Lin Cheng walked in New Luzon Lane in a dark Tang suit for so many years. Lin Cheng traveled all over the world. He had a cool and elegant temperament, and after so many years of martial arts, he developed a noble and upright spirit, which made Lin Cheng have a momentum of not being angry and arrogant.

Many people have seen a man walking leisurely, but Lin Cheng just passed by at a glance. No one would have thought that someone would dare to find fault with the world’s biggest gang at this gang gathering day, and this one is a person.
Along the way, there was no one to cross-examine and stop the court. Inside the gate hole, there was an antique and clear building. The broad hall was where the gangsters were, and the Intermediate People’s Court was where many big bodyguards stayed.
Lin Chenggang was about to step into the door when suddenly there seemed to be an induction in his heart. Looking back, Yue Zishan came in a black coat with vigorous steps.
The guard at the gate was about to stop Lin Cheng from reading his invitation, but Lin Cheng went back.
"Why are you here?" Yue Zishan smiled unconsciously when she saw Lin Cheng exulting in her heart.
"I’m here to fight. What about you?" Lin Cheng smiled and said it was natural.
"You fight and I’ll help you!" Yue Zishan has a kind of husband and wife who will fight with Lin Chenglai. Of course, she will also fight. Yue Zishan forgot to tell her father Yue Xiangdong when she came. Son, you are here to watch the ceremony on behalf of the Hong Kong circle gang. When you don’t have to talk, talk as little as possible. Let’s just go through the motions.
"Haha, well, let’s go."
After receiving Yue Zishan’s invitation, the singer sang, "Hong Kong circle helps Yue Zishan to come!"!
Lin Cheng and Yue Zishan walked into the Hong Men headquarters side by side.
Hong Men Hall is very grand, and the ceremony is arranged in the first part, which is the major branch giants in Hong Men.
"Niece, are you here for your father?" A man in his forties in the hospital saw Yue Zishan coming to meet him.
"Uncle, my father didn’t entrust me to come. Uncle has arrived early. Why don’t you go in?" Yue Zishan speaks politely.
"It’s too stuffy and smoky in there. Come out and get some air."
"Then let’s go in together? The meeting is coming soon. "YueZiShan held out her hand and made one. Please move first.
There is also a singer in the hall who sings that the Hong Kong triad Ma Zhong Circle helps Yue Zishan to arrive!
After entering the door, Yue Zishan and Ma Zhong were led to both sides, because the triad is a branch of Hong Men and belongs to the owner of Hong Men, while the big circle gang is purely a ceremony.
Yue Zishan said to Lin Chengdi as she walked, "This is Ma Zhong, the leader of the triad society in Hong Kong!"
Lin Cheng didn’t seem to hear Yue Zishan’s words. After he entered the door, he fell at the first sight in Korea, where he was sitting in the first place. Among them, he saw Lin Cheng at a glance. His eyes narrowed instantly and he shot a ball of clothes from his eyes that only showed a crack, which was firmly fixed in Lin Chengshen.
When Yue Zishan saw Lin Cheng enter the door, she met a Hong Men boss. Obviously, Yue Zishan also knew that Lin Cheng had found the goal of this trip. Yue Zishan had more common sense in Jianghu and knew more people than Lin Cheng. Yue Zishan introduced Lin Chengxiao to "sitting from north to south, respectively, were Lin Xing, a North American Hong Men giant, in which Xi Xi, the boss of Liu Zhong, Europe and Hong Men, and Li Xiangnan, the boss of Nanyang Hong Men, and the boss of Hong Kong and Hong Men."
Lin Cheng didn’t immediately make trouble, but it was his style that Lin Cheng didn’t speak. Listen quietly. Yue Zishan introduced him to the mafia bosses here, but Yue Zishan knew these Chinese community bosses, and he didn’t even know some foreigners who were in charge of the gangs. Besides, even if foreign gangs came to watch the ceremony, it was generally not the boss who came, but the boss appointed some important people to help.
Hong Men, each ceremony gang, has prepared two chairs, one of which has a good oolong tea table. Gangs always compare themselves to the Dragon House, the king in the dark. Their favorite is oolong tea because of its good meaning!
Lin Chengduan cup caressed the hot air in the tea and took a bite.
After about ten minutes, a strategist-like figure leaned over Lin Xingdong, a big boss in Hong Men, North America, and said, "Big Brother’s auspicious time has come."
Lin Cheng’s ears are very good. After such a long distance, Lin Cheng clearly heard this strategist talking to Lin Hangdong in such a noisy environment.
Lin Xingdong got up and hugged his fist to everyone first. "Thank you for coming to our triennial wedding ceremony in Hong Men in spite of your busy schedule. On behalf of Hong Men, I thank you!"
Everyone warmly applauded Yue Zishan and whispered in Lin Cheng’s ear, "This Lin Hangdong is a big boss in Hong Men. Lin Shener has a very important position in Hong Men and is also the general manager of the two Hong Men."
"Today is our Hong Men Festival and all our festivals. Now I declare our Hong Men Ken Pro-Congress official!"
After Lin Hangdong announced the pro-pro-congress, firecrackers roared outside. When Lin Cheng came in, he saw a lot of firecrackers placed along the three floors outside the Hong Men General Hall, and old and wide firecrackers were placed on both sides of the new Luzon Lane. At this time, Lin Hangdong made firecrackers resound, which set off a good situation in Hong Men.
At the same time as firecrackers sounded, the two energetic lions shook their heads and danced. The lion dance was brought to the world by Hong Men after Hong Men unified the Heaven and Earth Society in the Qing Dynasty.
These two lion dancers have real kung fu, and they can soar two meters high with a little help from the lion’s head, but the four lion legs are firm and show excellent kung fu.
The two lions danced in the courtyard for a long time and shuttled into the lobby, dancing in the lobby. The last wonderful move was that the two lions rose, one lion stepped on the other lion, and then after the first lion flew, the second lion grabbed the first lion’s tail, and then the two lions rose one after another, and a somersault fell in front of Lin Xingdong, who was ready to give the master of ceremonies a finishing touch. Lin Xingdong gave the two lions a finishing touch.
Although Lin Hangdong is expensive as the general manager of Hong Men, he has been sitting in the first place on the left, while the ceremony is sitting on the right. There are two seats in the hall. It is a founder of Hong Men, Chen Jinnan and Hu Dedi.
Behind the two chairs is the incense hall, which is the five ancestors of Hong Men, Hong Ying, Fu Qingzhu, Gu Yanwu, Huang Lizhou and Wang Fu.
Shi Kefa, Zheng Chenggong, Chen Jinnan, Wan Yunlong, Su Hongguang.
The first five ancestors were Cai Dezhong, Fang Dahong, Ma Chaoxing, Hu Dedi and Li Shi.
Yang Zhangyou, Fang Huicheng, Wu Tiancheng, Lin Dajiang and Zhang Jing, the five middle ancestors.
The last five ancestors were Li Shidi, Hong Taizi, Wu Tianyou, Lin Yongchao and Yao Bida.
Wuyi Zheng Junda, Xie Bangheng, Huang Changcheng, Wu Tinggui, Zhou Hongying
Wu Jie Zheng Daode, Zheng Daofang, Han Long, Han Hu, Li Changguo
Sanying Guo Xiuying, Zheng Yulan, Zhong Wenjun
Shi Jian, male strategist of the Second Division, Yu Ying, female strategist
In addition, today is September 1 ST, September 1 ST, when the online activities are held, a fishing protection stamp will be given, and 100 K coins will be given without spending money. Let’s cover me!
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21 Libang
"Hong Men is a big family in Hong Men this year, and there are more branches of the mainland Knife Club and the Nanyang Han Gang. These are the former Hongmen brothers. It is gratifying that our Hong Men family is growing stronger. Today, we Hongmen brothers gather together to elect a new general manager in Hong Men besides being willing to kiss!"