Inhale. . . Exhale . . Inhale. . . Exhale . .

Ji Fan forced himself to calm down, thinking: "The other side surrounded and did not attack, obviously to capture us alive, so how can we use this to escape now?"
JiFan began to look at the surrounding environment.
In addition to the size of the hillside, there is a faint shadow around, which is slowly pressing in.
Everyone is choking.
Pressure! Great pressure!
Ji Fan tightened his face and shouted, "Step back slowly ~ ~!"
Chapter VI. Gongsun Chop
Chapter VI. Gongsun Chop
Ps: This chapter explains a lot. ! (《》)
When they heard what JiFan said, they began to form a circular array and began to retreat slowly.
The situation is grim, and it is not allowed for JiFan not to command blindly, but the encirclement of the other side does have flaws under JiFan’s careful observation, but it is impossible to know whether this is a trap or a real loophole.
On the other hand, you can’t tempt, just don’t tempt, and then just stand there and wait for death?
And JiFan some doubts, this way how so not peaceful, don’t have what issue?
Ji Fan and others moved slowly to the northeast, and the alien troops began to stir and soon subsided.
The gap in the northeast is slowly closing.
Ji Fan smiled. . .
From the point of view just now, this should not be a trap, but a gap caused by the lack of command ability of the other party.
JiFan breath a sigh of relief, but only slightly relieved.
After all, the other party has 10 thousand foot soldiers, and one person will drown him with a spit.
Ji Fan began to think about how to make use of the lack of the other party’s command to create a bigger gap.
Ji Fan was not good at thinking in this respect, and with mental fatigue, the whole person began to sweat constantly.
When the brain starts to work with a load, it will sweat.
On the whole radar, the encirclement of Ji Fan and others began to shrink gradually.
JiFan began with Dian Wei, xu chu, make public and three hundred tiger wei began to constantly "stroll" in the presence.
The so-called stroll is constantly impacting the weak areas of the encirclement.
North, east, west, north, south. . .
In this way, with Ji Fan wandering around, the loopholes are getting bigger and bigger.
JiFan can guess the other leader’s hurry-scurry, and he can be sure of one thing, the other party can’t sit still.
Before the slow pressure, JiFan has been to the right reason, how also think impassability.
The other side obviously knew his identity, otherwise it wouldn’t surround him with ten thousand cavalry.
However, if you know the identity of JiFan, then the other party will definitely die.
Ji Fan thought a lot of ideas in his mind, and finally came to the conclusion that he wanted to capture him alive and then use Ji Fan to achieve what conditions.
What happened to Jinyang?
The idea lingered in JiFan’s mind and was finally decided. (《》)
At the same time. . .
The leader of the foreign race roared, "Hurry! ! Rush up and surround them, capture all the leading ones and slay the rest! "
JiFan face a change, but at this moment, a very large hole on the map with several foot soldiers walk quietly.
Ji Fan roared with joy: "Come out with me."
The leader of the alien race is riding a horse and standing on the hillside. At this moment, he has noticed the situation here and shouted, "Stop them quickly."
Three hundred tiger guards have already run away. . .
Ten thousand foreign cavalry is also close behind, always biting the tail of JiFan and others.
This makes Ji Fan particularly anxious and wry smile.
In their own territory, being chased by other forces. . .
Ji Fan and others are heading west, hoping to arrive in Jinyang earlier.
But at this moment. . .
Ji Fan said with a straight face: "Southwest." Say that finish pulling the reins, the direction changes, and everyone behind them changes in order.