"settle down? Zhou Chaoqun … Friend? What friend? " Jessica Fong Ching slightly tilted his head and raised his eyebrows to evoke a low question of red lips

Although Zhou Chaoqun said that this girl is not his girlfriend, maybe it is someone he likes or is interested in him. When Ann settled down, she made up a lot of brains and met with Fang Zong. In her imagination, China should always be an old-fashioned talented woman with gold-rimmed glasses and neatly combed hair. She also spoke in an orderly way. She even asked Xu Feng a lot of professional rhetoric about online drama.
But since she entered this office, everything is out of her control. First of all, this eo is very young and beautiful. She has exquisite facial features, elegant three-dimensional dress, and charming and sexy. She feels confident and frivolous in her every move, and she suddenly becomes a mountain gun in front of her …
She gave a heartfelt praise to "Fang Zong is so beautiful! Even I look straight in the eye. "
Section 5
"Really?" Jessica Fong Ching pursed her lips and bowed her head briefly. Her white neck was wearing that string of jade beads and gave off a soft luster.
"Ann fall is it? You haven’t answered me whether you and Zhou Chaoqun are … "
"I have met several times."
Ann answered truthfully. After that, she was a little uneasy. Jessica Fong Ching kept asking her and Zhou Chaoqun if she was willing to meet her today because she gave Zhou Chaoqun a face? I don’t care about the follow-up after knowing that she is actually not familiar with Zhou Mi. Jessica Fong Ching ha ha smiled "settle down you really don’t understand Zhou Chaoqun or something? How can you meddle with Zhou Mi’s coldness? Unless someone occupy a certain position in his heart, he may mind his own business. "
Jessica Fong Ching is very curious about Zhou Chaoqun and An Luo. To be exact, Zhou Mi has never taken the initiative to ask her out since graduation, unless she met her on some occasions. Zhou Chaoqun’s expression is always so silent.
This time, he actually invited a woman to ask her out? It really surprised and frightened her. She felt that if she pushed Anluo out like this, there would be no reason to meet Zhou Chaoqun.
"What about your things? Since you want to broadcast your online drama on my love fruit video, you must first pass me. "
Zhengwen 11 Hotel Xiangyu
"Oh, here it is." Ann took out her USB flash drive from her bag and handed it to her. "Twenty of them are copied here."
Jessica Fong Ching took the compact USB flash drive and played it in his hand. Then he looked up at Anluo’s expectant eyes and carefully looked at Anluo’s eyes at close range. Jessica Fong Ching was a little surprised. Anluo’s eyes were clear as if a crystal clear lake was cool and refreshing, and at the same time, they were full of brilliance. These eyes seemed to suck people in for a long time.
"Party always? I have something dirty on my face? " Ann rubbed his face guilty to ask
"Oh, there’s no USB flash drive. I’ll contact you after I read it." Jessica Fong Ching withdrew his eyes and resumed his pride and confidence
An Luo took out a piece of paper from his bag and wrote his name and mobile phone number on the Jessica Fong Ching desk. He smiled ingratiatingly, "Sorry, I always don’t have a business card."
"Then I’ll go back first and leave you alone."
Jessica Fong Ching looked at Ann’s figure disappearing in front of her. She pulled out the drawer and took it out in a small mirror. She looked beautiful but she seemed a little less youthful than the girl just now. She frowned mercilessly. Does Zhou Chaoqun want the old cow to eat the young grass?
Ann came out from Aiguo Company and took a taxi to the hospital to see her parents. She told Zhao Heng and Xu about the situation here, and they encouraged her to have confidence in herself. She just wanted to put her mobile phone back in her bag with a smile, and the mobile phone shook again. At the sight of the screen showing that Ni Haodong sent WeChat, her heart suddenly accelerated.
It seems that they haven’t contacted each other for several days. She hasn’t heard from Ni Haodong since she found herself on the hot search list that day. She feels guilty that Ni Haodong must have known about it. Otherwise, why didn’t she search the video again the next day? So he is busy on the one hand and angry with her on the other.
"Where is it?"
Although he felt hot in his eyes after just sending these words, she didn’t take the initiative to contact him these days because of the vague thing with Cheng Han. She was afraid that he would be too concerned to accept what she gave him. Think it over, and now receive his WeChat saying that he finally stopped being angry with her?
She bit her lip and finger on the screen and nodded briskly, and quickly replied, "I went to the hospital to see my parents."
Ni Haodong just got off the plane and asked about her mobile phone. When he saw her reply, he paused and hesitated whether to go directly to the hospital to find her. At this moment, the ancient wolf appeared.
"Master Ni Shao is not feeling well. Come with me and have a look!"
NiHaoDong look a fiercely directly followed the ancient Wolf, sitting in a taxi with his eyes staring at the mobile phone screen for a long time before he answered the corner of his eye with a little disappointment, and stuffed the mobile phone into his bag and looked out of the window to see the street view.
"Hey? Master, I’m going to the hospital. It’s not this way to the hospital. You’re going backwards! "
The driver teacher didn’t talk and settled down, but she felt that the speed was faster. She panicked and stared at the driver and shouted, "Who are you? Where are you taking me? "
"If you don’t talk, I’ll jump out of the car!" Ann falls down with her hands holding the car door, her eyes staring at the rapid retreat, and her little heart flutters at this speed. Can she still live? She would never make such a foolish move if she had to. It was just to scare the driver.
"Don’t get excited, Miss Ann!" The driver really believed the rearview mirror when he saw an Luo’s face of death. Unfortunately, the driver didn’t know that this woman was sitting behind, but she was addicted to studying and performing recently and could cut into the environment at any time to perform.
"I’m following orders to take you to a place. Don’t worry, it won’t do you any harm. You’ll know."