In the Muhai layout, Gen didn’t put the crack cannon in.

"It’s okay. It’s okay."
Muhai took Yang Wen to fly in the sky and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
But Yang Wen face is not a face of bitterness at MuHai.
And Muhai doesn’t seem to have sensed Yang Wen’s eyes smiling while she talked about everything.
"Oh …"
Yang Wen is light replied MuHai is also very excited.
Tang Yu and others flew in front and sensed that the two men loved each other and contributed a magic thought to him from time to time.
It is also very important for Tang Yu Mo to read Muhai.
Can’t take care of two people’s feelings at the same time?
Muhai returned to the dormitory after half an hour.
Yang Wen was naturally pulled to his dormitory by him.
"Vivian son …"
Muhai, the dormitory door, hugged Yang Wen and kissed her lips.
However, Yang Wen is mechanical and there is bitterness in his eyes.
"Wen Er, what’s wrong with you?" Mu Haixin asked
"Nothing?" Yang Wen pursed her mouth and sat on the bed with her head turned to one side.
How can I not know when I see Yang Wen like Muhai?
"I’m still mad at you."
Muhai smiled and sat on the bed for five yuan Lingguo refining ring.
The reason why Yang Wen is angry is very simple, that is, Muhai gave each Devil a ring and deliberately did not give it to her.
I saw Muhai in Yang Wen and forgot her. I didn’t have her in my heart.
It is easy for women to catch these little things and get angry easily.
And I don’t like to say it, but I like to let men guess, which is really difficult for men
Fortunately, Muhai is a thousand-year-old monster, and as soon as her little mind is seen through.
Actually, it’s not that Muhai didn’t give him the ring, but that those rings are a little small.
Since it’s your destiny to identify a woman, you must forge a bigger point.
After sitting in the sea, Suomu Pan forged a ring.
And one refining is two.
Naturally, two women can’t be partial to anyone.
Mu Hai’s mind moved two rings to fly in the palm of his hand.
Yang Wen wait for a while looked at this scene and his eyes showed off.
"Wener, it’s not that I won’t give you the ring, but because you are the most important person to me. You can’t give the ring too badly."
Say that finish MuHai handed a ring to Yang Wen.
Yang Wen blushed when he heard this, but he couldn’t help revealing an extremely embarrassing color. "Xiaohai is right … I’m sorry I misjudged you."
"It’s okay. You look good when you’re angry," Muhai said.
"Hate" Yang Wen smiled and took a sea.