Zhao Gong’s heart is a little strange. This road is as good as his own marriage. He doesn’t know it at all. But now that HarmonyOS’s purple gas is alive, he still needs to go back to Jinbiao Island early for refining. He has to have another argument and cause more trouble.

Chapter 19 The Sage Fall
Zhao Gongzheng "Thank you for your help. Now I still need to return to Jinbiao Island as soon as possible or refine HarmonyOS Purple Gas as soon as possible."
Duo Bao said, "When you go, you are the people who don’t know how to live or die. If you dare to come again, we will send them to the list of gods or finish the disaster early."
Looking at the three-night sisters escorting Zhao Gong away, Xuandu and Guangcheng’s faces have changed, and they are worried.
Zhao Gong flew all the way to Jinbiao Island. He didn’t want to be halfway there, but he was led by Li Jing, and 100,000 heavenly soldiers stopped the sky and said, "Li Jing, what do you mean?"
Li Jing said, "The Yunxiao Empress Wang took Zhao Gong’s heavenly court to listen to Zhao at the behest of the Jade Emperor."
Zhao Gong said coldly, "Heaven of Science is just the Jade Emperor of Heaven, and I am the younger brother who cut off education. He hasn’t the ability to show me that my three sisters have helped you."
San Xiao said, "Brother is welcome." Yunxiao held a mixed dollar bucket and said, "Excavate, do you know what is in my hand?"
Excavate naturally knew that the mixed yuan action in Yunxiao’s hands was terrible. At the beginning, Penglai Sanxian used the magic weapon in his hand to block the door. Everyone could block it. At that time, the sisters came to the last mixed yuan action for three nights. Excavate was famous for this mixed yuan action. But Heaven gave him a magic weapon before he dared to stop Zhao Gong, or he dared not come again one day.
Li Jingdao said, "Things in the hands of Yunxiao Niangniang are naturally mixed, but the king also brings something." Then a picture appeared in his hand.
When Zhao Gong saw the picture scroll, he frowned and said, "Sister, be careful with this picture scroll. It was necessary to prevent Penglai from sending celestial objects."
Yunxiao said, "Brother, rest assured that I have my own discretion."
Excavate threw the picture scroll, and it was suspended for half. Everyone felt that the picture scroll was chaotic and could not see clearly, and then suddenly woke up, but it had changed around.
When Zhao Gong saw it, he changed around and said, "Look out, three sisters, we have been trapped in the plan."
Yunxiao said, "Brother, this picture seems a little strange. I can’t do this again."
Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao said, "Our magic weapon can’t be used."
Zhao Gongzheng said, "It seems that there is no magic weapon in this picture scroll. We may still be able to get out by breaking the array." Say that three flowers on the top of the head show an acre of Daqing cloud floating for three nights. Seeing this, it also shows that Qingyun on the top of the head is trying to break the picture scroll and flee.
Besides, Zhao Gongren was about to take the picture scroll back to heaven immediately after Excavate threw it out. Suddenly, a huge floor tile fell on Excavate and he fled in a hurry. It’s a pity that those heavenly soldiers didn’t have this good luck. On the spot, when the hundred thousand heavenly soldiers died, they were really full of people and couldn’t be installed any more. Fortunately, this sacred list is also something that gives all beings a chance. Those who can’t be listed will be sent to the six paths of reincarnation immediately, and this reincarnation can be as busy as a bee.
It is said that Li Jing escaped the plank brick and hurried to the heaven, but a plank brick suddenly appeared behind his head. Li Jinglai did not avoid being shot by the plank brick and his brains burst, and he went straight to the six roads.
Two plank bricks disappeared in the morning, and the giant hand reached out to pick up the picture scroll and shook it. At this moment, the picture scroll was suddenly put away, and it was amazing that day, and another big hand grabbed the picture scroll and pulled it to pieces.
Heaven Yaochi is casting a spell with a frown, and the picture scroll is under her control. I don’t want two giant hands to suddenly appear in the sky, so she almost can’t control the picture scroll. This is not because the four Duke Zhao in the picture scroll are trying to crack the picture scroll, and Yaochi has to curb the picture scroll and fight with those big hands, so it is impossible.
Heaven said, "Who is the man in the face? I cann’t believe I’m right Is it a Taoist? " Say will be a big print toward the world stung.
As soon as the seal of heaven on science fell, the dust fell straight to one big hand, and the two big hands immediately shrank back. Then a black hole appeared, which attracted the seal of heaven on science and slowly pulled it toward the black hole.
The picture scroll will fly to the sky without its opponent. Suddenly, a big clock will be pressed against the picture scroll from the sky to prevent the picture scroll from escaping. Heaven Haotian and Yaochi are frightened and say, "chaos clock!"
Hao Tiandao said, "Is it true that the floating clouds in chaos clock have really left?"
Yaochi frowned slightly and said, "Don’t worry about this beforehand or bring back HarmonyOS Purple Gas, otherwise you and I will be painstakingly white." Say, throw the phoenix hairpin on the top of your head at the boundary, and the phoenix hairpin will immediately turn into a phoenix and throw the dragon hairpin on the top of your head at the boundary, and the dragon hairpin will fly out directly and rush to the clock in Yi Long. A phoenix looks like a dragon and a phoenix. These two magic weapons are all given to the celestial treasure by Hong.
When the dragon and phoenix were about to hit the clock, a bamboo stick came from the sky, and when the dragon and phoenix were about to hit the clock, the bamboo stick hit the clock and the whole world shook as soon as it rang, and the dragon and phoenix immediately paused for a moment.
The bamboo stick hit the dragon and phoenix, and the dragon and phoenix were immediately returned to the prototype and flew into the sky. On that day, Qi Qi marveled at "six clean bamboos!"
Heaven and Yao Chi looked at the bamboo stick and was shocked. Yao Chi said, "He is a floating cloud teacher."
Hao Tian said, "Why don’t you help Wang Shu win that HarmonyOS purple gas?"
Yaochi paused for a moment and said, "We must get the purple gas in HarmonyOS, otherwise it is unknown whether we can survive this doom."
Heaven said, "It’s just a matter of gambling on this holy position once." Say, with a wave of his hand, he will gather the fairy flag and then point it to the boundary. After a while, several immortals will involuntarily fly to the boundary and gather at the big clock.
The bamboo stick gently moved at the sound of the big clock, and the immortals stood on the spot. The bamboo stick rang at the big clock at one o’clock again, and all the immortals dispersed one by one and went straight to six roads.
Heaven of science kept shaking the Juxian flag, exhausted the immortals, and went straight to the location of the clock and kept killing those immortals. This killing was really a killing. Millions of heaven gave all the immortals in heaven to kill him, but it was safe to be robbed. Now it is a big disaster to kill all the immortals in heaven, so the number of days will be lost, and now it is a big disaster to kill them.
Suddenly, the big clock flew up and shook gently, and the whole world echoed with ringing bells. Whenever the monks who came to the immortals fell off the road and went straight to the Sixth Road, they threw the Juxian Banner towards the boundary and saw that the world was covered by Juxian Banner, and then Juxian Banner wrapped the big clock and bamboo stick.
Suddenly appeared out and grabbed the Juxian flag and gave it a hard pull. The Juxian flag was directly pulled out and flew straight at the sky and disappeared. Heaven stretched out his hand and drew a demon mirror to the world. The dharma body in the demon mirror turned out to be Taikoo Dragon, who felt a little uncomfortable when he was photographed by the demon mirror, but he waved it away in a moment.
Heaven stretched out his hand toward the swire dragon in the demon mirror, but when he saw that the demon mirror suddenly screamed, it turned out that it could shine on people. It was only when the Yuan God was injured that Heaven went straight toward the swire dragon in the mirror, and he naturally disappeared with him.
Heaven of science was about to recall the picture scroll when suddenly two plank bricks flew into Yaochi, and they rushed to avoid the plank brick. Who knows that these two plank bricks chased the two of them, but Heaven of science and the Queen Mother made moves towards the plank brick at the same time, one by one, and the two plank bricks immediately flew out and disappeared for thirty-three days, while Heaven of science and Yaochi took a step back at the same time. After all, they were not the people who majored in mana, but they were naturally on guard against pulling people into the water. Although they shot the plank brick with one blow, Heaven of science and Yaochi followed Hong for many years.