And it’s not over yet!

When the blood lake is swallowed up, Xia Qi estimates that the strength of the blood dragon will surpass Xia Qi!
Excited in my heart, Xia Qi didn’t know at this time that a plot against him was on display in Taiyin Sect!
Ten thousand elite people in East Xuanzhou set off for the Blood Moon Mountain and returned to Taiyinzong to report that Yang Chen was seriously injured but did not go to the Blood Moon Mountain again.
At this time, Yang Chen came to the core hall of Taiyin Sect to meet a new deputy patriarch of Taiyin Sect and several elders!
Chapter four hundred and fifty-five Crisis arrival
Chapter four hundred and fifty-five Crisis arrival
"Yang Chen, do you have something important when you go back?"
See the return Yang Chen blood river and the newly released deputy patriarch and several elders asked with a wrinkly eyebrows.
"Tell your deputy patriarchs that I have something important to tell you when I come back!"
Yang Chen never answers superciliously.
Although he has never stepped into the realm of virtual fairy, there is only a thin line between him and the virtual fairy, and most of the newly-released elders and deputy patriarchs are the punishment hall. He is very confident.
"Something important?"
Blood river, deputy patriarch tied for the first middle-aged monk is also the latest out of a deputy patriarch Yang Ke with a puzzled mouth asked.
Yang Ke is also a monk in the punishment hall. Yang Chen is quite familiar with it. At this time, I heard that Yang Chen had something important to announce and didn’t inform him beforehand. Yang Ke was slightly confused.
"I want to report something to Xia Qiyou, an elder who recently joined Taiyin Sect!"
Yang Chen corners of the mouth with a insidious smile hung his head.
"Xia Qi?"
Blood river deputy patriarch heard Yang Chen words suddenly eyebrows a wrinkly eyes flashed a cool color.
In Fang Jing, the King of Fire Dan also raised his eyebrows.
Xia Qi punishment temple grievances they know very clearly or they stepped in, which made Xia Qi an elder. At this time, Yang Chen was almost instantaneous for Xia Qi, and they thought of Yang Chen. This is to deliberately make things difficult for Xia Qi.
But Nanzhou suddenly invaded the Blood Moon Mountain Friar, and it seems that Mu Hong, Hu Chun and Yang Chen escaped, which means Xia Qi is dead!
Yang Chen is still holding on to Xia Qi, making the blood river and the net fire Dan king also puzzled.
"Didn’t you say that the monk Taiyin Sect who went to the Blood Moon Mountain this time has been wiped out except for your department?" Yanke frowning slightly way
Xia Qi heard about it as soon as he came out, but since Xia Qi was dead, he ignored it again.
"Deputy patriarch Xia Qi although dead, but he gave us a big trouble in the blood moon mountains! He killed Muyuer, the patriarch of the five elements of Zongmu Hangzong, in the Blood Moon Mountains! And the news should have leaked out! "
Yang Chen looked calm and even said that Xia Qi killed Mu Qing.
Of course, it’s not clear whether Mu Qing killed Yang Chen by Xia Qi himself, but Xia Qi is dead. He said nothing, and he believed that fleeing back to Mu Hong would definitely attribute Mu Qing’s death to Xia Qi.
"What? Xia Qi killed MuYuer and was known? "
Yang Ke and many elders in Xuehe River all felt that something was wrong.
After all, the Five Elements Sect is the first large number of six monstrous patriarchs, and Mu Yu, who was beheaded by the elders of Taiyin Sect, will never let it go!
"If there is no accident, I think Mu Yu already knows about it now."
Yang Chen corners of the mouth with a smile head low light mouth.
"damn it! Mu Yu is his focus on cultivating successors with outstanding talent. Mu Yu attaches great importance to being killed by the elders of Taiyin Sect. Even if it is now the key period of attacking Nanzhou, I am afraid I will not let it go, and I will definitely find us in trouble with Taiyin Sect! "
Yangke low scold a mind thoughts turn to find a way to eliminate wood yu anger.
Even the blood river is frowned.
Although everyone in Taiyin Sect knows that Xia Qi is his protective figure, at this time, Yang Chen and others are looking for trouble to go out, and his face is also light, but at this time, the blood river can not consider so much
It is the most important thing to eliminate Mu Yu’s anger.