Theoretically, this great contribution is also attributed to China, who not only went out with Xu, but also sent military forces from the Odkelon family.

However, Wu Chen, Wen Chen and the royal family made a definite plan in the conflict of interest, and it was also because Hughes certainly didn’t want the Odkelon family to get credit.
"Koham … Diru … Yuge …"
Hughes was furious in the town hall. On that day, the audio-visual materials that were not recognized were actually confirmed. "Just a few adventure groups dared to talk to the family. They simply overreached, but since they took the job of stealing dragon eggs, why did they attack those low-level planets? What do they want? "
The ministers are right, even though many of them are clever and wise, but the enemy’s actions are so incredible that no one can guess their real purpose.
"Father, king and son think it will be a diversion?" Erwangjin said
"Yes, those guys deliberately attack low-level planets until they attract our troops in the past …"
"What will it be?"
Hughes glanced at the attached and three Wangsu coldly and said, "Idiot! Do you mean to attract our troops and they will take the city directly? With those five damn adventure groups? Even if the city gives them ten days, it is impossible to attack! "
The whole city is banned step by step, especially in the palace, which is heavily banned and powerful. It is not a matter of three moments if no one guards the five adventure groups alone.
What’s more, Hughes won’t be stupid enough to leave no troops in the city after the army is transferred out.
"My father, my son and I said a diversion from the East to the West is not what my third brother said."
The second king couldn’t wait to kill that fool’s third brother. It’s stupid, but if you’re not smart, don’t mess around and disturb your thoughts.
He secretly stared at Sue and said, "Maybe it’s an attack on a low-level planet and an attack on the east. It’s a attack on a low-level planet, not a dragon egg, but some other important things, but I’m not sure what the real goal of the other party is yet."
"Hmm … that’s right. What about this possibility?" Hughes thought of his daughter who had just come to the good news.
"Leave the message that Princess Wang Xu is waiting in place. The information obtained from the enemy has been summarized. Princess Xu has no other way for the time being. It may not be inferred before the fourth wave of surprise attack on the enemy will definitely change its strategy."
"That’s right!"
Hughes thought for a moment and waved his hand, "Xu has made great contributions this time, so let us know who the enemy is. Since it is temporary to determine the enemy’s movements, let her come back first."
Chapter 749 Leading the way
? Flocculant is back.
Although the enemy has not been completely wiped out, it has brought more than 200 prisoners and confirmed the exact identity of the enemy, which is already a valuable gain.
Chen Han is a member of Odkailong’s family, and he has an agreement to cooperate with him in two aspects, which creates an illusion. Since Chen Han promised to use this matter to at least make Xu’s status rise, it is likely to make her a king, which means that there is hope to dissolve her engagement with China.
That engagement was not good for the Odkelon family and Xu, so after receiving Chen Han’s news, China got a strong order to cooperate with him and Xu to perform the play well
The accompanying troops have suffered a lot. According to Xu, the enemy’s strength is not weak. Maybe there are five large adventure groups on the surface, but they actually use other forces. Or these adventure groups have been hiding their strength. In fact, it is not as simple as the rumors outside.
Of course, it was Rong and Xu who killed these people, but the Odkelon family abandoned them.
Every faction has moths. It’s not convenient to eradicate them at ordinary times for fear of attracting criticism, but it’s not easy to die in the war. Chen Han said earlier that there will be losses. What the Odkelon family can afford is still an opportunity to eradicate dissidents. They should thank Chen Han.
It took several hours for Xu to come back from the battlefield, and the enemy did not dare to make much changes for a short time after being attacked by this attack.
The atmosphere in the discussion hall was extremely depressing. Although it brought some achievements, it also brought back bad news that the enemy was strong.
"No wonder they dare to talk to the family. Their original strength is much stronger than they thought."
The news that Flocculant brought back explained Hughes’ doubts in his heart. He always thought it was very strange that only five adventure groups dared to fight the magic feather Teng Dragon. It turned out that the enemy was not as simple as the outside world said. It may have been supported by other forces, and it may have hidden most of its strength.
Of course, the fact that the soldiers were damaged was there, and so was the testimony of his daughter. He never thought it would be a chess game.
"Who can tell me what to do next?"
Hughes’ stern eyes swept the courtiers in the temple, but unfortunately they didn’t get an answer. Those old deathlessly closed their eyes as if they hadn’t heard him at all.
At ordinary times, when the credit is close at hand, they struggle to break their heads and rob their brains one by one, but they choose to escape when they really encounter difficult problems.
This is officialdom!
Worried flocculant shine at the moment, she doesn’t know what to do, and she has been waiting for Chen Han to come over.
When the message came at a good time, she immediately didn’t know what to do in the previous step. She had an inexplicable belief that "Father and the enemy will definitely imagine every step of the plan and consider all factors."
"Third sister, everyone knows this, so you won’t repeat it." Two kings are loyal lackeys, and three kings won’t give up a chance to crack down.