As Chen Han once speculated, the universe in which he lived before was not made up of Xuanyuan Huangdi, but that reincarnation.

Slowly multiplying from the center of the source star is like a species taking root and sprouting, growing branches and growing leaves. At that time, the planet was full of higher-level fairy spirit. Over time, the practitioners grew stronger and stronger, and eventually the immortals had the strength of conan the destroyer. At the same time, they went out of the source star and opened up a larger territory to cover the entire vast universe
Then the universe continued to multiply and consume resources, and more fairies and demons should be used, so there was a disaster
Disaster is destruction and rebirth, which makes the rules of heaven and earth in the universe constantly strengthen, and makes those who fix the truth and immortals divert to the real fix the truth and the celestial world. If they are not separated from heaven, they will eventually fall, and the rules of heaven and earth will increase day by day.
In the end, not to mention the powerful immortals in the universe, even those who fix the truth become extremely weak.
They opened up a wider world from the source star, and during this extremely long period of time, the whole universe re-entered the stage of accumulation and gestation.
When the re-bred resources reach a certain level, the rules of heaven and earth will gradually end, and more and stronger practitioners will emerge.
Once the resources are exhausted, the drama of destruction will be played again. From destruction to rebirth, it is a cycle that stops forever.
Xuanyuan Huangdi and Chiyou Magic Zun are just the last reincarnated overlords, but they have gone through countless reincarnations before them.
Witch clan is a strong person before many reincarnation.
There is the greatest chance that the person who fixes the truth will appear in each reincarnation because of external factors such as fairy aura, heaven and earth aura or heaven and earth rules, etc., which leads to the person who fixes the truth has the opportunity to choose naturally. However, this situation is not absolute witchcraft, but it is an exception
In that reincarnation, witches and practitioners rose at the same time. This practitioner has its defects and advantages. The witches played their advantages to a great extent and became the mainstream of practitioners in that reincarnation.
Their achievements are far more than that, but they have broken the hole and entered the celestial world!
That was a real disaster!
Immortals are all practitioners who have been promoted to immortals. In the history of immortals, there have also been alternative cultivation groups, but most of them will be extinct for the first time once they are diverted to the celestial world. In the history of the celestial world for several years, there have also been extremely powerful alternative cultivation groups that have caused disasters.
The reason is very simple: different practitioners are the most fundamental contradiction, just like the opposition between two races, irreconcilable war is bound to break out.
The disaster brought by the witch clan is that the former clan is stronger than the previous one, sweeping the celestial world and killing all directions, making a large number of celestial territories fall into the hands of the witch clan.
At this time, Heaven decreed that the two tribes would fight a decisive battle to control the celestial world.
It’s a pity that the witchcraft is stronger than the celestial world for several years. When the forces of all parties in the celestial world are hidden, the powerful ones appear one after another, and the witchcraft finally loses.
Heaven cannot be changed.
However, there is always a chance for heaven to fly up and the witchcraft in the celestial world is completely wiped out. However, the witchcraft in the fix-true world is not extinct. The fix-true people attacked and almost died. Only a few witches were sealed in the fierce land. After all, they are the only ethnic group in history that can barely compete with the orthodoxy of the celestial world.
Even if heaven rarely gives them a line of Miao people, this is a privilege that those alternative cultivation groups have never enjoyed.
The great evil is to protect them. It is almost impossible for those who fix the truth with the natural barrier of the Jedi to enter.
The fierce land is also a restriction on them, and the witches can’t leave the area that is demarcated in the core area.
That is to say, even in the core area, they can’t walk around, and they can be bound to stay in such a small place for life and death.
The core area is divided into three layers, that is, the information revealed by the young population that witches can move in the central third layer, but their puppet witches and beasts are limited, and they can move in other areas except the entrance according to their strength.
This is a kind of check and balance between witches and practitioners, and it is also a way of keeping a chance in heaven, which does not mean that all practitioners who enter the core area will die.
In the past few years, the witches have never seen the practitioners, and those people were killed by puppet witches and beasts up to the second floor.
I can’t help it. It’s also a witch tribe. The way of self-protection depends on their little tribe. If there is no puppet witch beast to defend against the army of fix true people, the consequences will be unimaginable
Until more than 100,000 years ago, a seriously injured person appeared in the third floor area. He was Chen Han, the real-name master-Junlong.
An amazing talent is coveted, taboo and jealous by all practitioners, and even the elders of his master will kill him, fearing that he will be unruly, he will seize the palm of his hand, and he will be hunted down and flee to the sunset.
He is full of hatred for his master, but the whole world of repairing the truth is full of hatred. He has reached a mutually beneficial agreement with the witches.
In this agreement, he will get that the Wizards will spare no effort to cultivate all the resources and ask all the ancestors to keep secrets. What he should pay will be to take charge of the celestial unification at all costs and help the Wizards to revive the great power of the past.
He tried to cultivate Xingtian’s strongest secret code, but he found a problem, that is, once he had pure witchcraft, he would leave here.
The rules of heaven bind all witches. If they want to be born here, people can’t leave this area, but outsiders are also bound by another kind, that is, the cultivation of witchcraft will also be restricted
Chapter 371 "Wu clan 1"
Being able to compete head-on with the rise of a small inferior universe has a history of several years, and the secret method of the celestial witch is not tough.
However, the cultivation of the Witch’s Mind Method will be restricted. From Junlong, all the abilities gained from practicing the Witch’s Mind Method will be abolished. By virtue of its right talent, it will be possessed for several times, and by virtue of the combination of the cultivation of the true mind method and the Witch’s Mind Method, it will create a stunning and unique record.
He couldn’t have created these methods if he didn’t know both methods very well, if he didn’t have extremely proud talent, if he didn’t have the guardian of witchcraft masters, and if he didn’t have a lot of talents and treasures to continue his life, he would have been possessed by millions of times for hundreds of years, and he would have died many times.
The setting sun didn’t lack the most resources, so it rose thousands of miles a day and finally broke through to the late Mahayana, crossing the apocalypse and rising to the celestial realm.
It is precisely because his practice of mind method is based on the integration of the mind method of the Wu nationality, and the mind method has been modified and the Wu nationality has disappeared for thousands of years, which has not been noticed by the strong in the celestial world. Although it is dangerous, it has not been noticed by the real strong.