Ruan Bin ruthlessly asked him, "What does she have to do with you when she resigns?"

Jiang Hao was defeated by an army and couldn’t say anything.
"You tell her to have a good rest for me and forget about those who are unworthy and unworthy of you. I have nothing to say to you." Then Ruan Bin hung up directly.
So close, Qiao Xinwei also heard Ruan Bin talking in the words. She smiled evilly. Jiang Hao was even more reluctant. He put the phone down in a friendly way.
He said, "You lie still and I’ll go out to buy medicine."
Joe just said, "No, I won’t eat it."
"Don’t do this, will you? You are very hot."
"If you keep talking nonsense, I’ll leave."
Jiang Hao couldn’t help saying, "You can’t leave. You can live here and resign, or you can go out for a trip and play as long as you want, but don’t move out of here. Just promise me to wait here until I come back." The emotional part almost choked.
Qiao Xin only moved her eyelashes and slowly opened her eyes. She looked at him with some doubts in her eyes and asked, "What do you mean?"
Jiang Hao ruthlessly bit his teeth and many words were stuck in his throat. He took a deep breath and said, "I’m the only one who cares. Listen to me well. Xiao Tianai is a very complicated person. She has been involved in many cases. We can’t find anything until I told her to order me." ? I’m sorry that I can do this. I’m sorry for you. You believe me once. You go out to travel and leave here. When these things are over, you come back. I’m still me. We’re still husband and wife. "
Qiao Xinwei couldn’t believe her ears. She looked at Jiang Hao in surprise. At this time, Jiang Hao was already in tears. Soldiers who are always serious and cold sometimes shed tears.
"I love you, I love you, but I am a soldier, and I have no other choice."
Qiao Xinwei also cried. She raised her hand high and slapped him in the face with all her strength. It was crisp and neat, and even her palms were numb with pain.
"A military order is like a mountain. You don’t even want home. There are military orders in your eyes. There is no other country. You can sacrifice everything, including me? ?” Qiao Xinwei was sobbing and asked, "Jiang Hao, what am I in your heart and where do you put me?"
Chapter seventy-four Your wife is pregnant
Chapter seventy-four Your wife is pregnant
Knowing the truth, Qiao Xinwei didn’t feel better in his heart, but he hated it even more. She suddenly realized what the former governor Jin said to her and the unusual reaction of her in-laws after learning that they were divorced.
He wants to divorce her, but she is not the first to know that so many people are in front of her and know that they are playing with her like a fool.
She looked at the man she loved, and suddenly she hated him. He made her suffer from betrayal, and then she told her that it was all a show, that it was all false, and that it was all his.
It turns out that I am not as good as one in your heart.
Jiang Hao didn’t want to say it at this time, but today he couldn’t bear to tell her the truth and then send her away. This is the result that his chief Jin won an afternoon.
He held her hand and knelt down on the bed and said, "When I am on a business trip, I will find clues as soon as possible to complete your trip to Australia, Europe and America. You can go wherever you want and find a place you like. When you stay for a while, you will travel while studying, and you will soon go there. When I am free here, I will pick you up, okay?"
Qiao Xinwei roared sadly, "Why should I listen to your arrangement if it’s not good?" She waved her foot and kicked Jiang Hao in the chest. "You roll for me." I don’t think this is somebody else’s place. She was taken off the bed. "You don’t roll, I roll."
After yelling, the last ounce of strength was gone, and her eyes plunged into darkness.
Jiang Hao quickly hugged her "idealism? ?” In his arms, her face was as white as paper, her lips were chapped and her skin was torn, her forehead was boiling hot, but her hands were cold. He didn’t hesitate to pick her up and ran straight out of the door.
Talking while driving, "Xiao Fang, I’m on my way to the military hospital in about 20 minutes. Wait at the gate of the hospital to see if anyone is following me. If you are watching, just don’t act."
It’s a 20-minute journey to the hospital. Fortunately, there are not many late trains. He came all the way.
Holding Qiao Xinwei, I went directly to the emergency doctor and nurse. When I saw Jiang Hao, I immediately surrounded him.
"Master Zhang, you’re here. My wife has a high fever and fainted. She didn’t eat dinner. She probably didn’t even eat lunch."
Section 125
Zhang Zhuma checked and said, "High fever and dehydration lead to coma. Chief Jiang, please go out and wait for someone to give us rest assured."
Jiang Hao was pushed out by the nurse. He sat on a stool in a decadent way, bent down and looked down at the ground. He exhaled and panicked, and his heart was still jumping around.
When did he actually make his life a mess? What’s more, his heart was a mess, and he was hesitant and indecisive. He has never done this for more than 30 years.
Soon Zhang Zhu came out and asked, "Chief Jiang, have you been pregnant?"
Jiang Hao leng had nodded.
Master Zhang ordered the nurse next to him to say, "Don’t take medicine to draw blood for a hg test first."
At this moment, Jiang Hao’s cell phone rang. It was Xiao Fang. He went to the side and answered "Hello".
"Chief, you guessed right. Someone is following you."
"It’s a white Audi, right?"
Right, right, right.
"Damn it, it’s not at all possible to play stalking without changing cars."
"Ah chief, what did you say?"
"No, I didn’t tell you that you continue to stare at the horse with the situation."
Hang up the words Jiang Hao took a deep breath to calm himself down and knew that there was something wrong with the driver. Sure enough, Xiao Tianai was followed to his head.
After thinking about this, I must beat him a little farther and walk to the corridor of Loudaokou, where the breeze blows chilly.
"Hey, A Hao, what’s up?"
Knowing the past and asking questions is deep enough. You "Qiao Xinwei fainted at home. I just took her to the hospital."
"Is she all right?"
"The fever coma doctor is still doing a detailed examination."
Xiao Tianai was silent for a while and said, "A Hao, she’s not very handsome, and she doesn’t have anything or how she still lives in your room."