"It’s okay. We’ve already performed a play, even if he doesn’t believe it." The play seems to be fake and true. Qi Shaochen said coldly, "We only need to observe it secretly if we have less contact with him."

Gu Jingke sipped his lips and quietly said, "We live in six and you live in seven."
The four quickly divided the rooms to avoid trouble. Mu Ming and Gu Jingke were together, while Qi Shaochen and Cheng Man continued to play loving couples together.
Pay to talk about a few people take the stairs to cold way "that four people is a method of day! I dare to say that the boss is scary! "
"Don’t talk too much" pays attention to the quiet way. At that moment, the eyes quickly gathered up as if there were thousands of sharp edges in it. "Don’t stare so hard when you look at people."
"You have to remember that it’s not easy for us to do things," Fu Tan said word for word. "We just have to tolerate some minor troubles. Don’t be too serious. My face will scare the woman."
Fu Tan doesn’t seem to care about hooking his lips. The scar is even more horrible. Laughing on his face can also become like crying.
"If you want to follow me, you must listen to me or you will pack up!" Fu Tan made a harsh remark and gave a cold shoulder to "I’m not that no one wants to keep up with you two!"
Vigorously and the second army immediately bowed their heads in fear. "The boss will never do it again after teaching us a lesson. Please give us another chance!"
"Opportunity is given by people, and the person who gives you the opportunity is me." If you pay attention to this hidden meaning, you will no longer be silent in front of two people.
Just as vigorously and the second army wanted to talk again, the ladder stopped and a group of people came in from the outside, and three of them went to the side all the way. They were imposing but they were very impressive.
The seventh floor will arrive soon. Talk about locking the door, unpacking, finding clothes, going into the bathroom, washing your body, and sleeping in bed.
He is very tired and exhausted. He just arrived here, and he doesn’t want to think about anything. He has a good rest and closes his eyes. Now his face is a little soft, and even the scar is pleasing to the eye.
Vigorously and the second army also took a shower in the room one after another. At this moment, they were sitting in bed. The second army picked up a magazine and read it for a few times. Vigorously frowned and said, "You said that eldest brother won’t really look at that short-haired woman, right?"
He heard the man talking before he came, but now that he thinks about it, he thinks it’s quite possible
"Eldest brother is what person? You think he’ll watch the kind of rich girl? It’s ridiculous! " The second army showed a deep look at the corners of its mouth. "It’s absolutely impossible to look at the big brother who is rich and affordable and makes trouble."
"Look, it will also be those rich men, such as those two men." The second army tut shook its head. "Those two men are actually good, but their eyes are a little poor."
I poured myself a glass of water when I thought about it vigorously. "You say it’s good. It’s not common for a stupid woman to see it."
In their minds, there are only a few women with big brothers, and they all need means, means, ability and high-energy women.
The second army looked at the magazine with relish and couldn’t help but pull a copy from the side to read it, but after reading it for a long time, it didn’t understand anything. I felt very boring and rolled up the sheets and slept.
It didn’t take long for the second army to lie in bed and sleep lightly. Just now, the plane was tired around the body, and it was late. There were things that all three of them needed to make up their sleep extremely.
Compared with sleeping here, the four people here are talking about things in Qi Shaochen and Cheng Man’s room. They are making sure that no one can eavesdrop and get together.
"Li Yuan, everything is normal on our side, and we will inform you to prepare immediately." Cheng Manchao said there, "They are living in July 1st and July 2nd, and we are July 6th and July 7th."
Li Yuan said a few words and Cheng Man cut off the words and sat at the foot of the bed. "What do you think we should do next?"
Mu Ming was silent for a moment and then said, "We can’t stay in this hotel for too long, and we will leave at the most, or we will be suspicious according to the vigilance of those three people."
"Yes, we have to leave tomorrow, and we must get things done tonight." What Qi Shaochen said naturally refers to sending Li Yuan to criminal organizations.
Gu Jingke gently lifted his eyelids and said, "There are not many coincidences in this world. We can’t appear in front of them for the second time, otherwise suspicion is inevitable."
It was a coincidence that the two sides met for the first time. What about the second time? How to explain it? Everyone with a little brain knows that it can’t be a coincidence. It’s definitely a deliberate calculation.
Being in the whirlpool of criminal activities all the year round, there is no point in the brain to bend around. Who believes it?
"Yes, if we appear in front of them for the second time, they may change their way back to the house." Qi Shaochen frowned. "But how can we pay attention to their movements if we don’t touch them?"
Gu Jingke corners of the mouth gently said, "We can’t bump into them, but we can let them bump into us. But there is a difference. Then let the Cheng team make it again."
Cheng Man frowned and said, "You don’t know how tired acting is. You have to be careful with your wording. You have to improvise. The most important thing is that there is no drama!"
Without the drama, she doesn’t know what will happen next. It’s unacceptable that she is in a state of blind typing and will make mistakes if she is not careful.
How nice it would be to give her a play for acting! Mu Ming glanced at her. "Just now, someone’s performance was so vivid that she could be awarded a winner."
After joking, Mu Ming resumed his earnest look and said, "You must know that without drama, you can be more passionate and coherent. If there is drama, you won’t need us to stay here!"
"It’s boring to have a play according to the play. You can’t guess what will happen next now to be more detailed." Mu Ming bent his finger. "The rigid lines in the past were not flexible enough."
Cheng Man Muming finished gnashing her teeth. "I can see that you and Gu Jingke have teamed up to trick me at all! Why don’t you act? "
She stared at them with tears in her eyes, and when she met these two people, she simply pushed herself into the pit!
Mu Ming bent his eyes and said solemnly, "I can’t play out your feeling. If you deliberately make those three people suspicious, please, Captain Cheng!"
Looking at Muming serious call her captain or in this case Cheng Man eyebrows mercilessly picked pick then gave a way, "I’m resigned not yet? I will release my nature again. "
Qi Shaochen sobbed at the corners of her mouth. Is that what she called releasing nature? He always felt that the word was not appropriate for her.
Cheng Man looked at him with a smile on his face and lifted his foot to kick Qi Shaochen’s leg. "What are you laughing at? I need to act. You don’t need to pretend to be my boyfriend?"
It’s a joke. She needs it, and he must have it!
Qi Shaochen was moved by his eyebrows. "No one will play with you when you are disabled."
Gu Jingke and Muming looked at the lip angle and moved slightly. Gu Jingke said, "We’ll make a chance to be touched by them later. You two should hurry up."
Muming and Gu Jingke went out of the room and heard Cheng Man come in quickly and washed his face in the bathroom. By the way, he tidied up his hair and clothes.
After Qi Shaochen came to Muming’s door and gently knocked, he waited for a long time. Two people in the room also cleaned up Muming and nodded to Cheng Man with satisfaction.
A few people walked slowly to the front desk of the building and saw that it was another excellent temperament. The four people flashed their eyes and said, "What do you need to do, sir and miss?"