Three girls from Ziyun, together with Huizhu, Dongxiu and Jin Xunu, were standing in the temple talking to others when they saw Song Changgeng coming. Everyone was greeted with a smile, but Song Chang-geng was keenly aware that when Sanfeng and Dongxiu looked at themselves, their eyes were full of jealousy and hatred. Although they concealed it well, this made Song Chang-geng stare blankly. He thought that maybe he had taken the main jade pillar treasure and didn’t divide them.

After everyone entered the temple, the two sides sat down separately. After seeing everyone ready, Chufeng first stood up and said some words of thanks for coming to congratulate their sisters, and then began to persuade the wine. Everyone was in a state of confusion, and at that time the scene became lively. After drinking for a while, guests began to take out some magic pills and other items as birthday presents, and began to offer them one after another.
And ziyun palace people want to thank everyone. While persuading the wine, let the servant disciples begin to perform various spells. At that time, the hall was dazzled with illusions and wonders. The guests also showed off their abilities to entertain themselves. The temple is full of dragons and dragons. Fairy birds and birds. Have a cup to live longer. Dance with music. The whole thing is endless change. Extremely mysterious. Although it’s a small way by the side door. But it’s also frightening. Dare not despise.
Chu Feng’s three daughters are sitting in the middle of the case as today’s birthday girl. With a smile on her face, she offered a gift. Just praise each other with everyone. Laugh and talk in the hall. It’s kind. However, because Song Chang-geng’s disciples here are decent, they don’t bother to talk to them. It seems a lot colder. And everyone has injuries. I don’t even have the spirit to socialize It’s a shame to show up.
At this time, Sanfeng suddenly stood up from the case. I glanced bitterly at Song Chang Gung. Holding a white crystal glass in his hand. Full of blue wine. He said to everyone: "It’s just a wonderful way for you to be friends. Everyone has learned. Little sister is incompetent. In order to thank you for your kindness, you have also made a small operation. Now show it. Help Qing Xing with your friends. How about learning? "
A young man dressed in tropical clothes stood up and flattered: "We all know the beauty and skills of Yincui gorge. The world is also rare. Since it is necessary to perform, there must be endless tricks. It must be more novel than the other. I’m waiting for an eye-opener. It’s a great blessing in life to see a beauty like Yincui gorge perform. "
This young man obviously has a crush on Sanfeng. Everyone understood from his speech and expression. Although JiJinChan look faint, but still left the pie mouth. But he’s not stupid enough to know it’s dangerous here. Dare not talk nonsense. So is everyone else. If it weren’t for Song Chang Gung, when they came, they said to send them back. They’re long gone.
At this time, Jiang Wei, a disciple of Cao Kuzhu, the invisible elder of Kuzhu Temple in Jiangpu, Qing Dynasty, stood up and said to the young man, "Hayan. Don’t say disgusting things here. Everyone saw the beauty of Yincui gorge. If you don’t have nice words, don’t say them here. Your clumsy words are not only a compliment, but a blasphemy against Yincui gorge. "
A young man dressed in Confucianism next to the young man dressed in tropical clothes called Hayandi sneered: "Jiang Wei, we are here to celebrate the birthday, not to see you here. Be careful what you say. Not everyone can say anything about our disciples in Copper Coconut Island. Although my master is crazy about these false names, we disciples dare not lose face."
Cao Kuzhu, the invisible elder of Jiang Weidi’s master, the Kuzhu Temple in Qingjiangpu, pulled his apprentice down, raised his glass to the young man and smiled: "Young people are not sensible, so don’t be knowledgeable like them. Speaking of which, I have admired your teacher for a long time. If you have the opportunity, you must visit your master. It will be an honor if you can listen to the teachings."
After listening to his compliment to his teacher, Lou Cangzhou and Hayan both raised their glasses to show that they didn’t mind what happened just now. Hayan put down his glass and stared at Sanfeng, and saw that he and Jiang Wei were jealous of themselves. Sanfeng couldn’t help but be proud. It was the most beautiful place in the beginning, but she always looked unsmiling and had the majesty of someone who outranks you, which made people unwilling to get close.
Erfeng is beautiful and gentle, but after all, she is already a woman. Huizhu’s cold and heartless appearance doesn’t make people close. Dongxiu is also a beauty in the world, but compared with Sanfeng, it seems that there is less spirituality, so it is natural that these young people who come to celebrate her birthday are all around Sanfeng, and there is no less drama for her these two days.
Sanfeng smiled demurely and proudly and said, "This method is actually nothing strange, nor is it a fantasy. Recently, because the foolish sisters are about to lose their lives, they can’t think of a wonderful way to entertain guests. It is very melancholy.
I recall that the old Zhou Wang Meat Forest Wine Pool was called immoral by the world, which cost a lot of money and people’s lives. In fact, it was just a wine storage pool made by one person. Where is it worthy of the word wine pool? I don’t use hundreds of limited fish and shrimps and some wine to show off my magic like Zhou Wang.
When I was young, I invited you Xianbin and all the sisters to temporarily catch my eye. As soon as this method was applied, the Huangjingdian immediately turned into a thousand hectares of fairy wine and a thousand layers of wine waves, and then this crystal cup was turned into a large crystal basin. We were in it, enjoying the blue waves and taking drinks at will, all of which were fairy wines of our palace. In this wine sea, there were many fish and shrimps swimming. If you move your index finger, please tell your little sister that you can drink wine by referring to things. "
Say that finish demonstrations to see the eye Song Changgeng, let Song Changgeng a burst of boredom, he already hated Sanfeng and Winter Show, now Sanfeng like this is even more annoying to him, originally he wanted to stay one more day, looking for opportunities to let Xu Feiniang bewitch six people in Ziyun Palace and make them surrender to themselves, but now he is not in the mood. He put down his glass and looked at all the people, and his intention has been decided.
When people shout, Sanfeng has let her hair hang freely, reciting Xuan Tian’s curse and began to cast magic. With a wave of her hand, she waved her Cui sleeve, and the music all around stopped. All the lights and candles in the temple were extinguished, and the inside and outside of the temple were generally dark. Everyone saw clouds and clouds turning around and could not distinguish one thing, but everyone was capable of seeing things in darkness.
In a blink of an eye, I suddenly heard Sanfeng drink, and everyone listened to the sound of the waves and the smell of wine. Everyone felt that the body moved slightly, and a topaz temple had turned into a vast sea of wine. Except for a few cups and plates in a long case, the original scenery did not know where to go, and everyone was now in the place where Sanfeng had just held the crystal cup.
Now it has become a crystal basin the size of an acre, shining with silver, reaching straight into the sky, and there is a bright moon in the air, which shines brightly up and down, just like day. However, all kinds of fish and shrimps in the water are shellfish, and they can’t stop flying back and forth. At that time, everyone suspected that they were in a fairyland, although everyone knew it was just a spell.
Sanfeng pointed her hand at the seafood that everyone likes to eat, and a golden flower surged on the waves, and the flames were blazing. Those fish and shrimps were thrown on the fire and baked in an instant. As the golden flower floated straight into the basin, everyone was in the crystal basin, holding the cups on the original sapphire case, and casually scooping wine into the sea to take fish food, which was very carefree.
When everyone thought it was over, they were still praising in surprise at the same time. Suddenly, the sound of fine music was heard from the sea of wine. A cloud of colorful clouds surrounded dozens of fairy officials and fairies with feathers and chardonnay, each riding a phoenix, holding musical instruments, floating and sinking in the depths of the sea, looming, fairy Shao playing, and then lining this crystal basin, the sky is shining up and down, the sky is blue and the clouds are shining, and there are a few doubts about Yaochi.

Volume 27 Ziyun Feast Chapter two hundred and seventy South China Sea twins
Maybe this spell can deceive others, but the masters like Song Chang-geng and Xu Fei-niang are so powerful that others seem to be in another land, but under the scanning of Song Chang-geng’s spirit, in fact, everyone has indeed been moved, and they have all been put into the three-phoenix wine glasses. Some magic weapons for props have been added to the hall, and some illusions similar to a mirage have been added.
Not only is the wine sea only the size of the original palace, but under the illusion of magic rendering, it really makes people feel as if even people have become feet long. Song Chang-geng is also a Buddhist, Taoist and magical method, but he can tell at a glance that this is the magic family’s method of living in an inch. Although it is not as good as the mustard seed of Buddhism, the Taoist gourd makes the world magical, but the advanced version of this spell can also show the world in a grain of millet.
Stars, gods, kings and others use this spell to open up the abode of fairies and immortals. Sanfeng’s spell should belong to a simplified version. Although it’s not so good, it’s also quite wonderful and should not be underestimated. Few people present can see the advantages and disadvantages of this spell, and Hayan and others are even more eyes flashing. They don’t have this spell on Copper Coconut Island, so he can’t help but be indifferent.
Seeing that the three girls and all the people in the temple were reveling in bliss, a red light suddenly appeared in the wine wave in front of the crystal basin. They thought it was something new, but the three girls knew that an outsider had come, and they dared to wear it out of the underground of the temple. They must be experts. The original various defense laws would not stop him. Several people were one leng, looked at each other, and Chu Feng quickly squeezed the tactic to cast spells.
Three chicken drink, accept the spell, at the beginning of the phoenix in the temple had prepared all kinds of defensive spells, looked at yuan ling, put a finger to the hand, overhead emitted a gray light, a mirror hanging over her head, this is her magic mirror, the most can according to people, whether invisible or not. I saw the mirror flying out like a shadow, and when it was urged by a spell, it gave off a cold light, which always shone with red light.
All the people were alert, and they were preparing to use their magic weapons to fly swords to meet them, when suddenly they heard a bang. A purple lightning with an arm more than one meter thick was produced out of thin air. Although this lightning is very small, no one dares to despise it. A small lightning actually gives people a creepy feeling, and as soon as it appears, it directly rushes to the red light.
Two times a little contact will see the purple and red brilliance flashing. After a loud explosion, the red light will be extinguished and the purple light will rise and rotate like a dragon to bind two people in the red light. The purple light will fly back to Song Changgeng’s hands after wandering around two people. Everyone didn’t look at the uniformed people, but turned to Song Changgeng with the purple lightning. Although I know that he is a man who survived the robbery, he should be very powerful, but I didn’t expect it to be so powerful.
Most people know this spell when they are sitting on the ground. It is a thunder method. But we haven’t seen anyone who can manipulate lightning so freely like him. Everyone who has practiced the lightning method knows that lightning is the most difficult to manipulate, and everyone can basically release it or not, let alone control it freely like him. So everyone looks at him with awe.
Cold end, at the beginning of the phoenix first return to taste, see the eyes on the ground two people, is a pair of little boys. She looked a little familiar. After coughing, she asked the two children who couldn’t move but rolled their eyes, "Who are you?" Why do you want to penetrate the underground and invade our Ziyun Palace? Who ordered you? Come from the facts. "
Chufeng’s heckling made everyone turn their eyes. Sanfeng was even more angry and resentful. She resented, "What else did Sister ask? You just know what they look like. They must be the evil sons of Zhenhai in Coral Nest, Funiu Island, South China Sea. There is no doubt that we should find them out and kill them when we killed Zhenhai. Now it’s time for them to become a climate. "
See the two children JiLingYun and Zhou Qingyun, JiJinchan three people one leng. Qi Lingyun quickly stood up and said, "Please slow down, Master of the First Phoenix Palace. These two are from Emei Sect. Is there any misunderstanding?"
"Misunderstanding? I think you Emei Sect have calculated the land. Is to take our Ziyun Palace. Less good people here. " Before others can speak, Dong Xiu can’t help aligning with Lingyun.
Zhou Qingyun sneered: "The festival between us has passed. If you are still so obsessed, you can come again. Besides, you didn’t catch these two people. You can’t decide what to do with it, can you? " Say that finish took a glance at the hand that purple thunder and lightning to Song Changgeng. Eyes are complicated. Seems to want to say something. But I can’t speak.
Everyone looked at Song Changgeng again. In fact, when he cast spells in Sanfeng, existing people walked underground. I didn’t expect that when people caught it, it was actually Nanhai Shuangtong Zhen Dui Zhen Gen. See everyone see themselves. He waved to the Zhen Shi brothers on the ground. Then he asked, "Why did you come?"
After they were restrained by him, they couldn’t move. Now with a wave of his hand. We can finally talk. See him and ask. Zhen Dui also said openly, "We have come to meet the elder martial sister and brother at the order of the master. You are quick to release us. Otherwise, my master will not let you go. They are the best masters in the world. We have many masters in Emei. "
"Ha ha ha ha. What two idiots. Do you think I’m afraid of Emei Sect? Do you think I’m afraid to teach my husband and wife together? That’s ridiculous. Emei misses his apprentice’s red eye. Qi Dazhao began to teach no class. Even you two fools? " Song Changgeng laughed. But he said it. In fact, he has long known that these two guys are pretending to be fools.
Look at them on the surface. But their eyes that a cunning but from the song changgeng eyes. His voice just fell and everyone in the hall laughed. They didn’t expect people to be so stupid to get in from underground. JiLingYun and others are flushed with laughter. But Qi Lingyun’s eyes are full of doubts. In her memory, Nanhai Shuangtong is quite clever, isn’t it?
After everyone had laughed at Song Changgeng, he said, "Well, I laughed too. Since you are here to meet my classmates, you must have crossed paths with the clouds. Lingyun, take them there." With a wave of his hand, he untied the two men’s forbidden laws, turned to look at Xu Feiniang’s eyes, and then swept the people in the hall and said to Chu Feng:
"Today’s banquet is full of joy, and I would have bothered you for a few more days. However, because several people were injured yesterday, I will send them back, so I won’t bother you here. This event is also our fate. Please contact my sister if there is anything for several palace masters in the future. If I can help, I will do my best and leave here today."
Chu Feng was stunned, then stood up and said excitedly, "Wait a minute, I originally wanted to wait until the banquet was almost over. Now that you are leaving, I have made an agreement. I have already discussed it with several other people. Although our fate is shallow, although we occupy such a blessed place, because there is no profound method, we have been practicing for it until then.
After this incident, we feel that the condition you originally proposed is very suitable for us. I decided to take refuge in your underground palace and offer everything in Ziyun Palace. Please include it. "Say that finish ignore everyone’s surprise, out of the case came to Song Chang Gung to worship before the case, Huizhu is obviously also know this thing, see her prostrate, naturally also come out to follow prostrate.
Second Phoenix and Jin Xunu followed closely, and Dong Xiu looked at them at the beginning of Phoenix, and then at Sanfeng who stood there, sighing and prostrating. Only Sanfeng still stood there, looking at Song Changgeng’s eyes full of resentment and unwillingness. Song Changgeng realized that it was obvious that these people had discussed it. No wonder Sanfeng looked at his eyes so strangely today.
Seeing Sanfeng still standing there, Chufeng drank, "Third Sister, don’t you listen to your sister?" Say that finish transfixed at her, three chicken also transfixed at the beginning of the chicken, a while to soften, slowly came and fell to the ground, shangdi people in the hall looked at without rhyme or reason, even Xu Fei niang didn’t react, especially others.
It took Song Changgeng a while to say with a smile, "Now that you have decided to submit to me, I won’t refuse. Ziyun Palace, your business in such a good place is really not so good. Since you want to give it all to me here, I’m welcome. Since you are all our masters in the future, I will naturally take care of anything. Please kowtow!"
Like it or not, all six people kowtowed to the master. After standing up, Song Changgeng took out six pieces of the best magic weapon, four of which were Qin Ziling’s twelve pieces of the best left from under the main pillar, and the other two were Qin’s sisters. They gave them the magic weapon and gave it to Song Changgeng. First, Qin Ziling thought that the magic weapon should not be too much, so as not to delay the practice.
Second, because both sisters knew that Song Chang-geng’s disciples were numerous, how many of these magic weapons would not be disliked, so they sent both of them back to him. Song Chang-geng didn’t refuse. What he wanted was to find an opportunity to sort out more than a dozen treasures in his hand and then divide them into two people, one for each. It’s the best. Naturally, there is no need to keep them. I can give them to my disciples after I put them here, but I didn’t expect to use them here.
Seeing the six people kneeling on the ground, he smiled and said, "There were hundreds of disciples under my door in the then period. If there was no credit, it would be impossible to get the best magic weapon. However, the six of you contributed to Ziyun Palace, so each of you has a best magic weapon. I have here the multiplication formula of Buddhism, Taoism and magic, which can all soar to the ground after cultivation. You can choose which one to learn later."
Qin Hancalyx smiled and said, "Great, we Qingcheng School have imported more. Come here quickly. I’m your local aunt. Come and meet everyone."
Seeing that all six people were looking at Qin Hancalyx in wait for a while, Song Changgeng said with a smile, "Don’t be ridiculous, Hancalyx, they are from the worry-free family, not the Qingcheng School, but you are their mistress and should visit them."
After that, he pointed to the Qin sisters and said to the six people, "These two are my wives and your Jenny. Come and meet them. You can still live here in the future, but they will move here. I hope you can get along well with them in the future. Now that we are all family, you can tell me anything in the future."
Before the six of them got up, Zhen Gen, one of the Nanhai twins who had just been released, cried, "Do you think it’s great to find a backer? The revenge of killing my father is bitter, and our brothers will never rest with you. Look at the magic weapon! "
End of volume 27

Volume 28 Day chi master here Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Ziyun new owner
"unbridled!" Song Chang Gung exclaim, robe sleeve blows only to see a flash of purple and golden brilliance, and all the magic weapons of Zhen Shi brothers are bounced back, but Song Chang Gung’s eyes immediately flashed an irate look. It turns out that the Zhen Shi brothers shouted to see the magic weapons! True or false, they released two magic weapons by one person, while another person secretly released one magic weapon.
If it weren’t for Song Chang-geng’s keen sense of vitality, I’m afraid he was cheated by them. That magic weapon seems to have invisible power in itself, so it is almost invisible to the naked eye. Song Chang-geng can only feel a faint aura, and his eyes flashed with anger, and a purple lightning came out of thin air, which was firmly established on that aura.
Boom 1, a purple and gold two-color Guanghua intertwined, the charm of invisibility was broken, showing a golden hand, watching its flight route is Sanfeng and others, Song Changgeng’s palm turned gently and a purple thunder and lightning was generated, and it was chopped on the golden hand again. As a result, it gave birth to a strange scene, and the golden hand turned into a blue hand.
Song Chang Gung stretched out his hand in the void, and Guanghua, a blue hand unstable by lightning, disappeared into the air like a broken balloon, while Song Chang Gung’s hand was more than a charm, and all this was crackle. When all the people in the hall reacted, the Zhen Shi brothers were knocked to the ground by the force of anti-shock, and they vomited blood and could not move.
They were just born, and they wanted to kill Ziyun Palace people in front of Song Chang-geng by the power of the talisman. One was to avenge their father, and the other was instructed by a wonderful real person. They used this method to add some trouble to Song Chang-geng, in order to mix up the water, but Qi Lingyun didn’t know it, and they were surprised and angry when they saw the Zhen Shi brothers make moves without authorization.
After seeing the charm, Song Changgeng sneered, "This is a unique secret method of Yan Ying-heng, which originated from the hand of donkey kong Sumeru, a Buddhist, and was developed by her with Taoist magic. So she’s really willing to become blue and practice in the charm. This charm means that she has to cultivate for more than ten years, right? I cann’t believe I gave it to you two little guys. Tell me. What is your relationship with her? "
The two brothers are car-scrapping, and they are also badly hurt. They all shut up and don’t say anything. Sanfeng was already full of anger. Seeing that the sons of these two former enemies actually dared to sneak attack, all their anger was hooked up, and a thunder fire split in the past with a whisking, but the thunder fire was just caught in the air by Song Changgeng’s vanity and disappeared without a trace.
At Sanfeng, Song Chang Gung said faintly, "Since you are willing to worship at my door. No matter what the purpose is, you all agree that you are under my control. I just said that I have something to take care of. I didn’t ask you to do it, so just stay put. Although I don’t like Emei Sect, I don’t want to kill my disciples casually. "