I have never seen Mu Ming’s photos, but someone came to tell him that women are the most beautiful ones, and he set his goal as soon as he got there.

There is also Muming in this box, who is the most beautiful and has a different charm when he is young. He feels moved when he looks at it. No wonder men like this woman’s temperament, but others can’t learn it …
In my heart, I wandered around quickly and sneaked a look, so Muming bowed his head to look at such a beautiful person. He felt that it was sacred and inviolable.
Then at first glance, you will feel blasphemous. She gave her hand carefully and said, "This is a gentleman who asked me to give it to you personally. He said you must see it."
Muming held out her hand in doubt, but a sound stopped her from moving when she was about to meet.
Master Mu frowned and said, "Girl, don’t touch anything carefully. This is a gangster cheating."
I was anxious when I heard this. If it can’t be done, why don’t you take it back yourself? That won’t do. He immediately raised his head and looked at Master Mu’s charity and kindness, which seemed to be easy to talk to.
"Old gentleman, this elegance won’t let people wait in. This letter was given to me by a gentleman, not a gangster." How can such a beautiful man be a gangster? Besides, this letter should be for this young lady.
There must be anger in this master, otherwise how can you stare?
After explaining, Muming reached out and saw the envelope and took it. I don’t know what it was. She wanted to see if there was that impulse in her heart.
Master Mu is worried about watching Mu Ming, and his family is also worried about watching her. At the same time, he will stare at life. If this ghost is alive, it can be stopped at the first time!
If anything happens, you can also react at the first time.
Muming held out his hand and took the envelope. Later, he was relieved. Finally, he saved his pocket.
This way, money can come easily and quickly, and there is more. How could he not want it? I’m afraid no poor man in the world can refuse.
She gently opened the envelope into her eyes. It turned out to be a key, but it looked like a car key. She frowned slightly. Who is this?
What’s the purpose of giving her the car keys?
Then she took the key and saw the envelope saying "Come out and I’ll take you somewhere"
The handwriting was Gu Jingke, and she recognized it without warning. Her heart jumped suddenly.
"It’s him." Muming raised her eyes only to see that the two families were out of sight. She gently pulled the corners of her mouth and explained, "It’s him-Gu Jingke."
As soon as this sentence fell, both families were slightly stunned. Mrs. Gu took the lead in reacting and quickly asked, "Xiao Mu, do you mean that this envelope was sent by Jing Ke?"
Seeing Muming nodding, Mrs. Gu couldn’t help but gently move her lips and asked, "Can you write this envelope for me?"
She still remembers her own handwriting. It’s just a reference to read it now, but this may be
She looks like a clever girl. How can she make such a mistake?
Muming handed out the note to Mrs Gu, and the husband and wife looked at his eyebrows and shook, "It’s him."
Then she returned the note to Mu Ming, but she muttered in her heart what the hell the child was doing. First, she didn’t come with them, and now she actually let people write the note, except that her mind returned to primary school and junior high school …
Mu family looked at Mu Ming with some worries, but it was not good to ask anything in front of his family.
Mu Ming got up gently. Since he asked her to go out, she went out to see what he was going to play.
Mr. mugu, what’s your game?
I’ll know when you come out
Mu, I’m afraid you’ll sell me out.
Are you still afraid? Don’t worry-I hate to sell you.
☆ 213 tails sensationalized Kyoto on one knee.
The door was pushed by her, and she carried the bus out of the box. Behind them, the two families looked at each other and didn’t know what to say. Perhaps the root was to talk about it. After all, they didn’t know what Gu Jingke was doing.