Not you.

I am by no means the king. Monte Cristo said and deliberately emphasized that title. What help can I give you? Is your reputation, your status and your appearance enough?
No, Andre said no, you didn’t say that, count. I’ve always recognized my fame and I’ll be in a position. I can’t ask you any help
You are completely mistaken. Monte Cristo coldly said that he learned the meaning of his words from the lazy attitude of the youth. You were protected by me only after I learned about your father’s property. I have never seen you or who is your famous father’s root knot. I am fortunate to know you. It is my two good friends, Lord Weimar, Father Busoni. What on earth should I be? You are not a guarantor but a protector. That is because your father’s fame is not well respected in Italy. Personally, I don’t know you. Andre knows that he is very calm at this moment.
Oh, so is my father really a very big fortune, count?
It seems that this pavilion Monte Cristo replied.
Do you know if my father promised me to get married?
Your father has informed me.
But what about 3 million cash?
That 3 million is probably on its way.
So can I really get it?
Scare the count and say, I don’t think you are so short of money
Andre was so surprised for a while that he didn’t know what to say, and then he woke up from his confusion and said, Now I have asked you one thing, that is, you will certainly forgive me if you don’t want to.
Said Monte Cristo said
Because of my luck, I have made many famous people and I still have a group of friends at present, but since I am going to hold a grand wedding ceremony in Paris, I should be led to the altar by a famous person when my father is not present. It is European custom to get married in a church, and the bride and groom should be blessed by the priest at the altar. My father seems unable to come to Paris now, doesn’t he?
He is old and covered with scars. He said that every trip was painful for him.
I’m white. Well, I’ll come and you give me a noodle.
What is it?
Oh, just take his place
Ah, my dear sir, why should you be so ignorant after I have had so much contact with you? I have come to ask me to lend you 500,000 yuan for such a thing. Frankly speaking, although such a loan is very rare, you may not make it difficult for me. I remember I told you that the Count of Monte Cristo has never been involved in the world, especially in ethics. To put it more bluntly, this is an oriental superstition. I have hidden a charming maze in Constantinople, but did my master have a wedding? Absolutely not.
So you turned me down
Resolutely refuse, even if you are my son or my brother, I will refuse you the same.
Then what should I do? Andre said disappointedly
Didn’t you just say that you have many friends?
Yes, but it was you who introduced me to m danglars’ house.
It is by no means for us to recall the fact that you met him at a banquet in my home, and you have visited him at his home, which is my business.
It’s because of my marriage, but it’s because of you
I’m not you at all. I remember what I said to you when you asked me to be a matchmaker. Oh, I will never go to anyone else to promote marriage, my dear Wang. This is my firm principle.
Andre bit his lip, but at least he said you would attend.
Are all Parisians going?
Oh, sure