The doorman was detained for a long time, but no one came to the door, and no one inside answered himself what had happened to her. Go and call the hotel manager in panic.

Waiting for the door to be beaten in the house, I didn’t witness the scene. At the door, the hotel manager and staff were shocked and jingled on the spot. "The key fell from the administrator’s hand."
In Nigeria, a forest is full of frightening yin qi, and the faint black fog is entangled in the forest, which makes the sunshine forest blocked by tall trees even darker and more horrible. This forest is called "black forest"
In the second film "Black Forest", the police chief of the Nigerian state of Anambra, Lex Ogbe, took the investigator with him and saw a scene that they would never forget.
First, how a big evil is a body, one of which is obviously that most of the dead bodies that have just been killed have dried up and shrunk and clung to the skeleton to look like mummies; Scattered on the ground are countless dense bones and some organs; About a human skull stinks _ Gerber is surrounded by police vomiting. A veteran policeman is trying to keep calm, but tears keep coming out of his eyes.
Among these bodies, there is an altar in the middle of the altar, with three huge incense sticks, each as thick as a child’s thigh, burning slowly. The burning tobacco smells like burning feces.
There is a table next to the altar, and the scene is even more horrible. A red "naked" male corpse was brutally dissected, and bright red blood "liquid" came out from the dissection and filled the whole table. The abdomen of the male corpse was cruelly pulled out and placed next to him. In this pile of steaming heat, the kidneys and the dirt were not seen.
Looking at this man’s corpse, Ogbe also broke out in silence _ to the famous wizard curled up in the corner of the "Okiga Altar", he shouted at them, "Are you witches people or the devil who stole the corpse? "
Yelling at Ogbe, no wizard answered him.
Cruel cruelty makes angry Ogbe bitter tears. "These truths happen in! Today in the century? You animals are still doing so cruel and affectionate. I never thought there was such a thing in the modern world.
With gloves and trembling hands, I turned over the pile of bloody dirt to see what was missing. I didn’t turn over the dirt carefully. He didn’t find anything missing. Drop your hand and turn your head and growl, "Are you wizards demons or human organ smugglers?"
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The second part The second volume Chapter 36 Wooden God
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At this moment, a wizard suddenly got up and laughed wildly. "You stupid human, you will pay the price of your life for your stupid behavior. Our great gods are blasphemous. If you dare to talk to us, Bo Tian will tell us how much you know when the gods come."
"It’s ridiculous. There is no god in the world. There is a science card in this world. He is just a fabrication made up by your wizard" Okiga ".Do you know what kind of person he is? He’s a scum. You’ve all been profited by him. He’s profited by you. He’s amassed money, and you’ve just been treated as cannon fodder. You stupid fools, wake up! " Ogbe was completely angry when he saw that this ferocious wizard had arrived and didn’t know he was awake. He pointed a gun at the wizard and shot the wizard who had been brainwashed by Okiga on the spot.
Just in Ogbe, the wizard was shot and killed, and a strange feeling happened in a thousand seconds. Suddenly, dark clouds rolled and a gloomy dead body came straight from oppression.
Forced by this mysterious dead air, Ogbe immediately felt that his skin was as cold as death. The cold dead air went through the hair hole of his body and died in his body. Ogbe’s blood "liquid" was like being frozen by the ice of ten thousand years. The biting cold stung him and screamed.
"You despicable slaves dare to blaspheme me and make a great god. I will take your blood" liquid "and soul to atone for the dark clouds. A sudden terror sound rings like thunder.
With the sound of the sky, the dark clouds roared like waves, and the waves surged and pressed. Among the surging and angry dark clouds, there was a hundred-foot Fiona Fang dark cloud, which was particularly black _ When the dark cloud was pressed to the top of Ogbe and others for fifty years, it suddenly turned into thousands of twisted tentacles. When the dark cloud was pressed for another thirty meters _ Ogbe and others’ scalp was numb.
Those hundreds of tentacles are hundreds of skulls with big mouths. The skulls and faces are very scary, and the horrible faces are constantly twisting, which can scare people’s bravery and make their faces even more grotesque.
I didn’t feel any surprise at seeing such a strange man like Ogbe. I was horrified and never believed in "fans". I’m not sure if I believed in science too much since I was a child.
At this time, not only Gedu and his genus were suppressed, but even the wizards were in the same situation and their expressions were extremely scared.
The mind was shocked by that mysterious cloud. People looked at the slow-pressing dark clouds and prayed that the dark clouds would come down quickly so that they could harvest their life earlier. They wanted to bear the pain of being cut by ice for a while, and their hearts were trembling with severe fright.
But the dark clouds in the sky deliberately tortured these people cruelly. It took three minutes to exhaust the clouds in just a few tens of meters, and then everyone climbed painfully to the ground and twisted their faces.
Open your mouth to cry out, but no matter how big your mouth is, you can’t pronounce it at all, and they can’t even close their eyes to die. All their eyes are supported like lanterns by a force.
Gerber shivered when he saw a skeleton smoke head swallowing him. At this moment, my life suddenly broke into a red glow, like a horse splitting the glow from the sky. All the earth was like a nebula swallowed by a black hole in the universe, spinning and being inhaled, and the red glow was rapidly split.
I feel that the rapid chopping of hongxia has brought me a great sense of intimidation. The gods quickly gave up eating these foods and quickly rose like a black dragon.
Quickly split to hongxia, and the dark clouds hid in the past, but I suddenly changed direction and chased after the dark clouds.
On that day, when God saw Hongxia chasing after her, he pinched his body and turned his head into a fierce water dumpling and slammed it into the chasing Hongxia.
A huge explosion rang, and a dazzling white awn exploded from the sky. The crazy shock wave tilted from the sky, and the tall trees died when they were blown to the ground by the Yu Lang. Ogbe and others were more like mulberry leaves I being blown to the ground to break trees.
At this time, hongxia and black clouds in the sky are facing each other across thousands of meters. The black clouds and hongxia are not a mass of black clouds and a hongxia. The black clouds have become a huge octopus, a huge octopus.
But Bian Qiu is really big. There are dozens of buildings as big as several airports, and the tentacles are fifty or sixty meters high and thick. ii_ Evil _ Move.
And Wanhe is separated from him by thousands of pairs of people who hold hongxia justice. An iron man with a red body is blazing in front of this huge octopus. If this red light is too dazzling, he will be ignored.
Black mans flashing black "color" figure appeared ii fire people listen to shout a "depressed! Where did Ling Lao Er roll out? The speaker is Mo Tianxie, and the fiery man is of course bloody.
Blood spirit Kan laughed. "Old Bu’s shit is the’ Zhangmu Songye’ god who mysteriously disappeared three thousand years ago, and his strength is much better than that’ Tianzhao Great God’."
Mo Tian evil a listen to tidy way "second injustice! Is this shit that bad? If it’s really that powerful, can you be sure of him? "
I don’t know!
"That the two of us `? ’
"I know!"
Mo Tian-xie was dismayed to realize that _ is he really so powerful? "
Seeing Mo Tianxiao’s astonishment, Blood Spirit sneered with disdain. "Old four, you are really a coward. You are scared to death when you listen to this octopus. I think you still: Go back and eat milk."
Mocked by the blood spirit, Mo Tianxiao boasted, "Who’s afraid that I’m just surprised? It’s just an octopus. I’ll just move my finger and it will become an octopus dish."
"Are you? Then you go and get the octopus. If this octopus is made into a dish, it will be very nourishing. Smile and watch Mo Tianxiao reach out and make a gesture of invitation.
Mo Xie suddenly smiled generously when he saw Xue Lingchan’s kind smile. "Thank you, brother, for your kindness. I accept it. We turned out to be good brothers. Of course, there are good things for everyone to share. How dare brothers enjoy it alone!"