B Xuan at this time has also come to Du He side coldly looking at kneeling on the ground officer Yuchen eyes full of disappointment.

This brother, he used to be optimistic.
In his opinion, Guan Yuchen’s qualification is better than that of Duane, but now Pan Hui’s, but this victory lies in his delicate mind, especially the performance of Guan Yuchen’s first brother on patrol, which makes him very satisfied. A 16-year-old boy, however, can defend such a large long porch so tightly that his delicate mind and judgment are not underestimated.
Unfortunately …
The so-called wrong step and wrong step.
B Xuan didn’t expect Guan Yuchen to be a person who dare not admit his mistake.
If a person doesn’t even have the courage to face up to his mistakes, he will be embarrassed and merciful!
In Du He Yixuan, the double pressure officer Yuchen finally explained the patrol deployment last night, but the more he said that he was more and more frightened, the more he said that he had already said that he couldn’t go to the original or knelt on the ground. At this time, he threw himself at Du He’s feet and couldn’t help shivering.
Du He was disappointed to keep shaking his head and suddenly looked at the younger brothers in the square in front of the temple. "Today, the identity of the first brother who patrolled Guan Yuchen was abolished by …" Speaking of which, he paused to scan all the younger brothers and finally his eyes fell on Pan Huishen.
Pan Hui immediately saluted and said, "Master Cha Di lived in seclusion for many years and didn’t know much about other disciples. It’s really impossible to bear this burden."
Du He gently "well" a will look to the qin dynasty or body way "second teacher younger brother this chore will temporarily bother you"
"Dare not" Qin or busy way "Xuan Lord commanded Qin or will do his best to dare not have the slightest neglect"
Du He nodded and turned to the second Xuan and sighed, "Five younger brothers, I will leave this abrasive brother to your disposal."
Yi Xuan sighed at the head of the official Yu Chen, who was kneeling on the ground. "This child … is so disappointing!" Then he leaned over to sneak up and seal the veins of the officer Yu Chen without saying anything more.
Pan Hui looked on coldly. Although she was full of hatred for Guan Yuchen, her heart felt a little sad.
She really hates Guan Yuchen’s dereliction of duty, causing Rong to miss the best opportunity to be rescued and eventually die tragically, but she is also white. Even the fifth martial uncle finally severely punished Guan Yuchen Rong, but she still can’t come back, and even it is impossible to see him again.
Once the immortal dies, it will be gone.
This is what make Pan Hui feel saddest-will there be an afterlife? Die so cleanly?
Yi Xuan glanced at Pan Hui and pointed to the brothers in the snow and asked, "Hui Er, what else do you need to ask them?"
Pan Hui still didn’t answer when she heard a side officer Yuchen shouted "I have a clue! I found a clue yesterday! "
Everyone was surprised and looked at Guan Yuchen.
Chapter 19 Interrogation before the temple (3)
Everyone was surprised and looked at Guan Yuchen.
Pan Hui went to Guan Yuchen in three steps and two steps and sank, "What clues!"
Officer Yuchen ha ha smiled and took out a small piece of rag from the sleeve and handed it to Pan Hui.
Pan Hui pupil hole contracted suddenly, but the whole person pushed back a step, and his face was full of disbelief.
Guan Yuchen seems to have regained his anger at this time. Pan Hui took a step back. He took a step forward and raised the cloth in his hand and smiled. "Don’t you want revenge on Rong? Now there’s a clue. You won’t answer it? What are you afraid of? "
Pan Hui instantly came to my mind and straightened up gradually. Just before that inexplicable panic suddenly subsided in my heart, she looked coldly at Guan Yuchen’s mouth with a cruel smile and hummed, "Since there are clues, don’t you take them out early in the morning? Have to wait until now! Didn’t you know that you were to blame early in the morning and just kept this clue to yourself? "
Guan Yuchen noticed that Du He’s eyes became colder with Pan Hui’s words, and his heart became angry with the big fire. "I just want to hand over the evidence to Uncle Wu. After all, who knows if someone will secretly destroy this evidence for personal gain!" And he is a direct wrist will be a piece of cloth back into the sleeve.
One hand suddenly appeared and pulled the piece of cloth away.
Guan Yuchen turned his head to see that it was Uncle B Xuan, but it was quiet and took a squint at Pan Huiyi, which was somewhat proud.
Pan Hui jumped between the eyebrows and felt that the one-sided pattern of this cloth looked somewhat familiar. I couldn’t help but look at Guan Yuchen’s eyes and found that Guan Yuchen’s eyes were somewhat calculated and sly. Pan Hui’s hands were instantly clenched into fists and nails were directly pinched into the palm.
"Where did you find this piece of cloth?" B Xuan tossed and turned the piece of white cloth twice before asking.
Guan Yuchen immediately said, "This was found in the palm of Rong’s right hand when my brother checked her body yesterday."
"Oh?" B xuan lifted her eyes suddenly blazing with anger cold way "that this piece of cloth without blood sacrifice? !” Yesterday, Rong was soaked in blood, and even his hands sank in a pool of blood. How can you hold something in your hand and not be stained with blood?
Rong was killed by a palm, and it was not easy to tear the cloth of the murderer’s clothes when he was dying. Where is the strength to hold the cloth tightly in the palm of his hand without revealing a penny? What’s worse, this cloth can’t be held in the palm of his hand by Rong without being held tightly and rubbed.
Let alone whether Rong tore the murderer’s body material. Even if he did, it would never be this piece!
B xuan shaking hands to this piece of cloth drink a way "say! Where did you get this piece of cloth! "
If he was disappointed with Guan Yuchen before, he is now suspicious of this younger brother. Since Guan Yuchen will produce a forged evidence, it is natural to frame someone. It is no wonder that he will make mistakes when arranging night patrols!
Pan Hui’s heart finally settled down and breathed a sigh of relief. She carefully looked at the cloth in Uncle B Xuan’s hand, and suddenly her eyes were wide open and she immediately adjusted her look.
That piece of cloth … turned out to be a real punishment!
The second time she was punished in the back of Changxuan Mountain, that was the pattern he wore in that white dress.
She has never been very concerned about clothing patterns, but she will pay special attention to white clothes. Because the big brother wears white clothes, she will remember every clothing texture pattern of the big brother so that she will not admit her mistake.
The punishment is really as it was dressed that day. At first glance, the texture of the big brother is the same, but the cuff pattern is different, so she inadvertently wrote it down. Unexpectedly, it is now sent to the scene.
What Uncle B Xuan holds in his hand is a piece of rag like a cuff.
Is it official Yuchen who tore this cloth from the punishment? Moreover, she remembers that Guan Yuchen is not as good as an opponent, so how can she tear each other’s cuffs unnoticed!
Pan Huixiu eyebrows a cu eyes turning around in the heart thinking about officer yuchen eyes.
On the other hand, Guan Yuchen has been kneeling on the ground under the coercion of Uncle Yi Xuan. "This was torn from a white man last night when my brother pursued him."
The man in white?
Pan Hui heart jump suddenly white-officer Yuchen this is to frame punishment as true!
Although she doesn’t know whether it is appropriate for Guan Yuchen to tear this rag from the punishment, it will definitely not be last night because the punishment was as true as she was with Guanlan last night, but now she can’t tell this fact …
Long Xuan Fire Devil Palace has a thousand years of enmity and personal relationship! If she is really as bad as Zheng Tuo’s first misfortune, it will definitely not be a framed punishment as official Yuchen, but her enemy, a traitor!
"Oh?" B Xuan’s eyes are slightly narrowed, and obviously he doesn’t believe what Guan Yuchen said. "What is the size and appearance?"
Guan Yuchen said, "The man is about a foot long and his face is generally fat and thin with a mask, but he didn’t see his face clearly, but his younger brother, who is taller than his younger brother, finally failed to stop him from pulling a corner or let him escape."
Du He looked cold and shouted, "Didn’t you talk about such an important clue last night?"
Guan Yuchen stammered for a long time and couldn’t tell a story.