It can be said that the longer the delay, the better for her.

In fact, Nan Furong didn’t hate Hua Shading for killing her so much. If it wasn’t suppressed by Hua Shading for more than 200 years, this Luo Cha tactic would eventually abandon the body.
Nowadays, those who practice dharma and ascend to fix the truth gain immortality, but they abandon the shadow of Luo Cha, but this shadow is immortal.
Of course, being killed by someone else can’t help it.
In fact, in the past two hundred years, Nanfurong has perfected the cultivation method of Luo Cha tactic. After all, she was still incomplete when she got Luo Cha tactic.
Nan Furong, who has regained her freedom, is in a good mood, so it would be better if she were given some more.
But she didn’t expect Hua Shading to finally give up her body. You know, Hua Shading can practice the magic formula Luo Cha without shadow. She never taught seven disciples the key part.
In the past 200 years, Hua Shadow has been suppressing the shadow of Nanfurong in her own body, hoping to refine her into the shura shadow in the seven-brake shura array. This shadow is the total pivot of the seven-brake shura array, and the other six shadows need to be controlled by this shadow, so Hua Shadow can’t directly refine her soul consciousness as she did with her sisters, and she can imprint herself on her soul.
However, the soul level is too complicated, and the cultivation formula obtained from the master is endless. She has been planted in the soul source of Nanfurong.
In fact, Nan Furong knows a lot better about Luo Cha’s tactic and the Seven-Brake Shura Array than Hua Shadows. She knows how to avoid being shadowed and refined by Hua Shadows. For 200 years, she has quietly countered Li’s being in Hua Shadows to facilitate refining part of her consciousness in Hua Shadows, hoping that one day she can control Hua Shadows and get rid of herself.
But at this time, it is impossible to hide from Hua Shading. After all, the avatar is connected with the body and soul. For nearly a hundred years, she has never let the avatar leave the body, and just a few decades ago, Hua Shading found a way to refine the South Lotus.
So the two men fought for more than two hundred years. At the last moment, they gave up their body and soul, and the two-in-one controlled six shadows to hit South Furong hard. They all chose the simplest and direct way, either devouring each other or being swallowed up by each other and destroying them. Finally, the master defeated his disciples. The two of them overlapped and stayed in South Furong, and their appearance remained unchanged.
When the two shadows of Nan Furong and Hua Shading are fighting in pairs, it is more dangerous than she naturally doesn’t know the outside situation, and she doesn’t know that she can successfully swallow Hua Shading because Hua Shading was killed by the magic flute.
The joy of successfully devouring each other is that it lasted for a short moment, and the five-pointed needle of the magic flute and the fire of refining the heart hit her at the same time, and there were three light spears burning with purple fire.
Time has passed, and most of the days are already dark.
In Li Wei’s eyes, the shadow of Nanfurong still stands motionless in the middle of the night, and there is a faint lotus flower in the night. The other six shadows are surrounded by her eyes, and her eyes are dull, and her hands are dim for half a month.
The difference between Nanfurong and them is that she is still holding a dharma tactic with her eyes closed at this time, and the spiritual force is converging towards her shadow.
Li Wei has found himself a trouble. There is no doubt that he was attacked by his soul purple fire. It can be said that the base has no chance to make a comeback. Besides, there are so many attacks by the magic flute and it hit Nan Furong at the same time. At that moment, if Li Wei didn’t stop the magic flute from continuing to attack, Nan Furong must have been stunned.
But just like this, she is close to the edge of disintegration. Levi left a purple fire in her shadow, waiting for her to recover gradually.
Li Wei also thought about accepting her directly, but now the state of South Furong is different from that of a soul. That is to say, Li Wei can now catch the soul of South Furong, but there is no way to drop her figure together. If there is no soul, Li Wei estimates that her shadow field is floating away.
Li Wei broke through the soul barrier of Nanfurong with strong soul power and tried to find a way to accept her, but now he can’t accept the shadow because of practicing Luo Cha’s formula. It’s a bit like being in two places at once, but it’s slightly different. He thinks that if there is a woman in his body or a strange and extremely beautiful person, it always feels strange.
If there is a shadow of Nanfurong, Li Wei’s malicious heart may be destroyed, but the other six shadows will be destroyed at the same time, because now there is a soul connection between Nanfurong and them. Li Wei regards it as a combination of mind and contract, which is a unique mind control technique of Luo Cha’s tactic.
In the classics that have always been impressive, Luo Cha is called a cannibal. This kind of ghost can fly in the sky and escape quickly like the wind, which is a very terrible thing. In male Luo Cha, it is very ugly and terrible, while in female Luo Cha, it is very beautiful.
However, there are also ancient records that Luo Cha is the protector of dharma, and he often participates in the Dharma and will follow the Buddha’s teachings with joy.
Li Wei’s memory from Nanfurong is that Luo Cha was a tribe of Buddhism in the Middle Ages. The tribal owner was called King Fengxiu of Luo Cha, the owner of Nanfurong, and the Luo Cha tactic and the seven-brake shura array were snatched from a tribal leader when she traveled to Luo Cha. According to her memory, the place should be the junction of Sri Lanka and India today.
Li Wei also had to admire this South Lotus, which is also a great genius. She combined Luo Cha’s tactic with her former cultivation and repair method to create such a unique skill that she transformed herself into a non-human and non-soul.
Li Wei now that there is no way to collect these shadows and she is unwilling to destroy them, she has to wait here for Nan Furong to wake up from that similar sleeping state. Because of the purple fire in Li Wei, she can sense the fluctuation of her soul, which should not keep him waiting for too long.
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Day behind a knife
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Day behind a knife
There is nothing serious about Hu Lang’s injury. He was knocked unconscious by the flower shadow force, and then he has been behind. Zhang Yifan saved him, and several other people have no problem.
Qin Tie needs some trouble. Li Wei spent a lot of time on his broken arm.
Like Qin Tie, there was no strike force in front of these people who came out in the virtual world. Levi once again felt how powerful the people there were, which is why he was also full of expectations for the seven-brake shura array.
If it wasn’t urgent, he really wanted to study this seven-brake shura array. In the former world, his uncle Galo was a master of magic array, but he was never interested in magic array, and so was he after he came to this world.