"… you all shut up!"

"Ala, it’s cute to be in love with Wei now!"
"It should be said that when the host is very cute!"
"Uh huh, that’s right!
"……. don’t say I’m cute! !”
Five people here are happy, while men in the other world are not so happy.
All the men in the virtual night palace turned black and stared at the white letter in their hands. The burning eyes couldn’t wait to stare through the letter.
"Love micro hello you are really great! ! !”
Then a gust of wind passed and the room lost all the men’s figures, leaving that piece of snow and white paper floating in half a leisurely way.
On this day, the public once again heard the long-lost roar, paused, and went on doing their own thing as if it were nothing. Anyway, this roar has been different since the arrival of the love micro-adult. It is really strange that the object of this roar is actually the love micro-adult! And after shaking a few times, the virtual night palace is bitter and crying out that it is always me who is injured!
Turn your eyes back and see what the letter says! Look at the leisurely white letter cutting familiar handwriting.
After a lot of investigation, I found that our strength is not strong enough. There are people outside, and everyone is safe. I made a decision, that is, whoever wants to see me, let’s find it by our own strength!
Ps, I believe that everyone’s potential will be able to see me soon. Oh, I will wait for you to cheer at some point!
= finished =
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"Full Moon/Man: Angels are very naughty"
"Status: Finished"
Who am I? All right! My name is Lin Ranyue, and I am an ordinary middle school student who likes animation. My name is Heizhu (Jiulan) Yue, and I am the sister of Jielan and Heizhu (Jiulan) Youji; My name is Blue Dye Moon, and I am the younger sister of Blue Dye Bi Yousuke. My name is Yue Yes. "
Chapter start
Birth, killing
Lin Ranyue lay in the cradle and looked at Fang with a face of correction-correcting Lan Yun and Kuran Yuki knew their name in this life from their conversation-nine Lan Yue and the original name were almost the same, and then I looked at Founder and chatted happily. I waved my hands and cried.
"Brother, what’s wrong with your sister?" Youji looked up at Xun and asked strangely.
"I think I’m hungry!" Yun picked me up and smiled gently and said
"Sister is hungry, I’ll go to my mother!" Yuji ran to the outside.
I watched Yuji leave and put her finger in my mouth and gently said, "Drink the moon! If you drink it, you will not be hungry! "
I licked my fingers and ouch ~ ~ I didn’t expect to be so gentle with Yogi outsiders to earn it! I’m going to have a party to celebrate one! If Jiulan fans see it, they will definitely pai me! But this blood really tastes bad! Bah!
"Don’t you want to drink?" Some nai ground to say
What? What, I feel that the tone of the voice that Tu Lanyi just spoke to me is a bit like that of Irvine fans talking to strange teeth? Sure enough, I have seen too many cartoons and lost my mind! I turned my head to think
"If you are hungry, you must drink it!" Kiss my forehead and say, "you have to be strong before you can take good care of yourself!" I want to take care of Yuji after I marry Yuji. I can’t take care of you! "
Know know! Just take good care of Yuji! Leave me alone! Ow ~ ~ big kiss! I howl in my heart.
"Is Moon hungry?" Nine orchid trees came over with a smile and asked
"It doesn’t seem that I’m still hungry!" Say it like a grown-up
Jiu Lanshu hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and said, "Yun Youji is five years old, but she can take care of herself! Take good care of the moon! "
"well! You Ji can take care of herself! " Little five-year-old Yuji said with a smile
Wait, wait! Yuki is five years old? Doesn’t that mean that nine orchids and plum soil will appear? I don’t want it! I shouted in my heart
"come on! Come on! Call sister! Sister! Sister! " Yuji tease lying in bed, I said
Do you have common sense when you roll your eyes? How can a baby talk not long after birth? I turned my head to ignore Yuji.
"Month! Call your sister! " Yuji kissed my face and said
"You Ji Yue is still young and can’t talk!" Touch your head and say
"Yuji wants Moon to be called Sister!" Youji pouting said
"Ah!" I waved my hand and shouted to Li, let’s get out of here! If you leave Kuran Rido, you may not find us!
I picked up Jiu Lanyue and looked at me and asked, "What happened to Yue?"
I turned around and saw the full moon outside the window. What should I do? If you can’t talk, you can’t wake up. If you can’t wake up, you can’t escape this robbery. Do you really have to follow the plot?
Just then nine orchid tree panicked and ran into the room "come on! Give me Yuji and Yue! "
"What happened to mother?" Ask curiously.