiling and in a good mood.
Making such a big noise in this sea area has attracted the attention of many strong people. At this time, the island where Danzong is located should be more secure.
Flying for less than half an hour, Xia Qi’s flying figure suddenly stepped on the water and started a big wave and suddenly stopped.
He looked up at heaven with a surprised face.
A piece of blue sea water is connected, but there is a white cloud floating in the wind, which will eventually follow Xia Qi 2.
"Who is it?
Xia Qida reprimanded Zhenyuan for being extremely alert.
When he first came out of Heaven Fairy House, he noticed everything outside and found nothing unusual. Xia Qi also saw this white cloud when he came out of Heaven Fairy House, but he didn’t care.