"Ah ~ ~ love micro is very severe! I can actually get the strongest sword! " Silver to restore a face of smile.

"I’ve seen it in Daling Cloister. It’s a knife that eats the Lord." Although I scoff at this point, I am indifferent to it.
Have to be careful.
"Eat the Lord?" Love smiles with irony. "Broken night kills people only because I didn’t admit that it was an almighty master. How can it be said that it eats the Lord?"
"So it won’t hurt you, Love Micro?" Silver tells the meaning of love whispers
"Of course, I am the only owner of Broken Night. Broken Night will always be me. shuriken will cut all obstacles in front of me!"
"So the royal family came to kill you this time, right?" Blue-dyed face stained with blood, cruel injury to lovers, no matter who the other person is!
"Ah" is indifferent in love micro-eyes. She never likes to get into trouble, but it doesn’t mean she will be afraid of trouble!
"Ah ~ ~ Those people are really brave!" Silver opened her eyes slightly, revealing a deep red full of murder.
"Will Bi Youjie and Yin bring you trouble?" I don’t want to hurt them for my own reasons.
"Love micro how can think so? You did me a big favor! I happen to have something to "consult" one or three royal families. "Blue Dye smiled and spoke in a warm and elegant way, but it made people shudder.
"Yes, love micro, don’t you forget that we were against the spirit king from the beginning!" Silver also has an evil face.
Looking at this, Aizen and Yinlian are slightly warm in their hearts. She knows that in fact, Bi Youjie’s preparation has not been fully prepared, and the jade is not finished.
Liberated, but they still did not hesitate to help themselves. This feeling made her heart tremble.
"then bi right interface, silver, call back the ten blades, and don’t have to take care of them again. Prepare for the coming bigger battle." Thirty-four "will start.
What happened to Ishida, Chadu, Ajing San and Lucia’s sudden departure in the battle? They don’t think that all these disfigured people suddenly left, but they suddenly showed their kindness to them. Then Aizen called them back. What happened?
The crowd rushed to Lucia, where the injuries were most severe. Ajing was scattered with ghosts who were not good at curing Lucia, but Lucia’s wounds were not improving. When they were helpless, Kuchiki Byakuya appeared and disappeared with Lucia, followed by him and joined the gods of death.
Lucia was injured in the treatment of the captain of Sifan team and soon recovered. When I opened my eyes, I saw my eldest brother and all the captains, Ma Li, and then saluted.
"Hello, captains!"
Ichigo, they were surprised that the captains of the 13 th Fanfan team all appeared in hueco mundo. Didn’t you say that you should prepare for the battle of the soul world? What will appear here again now? Moreover, there are three strangers who look very strong, and they gather in front of the relatively familiar Rifan Valley and ask a question, "How did you come here?"
Rifan Valley took a complicated look at them. "This time, we came here to order the spirit king to have the power to kill the traitor Shen Lianwei."
"What? ? ?” Ichigo couldn’t believe what she heard. Although Lian Wei had indicated that she would help Aizen, how could she be indifferent when she heard that she was going to kill her?
Ishida and Chadu also showed expressions of disbelief. Ishida pushed his glasses and asked Rifangu, "What spirit king would personally give this order?" It’s impossible to attach so much importance to it if it’s just because of love and betrayal
"I don’t know, we just received this order." Rifangu habitually frowned, and Wang Lingwei paid so much attention to Shen Lianwei. There must be some important reason why they couldn’t know, but this uncertain reason made his heart faint and uneasy. He shook his head and looked at them with hesitation. "I want you to know that this is a rebellion by the King Lingwei!"
"I can’t make my friends draw swords against each other without a reason." Ichigo firmly stated his principles with orange hair shining warm, and Ishida and Chadu agreed with Ichigo. Anyway, they regarded Love Micro as a companion.
Their conversation also caused one side to discuss how to attack everyone’s attention. The captain of the first team of the Royal Guard looked at them and asked the mountain, "Who are they?"
The mountain respectfully replied, "My Lord, he is the agent of death, and Kurosaki Ichigo is next to his partner. Their fighting capacity is not weak."
Help us. "
"Don’t need" the royal team captains have a pair of eyes to protect them. They completely despise them for years, which makes them have extraordinary pride. They don’t care about these captains in the soul world.
"Who are you?" They can’t be so disdainful that they can’t feel hostile and ask.
Royal captain didn’t answer ShanLi reprimand angrily to "Kurosaki Ichigo not polite! These three are the captains of the royal guard. "
Royal? Ishida and Chadu had to think about why the Spirit King wanted to kill Lian Wei so badly. Does Lian Wei have anything to do with him? Juranyi
He sent three captains of the royal guard to kill Lian Wei.
It’s a pity that the mountain shouted at the three captains, "royalty?" I just want to know what you want to kill Lian Wei? "
I haven’t really looked at people. After hearing Ichigo’s words, three people finally had some fluctuations. It seems that you and Shen Lianwei are very familiar? "
"Love micro is our friend"
"Friends? Then you also need to eradicate it! " Cold eyes flashed murderous look, powerful spirit pressure spread like real pressure on the scene to breathe.
Being targeted by Ichigo and others can’t bear to fall to the ground! Better than anyone I’ve ever met! Such a powerful spiritual force has no strength to fight back, let alone resist.
Mountain difficult openings "adult Kurosaki Ichigo won’t defect when it’s urgent, we should go out as soon as possible Shen Lianwei is the business!"
The mountain talk made the three captains slowly converge, and everyone felt a little loose before they began to breathe. Is this the strength of the royal family? I’m so poor!
Virtual night palace
Ten blades gathered in the hall again, and Aizen asked Dong Xian to open the image. After the death figures appeared, Aizen spoke slowly. "This time, our enemy is the captain of the thirteen Fanfan team in the soul world … three royalty."
The blue dye words didn’t make the ten blades feel a little afraid of killing, so they were excited to meet a strong enemy. The blood seemed to be boiling and clamoring for a fight!
"Come on, let’s meet the distinguished guests from afar!" Aizen smiles wildly and surly.
In the desert, the god of death suddenly took the knife and went into a state of alert, and the blue dye people appeared in front of them.
Love looked at the gods of death and stopped at the three royalty. "You are royalty?"
The three captains also stared at Lian Wei closely and asked, "Are you Shen Lianwei?"
Love micro did not answer, but looked at them quietly and then slowly burst into laughter, such as crystal clear ice, cold and enchanting.
"You three want to kill me?"
Love micro disdains to annoy the three captains who have always been in the position. Even if she has Broken Night Break, she is just a little human being. How can she tolerate her licentiousness?
"Don’t think too highly of yourself. You are just a little human being."
"oh? I always thought highly of you, didn’t I? "
"That’s just …"
"Because I am the master of broken night, right?" Love holds the broken night horizontally in front of your eyes. The dark knife exudes pure darkness, distant and deep.
Love whispers surprised the gods of death who had never known the reason. The reason why the spirit king wanted to kill Shen Lianwei turned out to be a dagger!
Captain Youshan was horrified when he heard Love Micro talking and Love Micro’s knife in his hand. "That’s … [Broken Night]! ! !”
I don’t understand that all the gods of death looked at him after hearing the mountain talk, waiting for him to explain. After all, it is not realistic to ask the royal family and Shen Lianwei to explain why.
The mountain stabilized his exposed emotions, but his face was horrified, but he could not hide it. "I once saw that knife in the Daling Cloister. It is said that the strongest blade is also the most overbearing and ferocious knife because it once killed its own master!"
What? They all killed their master with a half-length knife! Turn your head and look at the girl standing on the opposite side of the wind. Now is she the owner of such a ferocious spirit-cutting knife?
"What, we haven’t seen it in the soul world?" Kuchiki Byakuya questioned that he was a nobleman, but he had never heard of the information about this spirit-cutting knife.
"Because it has never appeared in the soul world!"
The long story of the mountain corps silenced the god of death. The captain of the mountain implied that they all didn’t appear in the soul world.