Although this thing tastes excellent, Liao Jinghua dare not eat more. He just waits quietly after a day, and there is no other strange feeling except that he feels a little lighter and a little stronger. It seems that this tree egg has many benefits instead of harm.

Liao Jinghua was so happy that he waved his hand and took out a bunch of various containers bought in Qingtian City. He put all these liquids in and sealed himself. He drank a few mouthfuls of refreshing Liao Jinghua and Xiao Ruan almost cried out. It seemed that all food was the same to him. After drinking the liquid, his face was the same, as if he drank water instead of this delicious food.
Liao Jinghua carefully pulled a small egg with hard spines to the front. The shell of this small egg is very hard. Although Liao Jinghua’s black blood knife can cut the skin, this egg is always rolling around without focusing on the small soft hand. When he reached out and snapped the egg, he held down a few spikes and pierced the small soft palm, scaring Liao Jinghua. But seeing Xiao Soft’s face without changing color, Liao Jinghua was relieved. The small soft body was too soft, and these spikes were not enough to hurt him.
Liao Jinghua helped the black snow knife to carefully cut out the little egg, which was as white as flour. Liao Jinghua dipped a little powder into his mouth, and it was slightly sweeter than ordinary flour. I don’t know how many times.
"Maybe this thing can make pie" Liao Jinghua said with a smile, pointing to this flour.
"Well, I like pie." Xiao Ruan nodded.
"Well, it’s getting dark and it’s time to rest. Try this." Liao Jinghua looked at the sky and decided to take a break, fix the food first and then find a way to get out of here.
Liao Jinghua took out these hundreds of small eggs one by one, and the flour-like powder inside them was mixed with liquid. She picked up some dry wood in this strange stone forest. Well, anyway, it was just dry wood when it fell from those dead trees. Anyway, it can also burn up. It’s a pity that there is no meat to bake a pie on the surface, or else we can make a real meat pie.
Liao Jinghua’s utensils are so neat, it’s really thanks to Yishuiye. At the beginning, if Shuiye hadn’t dragged him shopping and bought a lot of seemingly nothing, today Liao Jinghua could bake the cake with the black snow stick, and Liao Jinghua once again thought of Shuiye and almost baked the cake in a daze.
Liao jinghua and Xiao Ruan, who are about the size of a ruler, chewed up one by one. This strange tree juice was mixed with that powder to make a big cake. After being baked by fire, it was crispy outside and tender inside. Liao jinghua and Xiao Ruan each ate two before they stopped.
"Let’s see if there are any more." Liao Jinghua couldn’t help but get greedy, reminding him of his mother who had not eaten pancakes for nearly a hundred years. Liao Jinghua couldn’t help but miss his hometown and wondered what happened to his mother now. Thought of this, Liao Jinghua smiled bitterly for almost a hundred years, fearing that his mother would have returned to the dust now. "Alas, unfilial!" Liao Jinghua sighed.
When Liao Jinghua came to her senses, she found Xiao Ruan gone. Liao Jinghua was surprised. Where did this little guy go? Is there something wrong? Liao Jinghua was about to get up and look for something strange behind him. He reached out and grabbed something soft behind him and was dragged to the front by Liao Jinghua. The black snow knife also appeared in his hand, and he was about to twist the soft thing and take off his palm.
"It’s me" comes in a soft voice.
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Chapter DiYiLiuLiu Such a coincidence
"Xiao Ruan, what did you do? Come back without a sound, I almost hurt you. "Liao Jinghua almost yelled.
"This" said Xiao Ruan, who suddenly grew up behind him with two hands holding a huge egg twice as big as Liao Jinghua’s just dug it up.
"Hey? How did you get it out? " Liao Jinghua jing yi asked.
"I don’t know, I just climbed up and wrapped it, so I took it." As Xiao Ruan said, she gestured to Liao Jinghua. How did Xiao Ruan finally get it out? Xiao Ruan climbed the tree first, then drilled the liquid from the crack in the dead tree, wrapped the big egg and then dragged it out, so that the strange tree didn’t respond at all.
"The pie is delicious, you wait." Xiao Ruan said, and slipped out in a long strip like a snake when she stopped. For Xiao Ruan, this taxiing thing, Liao Jinghua was more than enough.
Liao Jinghua cut the big egg to take out the liquid, and then cut the small egg inside to take out the flour-like things to bake cakes. After a while, Liao Jinghua baked dozens of cakes.
Xiao Ruan came back and brought back two big eggs. Xiao Ruan picked up a big cake and slipped away without returning. Liao Jinghua shook his head and cut the eggs again to make cakes. Xiao Ruan would come back from time to time to throw a few big eggs and leave Liao Jinghua to bake hundreds of big cakes in one breath. This is the stop. Xiao Ruan brought back the big eggs again. Liao Jinghua waved his hand and put them away. There is no need to cut these eggs again.
One night, Xiao Ruan searched for a thousand big eggs, fearing that hundreds of miles of big eggs in Fiona Fang were all taken away by it. Xiao Ruan also had such a greedy side. Liao Jinghua finally saw it.
Xiao Ruan had to go to look for eggs at dawn, but Liao Jinghua pulled him. "Okay, Xiao Ruan, you’ve got a lot back. It’s almost enough. Don’t be too greedy. We should hurry," Liao Jinghua said
Xiao Ruan nodded his head and was too lazy to think about it. Anyway, Liao Jinghua said what he did. Looking at Xiao Ruan, it was so simple that it was almost silly. Liao Jinghua was worried that if he had been with himself for a hundred years, he would still be born in this cruel Tianzhu peak.
"Will get lost" Xiao Ruan pointed to the strange trees and stones around and said.
"I’ll see what I can do. I can’t always go around like this," said Liao Jinghua, touching Ba Hu chi. This kind of movement is almost a sign movement when he is thinking.
"By the way, these strange things don’t seem to have any feelings about fire, so I can smoke to show the way." Liao Jinghua said that he searched four times for some dry firewood, and when the real firewood burned, Liao Jinghua waved his hand and came again with a big water polo, so that more forest firewood was soaked. He put these wet firewood on the fire, and the black smoke rose. Liao Jinghua closed his eyes, meditated and intuitively identified the direction, and ran to the right place with a small soft belt. When Liao Jinghua felt that something was wrong, he immediately stopped and collected the dry firewood again, and moved forward to make some smoke again.
"We should look at these two thick smoke, and we will make some thick smoke every time we walk, so that we can point out the most correct direction," Liao Jinghua said, pointing to the two thick smoke rising from behind.
Xiao Ruan nodded vaguely and learned one thing again. Liao Jinghua didn’t explain to Xiao Ruan much. He took Xiao Ruan to go forward again and walked out of dozens of miles. Liao Jinghua stopped and looked back. Behind him, in the light fog, smoke passed through two thick smoke. Liao Jinghua found that he had corrected his direction and lit a pile of fireworks. Liao Jinghua dared not fly again for fear of waking up these strange stone forests again. When Liao Jinghua lit the tenth fire, he didn’t go on, but looked at the strange trees and rocks not far ahead. Xiao Ruan stretched out.
"They are moving a road network," Xiao Ruan said.
"Well, the ground is moving slowly, so it’s no wonder that we haven’t walked out for more than a year." Liao Jinghua sighed that it is true that these strange trees and strange stones are moving, and not everyone is moving and moving slowly. In this strange place, everything in the fog is a color, which confuses Liao Jinghua’s sight. If Liao Jinghua hadn’t just happened to see a strange stone pressed against a root, he was afraid that he wouldn’t have found this small phenomenon.
When walking, a person can move forward to the target he sees, and he will change the reference at any time and anywhere to reach the place he wants to go. However, if a person walks with a group of people in a crowd, when this group of people blocks your staff and these people are making some subtle changes in direction, I believe that this person will not find that he has deviated from the place he wants to go, even if this group of people leads people around several times, which is exactly the situation that Liao Jinghua and Xiao Ruan are encountering now.
However, when this reason is seen through, it will no longer be the cause of Liao Jinghua’s loss. The fire and smoke are lit all the way for reference. Liao Jinghua Xiao Ruan does not rest. This place is full of strangeness. Of course, those delicious big eggs are the only beautiful things here.
After walking for months without sleep, they finally walked out of this strange rock and dead trees and stepped on the grass and green trees again. Liao Jinghua also took a breath, but before this breath was finished, he sucked it back and turned it into a frozen air conditioner.
A cliff is very high and covered with all kinds of green vines with humanoid fruits or huge flowers with five colors. It looks a bit like Chinese ginseng fruit, but I dare not eat this humanoid fruit after killing Liao Jinghua. Who knows if a person will really jump out with a bite from this strange Tianzhu Peak plant fruit?
Look at this cliff, I don’t know how high it is, Liao Jinghua is a little dizzy. Liao Jinghua would rather face hordes of monsters than climb a cliff. Liao Jinghua was hurt on the cliff. It was too big. First, the mountain fell off the cliff, but it was betrayed by Wen Renyi and his baby was stolen. For the second time, he fell into the local country, and his brother and sister died by themselves, where he ate soul beads. I don’t know how many lives were hurt. These are still terrible. For the third time, he climbed a cliff and let go a stupid dragon, but it hurt millions of ugly people. Every time I think about it, Liao Jinghua feels like a needle has stung him so hard that he seems to faint, but this time Liao Jinghua feels less than before.
"Maybe maybe I saved a race of water fish, which diluted my guilt, don’t you think?" Liao Jinghua asked Xiao Ruan after the first half of the sentence was talking to himself.
"I don’t know what you’re talking about," Xiao Ruan replied honestly.
"Xiao Ruan, can’t you comfort me?" Liao Jinghua said with a wry smile.
"But I really don’t know what you’re talking about." Xiao Ruan said seriously that long face was full of puzzled expressions. "Okay, just forget I said that." Liao Jinghua looked at Xiao Ruan’s serious and confused face and some Nai said that Xiao Ruan is now like an inexperienced child. It seems that he should not be taught to lie himself.
"How do you think we can get there?" Liao Jinghua looked at the high cliff and said.
"Climb to the top" Xiao Ruan looked at the cliff and nodded and said
"Of course, we can’t just fly." Liao Jinghua laughed.
"Is this thing delicious?" The little soft hand stretched out long and carefully moved two points in the humanoid fruit.
"I don’t know," Liao Jinghua said simply. "Even if it’s delicious, I won’t eat it. It will make me feel like eating people."
"Is that man delicious?" .
"Xiao Ruan, I find that you seem to be very interested in eating." Liao Jinghua looked at Xiao Ruan funny and said.
"Well, the pie is delicious," Xiao Ruan said with a hard nod.